Omni Genius – Chapter 35: Trolling A Little

“Qin Fang…”


Tang Feifei was slightly surprised by Qin Fang’s attitude, but her eye suddenly brightened.

“Li Feng, my boyfriend has arrived already. I can’t accept your flowers.”


Taking the opportunity, Tang Feifei slightly turned her body towards Qin Fang and hugged his arm. After that, she very politely rejected the bouquet of pretty roses Li Feng was offering her.




Tang Feifei’s rejection was within Li Feng’s expectations. After all, this was not the first time such a situation has played out. What really surprised Li Feng was the fact that Tang Feifei was hugging Qin Fang’s arms, showing that they were really close. She even directly said that Qin Fang was her boyfriend, shocking Li Feng.


However, he understood Tang Feifei very well, and deduced that Tang Feifei was only using Qin Fang as a shield, and was not really serious when she said that Qin Fang was her boyfriend.


“I see… It was I who was too presumptuous. Li Yao, I will give you this bouquet of flowers then…”


Unexpectedly, Li Feng had calmness unbefitting of his age. Even if shock and rage flashed past his eyes, his face didn’t show much change. He only politely apologised, and gave the flower to Li Yao instead.


“Errr… This… I’ve also brought a boyfriend, so I don’t want the flowers. I’m afraid that he will misunderstand.”


However, hiccups happen in plans sometimes. He thought that Li Yao would willingly help to abate this awkward situation. He didn’t think that Li Yao would kick a person while he was down and make his bearing even more awkward instead.


“Forget it then.”


Li Feng’s face was slightly dark, and if not for the fact that he was in front of Tang Feifei and can’t flip out, he would really have cursed. He then wanted to throw the bouquet of flowers that were by no means cheap to the nearby dustbin.




However, just as he was about to do that, Qin Fang started talking.


“Li Feng, if you don’t mind, can you give me the bouquet of flowers?”


“What do you want the flowers for?”


Tang Feifei was also startled. Even if only in name, Qin Fang was her boyfriend, and his actions now brought Tang Feifei some shame.


“I will give it to you then…”


Li Feng was sinister. He just threw the bouquet at Qin Fang, and the way he did that and the attitude he assumed while doing so was just like giving something to beggars. This caused the face of the two girls beside him to change slightly, and they despised Li Feng in their heart for being so petty.


However, Qin Fang seemed unaffected, and happily took the bouquet of flower. He held the bouquet with one his hands, and quickly picked out some roses from the bouquet. After that, he threw the remaining roses into the dustbin, and the eleven most beautiful roses he picked out was wrapped up simply. He then presented the new ‘bouquet’ in front of Tang Feifei.


“Feifei, we came in a hurry, so I forgot to prepare. I will borrow these eleven roses and give it to you as a present, and wish that you are happy every day!”


Qin Fang presented the eleven roses in front of Tang Feifei with sincerity.


“Thank you…”


Tang Feifei was befuddled by Qin Fang’s sudden course of actions. However, she quickly recovered from her confusion, and shyly received the flowers from Qin Fang. She even gave Qin Fang a lot of face and gave him a hug too.


Li Feng’s handsome face instantly became green. He thought that he would be able to make fun of Qin Fang, but didn’t think that he would get trolled so hard by him instead.


All the while, Qin Fang was quite dense and didn’t know how to maneuver well in social situations. But, facing his enemy Li Feng, it was as if he had just awoken his hidden talent! Not only did he hide his hate and make a joke out of Li Feng, he even got a hug from Tang Feifei! He really got a lot of things from this one move.


“Err, it’s quite late already, let’s quickly go in!”

Seeing that Li Feng was about to explode from anger, Li Yao suitably stepped in and changed the topic. This way, they somehow managed to avoid showing an ugly spectacle in public.


“En, let’s go in.”


Tang Feifei by this time had already escaped from Qin Fang’s embrace, and her face was quite red. Just now, due to a sudden impulse, her actions become quite out of character. Naturally, she was embarrassed by how daring she was, and as if escaping, pulled Li Yao’s hand and went into the resort.


“Qin Fang, after not seeing each other for half a month, you seem to be living quite the life, eh?”


Qin Fang and Li Feng naturally walked behind, and Li Feng who was suppressing his anger talked to Qin Fang with a tone that was neither hot nor cold.


“It’s all thanks to you Li Feng! I, Qin Fang, will definitely repay this debt, with interest too…”


Without Tang Feifei around, Qin Fang also didn’t hide his hate anymore. With a cold face, he replied Li Feng with sarcasm, and from now on, the conflict between the two became completely mutual.


“Let’s wait and see… I hope that you will be as lucky next time…”


Towards Qin Fang’s hostility, Li Feng only gave a cold laugh. What background did Li Feng have, and what background did Qin Fang have? The difference in background between the two of them was as big as the distance between heaven and earth. Li Feng felt that killing Qin Fang was as easy as extending his fingers and squashing ants. Yet such an insignificant character wanted to fight back?


“What a joke.”


This was the evaluation Li Feng gave to Qin Fang for being so arrogant.


This was the first fight between the two. Though Qin Fang was still at a disadvantage, he still won a little this time.



Li Yao booked a place at the BBQ field, and just beside it was the White Jade Lake and its crystal clear water. On the surface of the lake, there were a few small boats, and on one of them, was a couple that was being lovey dovey.


“Fang Min, Zhang Ting, it has been a long time since we met!”


When Qin Fang and Li Feng rushed over, Tang Feifei and Li Yao were already sitting with a group of people. Qin Fang also knew the two girls, and immediately gave a polite greeting. After that, he sat beside Tang Feifei.


Luckily, Li Yao had already explained the relationship between Tang Feifei and Qin Fang when she arrived. Thus, the two girls did not show too much surprise.


However, Li Feng’s appearance made the girls uncomfortable. After all, they knew that Li Feng had always wooing Tang Feifei. Yet, Tang Feifei chose the poor pauper Qin Fang in the end, and didn’t even give a damn to the rich Li Feng. This fact surprised the girls.


Other than the girls, there were also the girls’ respective boyfriends. Their age was not much different from Qin Fang’s and thus they could still mingle around.


A simple introduction of the new mob characters~ Li Yao’s boyfriend was called Sun Shu, and is currently a student at Yangcheng University. He was quite talkative. Li Yao and Sun Shu knew each other from a long time ago, and since Li Yao was going to Yangcheng University too, Sun Shu could be considered to be here to escort Li Yao back.


Fang Min and Zhang Ting’s boyfriend were all born in Tranquil Sea City, and their boyfriend’s name was Pan Chen and Tang Ming respectively. However, they didn’t accompany their girlfriends to go to other places to further their studies. They both went to universities in Tranquil Sea City. They were sons of officials with a little authority only, and thus didn’t have the arrogance those sons of high-ranking officials did. This made communication with Qin Fang easy, and they even boasted to Qin Fang and asked him to ask them for help should he ever need it


Of course, they were only saying such things. If Qin Fang really approached them for help, then Qin Fang would either have to pay a huge price for it, or get all sorts of excuses in return. Qin Fang at least knew that.


With four girls and their respective boyfriends, the group all had pairs. Only Li Feng was all by his lonesome self. It could be due to his status being incomparable to the others in the group, coupled with the pride he had, that it was inevitable that he was isolated. This made Li Feng’s face really dark, and only when the BBQ waiters came over and ask him for his orders did he gain some existence.

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