Omni Genius – Chapter 34: Meeting Li Feng Again

Traveling for 20km on a bicycle only was really a savage punishment. However, to enjoy having close contact with a beauty, especially with Tang Feifei whose ample chest would occasionally brush against Qin Fang’s back and give a soft sensation, Qin Fang felt that it was worth it no matter how laborious it was.


Of course, Qin Fang was not an idiot without a brain. Coincidentally, one needs to pass by South Gate Market to go to White Jade Mountain. Thus, Qin Fang bought 20+ secret dumplings from Uncle Wang’s stall without reserve. (T/N: The return of the dumplings!)


Towards Qin Fang’s purchase, Tang Feifei only smiled and teased Qin Fang about having a humongous appetite. After all, after witnessing him eat three big bowls of ramen yesterday, 20+ dumplings were really nothing.


Qin Fang could only smile bitterly, and didn’t explain his actions. As long as he himself knew what he was doing, it was okay.


Anyways, one must admit that the rate of gain of EXP for the [Riding] skill when cycling was not normal. Qin Fang estimated that for every kilometre cycled, the EXP will rise around 1%~2%. From that estimation, when Qin Fang reaches White Jade Mountain, Beginner [Riding]’s EXP should be able to reach at least 20% or more.


However, cycling 20+km is an arduous task for Qin Fang who was a fresh high school graduate who only knew how to study. On top of that, he was even cycling with a beauty that was 40+kg on the backseat. This was like laying frost on top of a person already covered in snow. If he didn’t train a little bit in his free time, he would be dead after cycling 5km, but 20km was still a long distance.


Yet, Qin Fang was not afraid of the 20km trip at all and accepted the punishment as it wasn’t one at all to him. After all, he had an ace up his sleeve. Every time his Stamina fell from his peak of 100% to below 50%, Qin Fang would stop and take a break. Tang Feifei would be resting by the roadside, but Qin Fang would be holding dumplings in his hands and eating it with gusto.


Every dumpling could recover Stamina by 7%, and though it was not much, after eating 6, 7 dumplings, combined with the little amount of Stamina recovered while resting, Qin Fang can start cycling again in practically peak condition after every rest.


On the other hand, Tang Feifei unexpectedly openly showed her caring side. Seeing Qin Fang sweating so much till his clothes were sticking to him like his second skin, Tang Feifei wanted to persuade Qin Fang to stop several times. However, she couldn’t win over Qin Fang’s stubbornness, and had no choice but to allow him to continue cycling. However, she still secretly scolded herself in her heart for behaving so unreasonably just now. Thus, she took the initiative to occasionally take out some tissue during break time and help Qin Fang to wipe off his sweat.


Towards Tang Feifei’s gestures, Qin Fang just sat back and enjoyed the faint fragrance she gave off and the rare sight of Tang Feifei being so openly gentle.


Cycle, rest, cycle, rest… after repeating the routine two times, the 20 odd kilometres was finally conquered by Qin Fang. He and Tang Feifei successfully reached their destination — White Jade Resort. And he still had 10 dumplings remaining too!


“Hehe, from the looks of things, even if I cycled back again, there would be no problems…”


Qin Fang couldn’t help but have such a plan. The moment he thought about Tang Feifei’s soft chest, Qin Fang felt his body getting hot, and had a slight urge to do something.


“Feifei, we are here!”


Only, Qin Fang’s fantasies were quickly interrupted by a girl’s voice. Turning towards the source, he saw a pretty girl who was wearing a mini skirt. The girl was standing at the entrance of the resort and waving her hands towards Qin Fang and Tang Feifei.


Qin Fang naturally recognised the girl. She was his high school classmate Li Yao, and was one of Tang Feifei’s very close friends. She was also one of the girls who planned this event.


“I’m coming, Yao Yao!” (T/N: Tang Feifei is calling Li Yao by a nickname)


Seeing Li Yao, Tang Feifei was also quite happy. She immediately waved back, and then turned around to say something to Qin Fang.


“Qin Fang, I’m going over to where Yao Yao is. You go and park the bicycle first, and come by yourself later.”


“En, go on.”


Qin Fang nodded his head. This was a high-class resort. There were parking lots for cars, but searching for a parking lot for the bicycle was not that easy. Furthermore, it was quite sunny today, and Tang Feifei had already been under the sun with him for the whole journey. He didn’t want a beauty like Tang Feifei to damage her skin from prolonged exposure to the sun, and immediately let Tang Feifei go. He then went to find a bicycle lot by himself.


“Feifei, who was that handsome guy just now? Riding a bicycle here, is he trying to show his sincerity and coolness? Ufufu… Feifei, this is not like you! Did you finally fall in love already?”


About Li Yao, she was actually quite a pretty girl, and had quite a good character. However, she had quite a loquacious nature, and was actually a fujoshi*. (T/N: fujoshi*: a girl who is into BL. What is BL? Watch Yuri on Ice for more details)


Ever since they filled in their university of choice, both of them had never met. Thus, now that they met after much difficulty, they immediately started talking and laughing.


When girls talked together, it was almost always about clothes, makeup, or handsome guys. Thus, Li Yao naturally started asking Tang Feifei about the guy she brought along. Li Yao had recognised only Tang Feifei from afar. She didn’t have much impression of Qin Fang, and thus could not recognise him immediately.


Talking about guys riding bicycles, there was a funny post detailing girl’s reaction to different types of guys doing different things.


Among the many things written in it, there was one about guys riding bicycles. If a handsome guy were to do it, he would be called super handsome; if a normal guy rode bicycles, then he would be seen as just following the trend; if a NEET did it, then he would be seen as acting cool… (T/N: Ahhhh, the realities of life. I remember one meme like this too. Lemme search for you readers >.o Meme)


Li Yao and Tang Feifei were very close. Thus, Li Yao knew Tang Feifei’s background, and also knew that most of the guys she knew were either sons of rich people, or sons of influential people. With people like that willing to send her here on a bicycle, Tang Feifei was really living the life.


“It’s not like that! You know him…”


After getting teased by Li Yao, Tang Feifei immediately got embarrassed. Her white face now had a tinge of red on it. Perhaps due to the glaring sun, it was not that noticeable. Yet, it didn’t go unnoticed by a guy passing by. A pity that he already had a girl beside him, and couldn’t just shamelessly go and try to hit on Tang Feifei.


“I know him? Oh, then I know already! It’s Li Feng, right?”


Li Yao was first startled by the fact that the guy was someone she knew, but immediately arrived at her own conclusion and smiled.


“You guys finally got together, huh? That Li Feng had been pining for you for a long time already. Now that you guys are together, he could be considered to have his wish come true! Later, I must properly take advantage of him! I had planned to pay for this party, but now we don’t need to anymore. We can even enjoy first-class service with Li Feng paying!”




Now it was Tang Feifei’s turn to be startled by the conclusion Li Yao had arrived at. Her eyes were filled with doubt, and in her heart, she was thinking how did Li Feng even get brought up in this talk.


“The guy wasn’t…”


“Feifei, this is for you.”


But, just as Tang Feifei was preparing to refute Li Yao’s guess, Li Feng coincidentally really appeared. On top of that, in his hands was a bouquet of rosy red roses, and he offered it to Tang Feifei with a sincere face and passionate voice.


“Wow~ So romantic!”


Li Yao was also surprised by Li Feng’s sudden appearance, and her eyes were only on the big bouquet of roses. Her mind didn’t even register the fact that even from afar, Qin Fang’s figure that she saw just now was vastly different from Li Feng’s.


“I’m sorry, I can’t accept…”


Tang Feifei’s face was not happy at all. She knew Li Feng a long time ago, but did not have a good impression of him. Though they were long-time classmates, she had no feelings for him at all. Now that such a misunderstanding had arisen, she was immediately unhappy.


“Li Feng.”


At that time, a slightly cold voice suddenly came from behind Tang Feifei. The voice wasn’t loud, but the amount of hate in it was extremely dense.


“Qin Fang?”


Li Feng’s vision went pass the bouquet of roses and Tang Feifei’s shoulders, and noticed Qin Fang who was walking here. His face was that of extreme surprise.

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      I knew someone would forget. Anyways, Li Feng was that douchebag who caused Qin Fang to be fired from his work, and beat him up on the 1st chapter.

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