Omni Genius – Chapter 36: Putting On Airs

“Greetings, dear customers. Are you ready to order your meal? In our resort, we can provide you with pork, beef, mutton, chicken, duck, fish, crab, and other fresh meat. We also have all sorts of vegetable suitable for grilling, such as blah blah blah, and much more. Dear customers can freely pick and mix anything, and all grilling tools are provided for free.”

“Of course, if these beauties don’t want their clothes or skin to be dirtied by the oil and smoke, you can get our professional BBQ masters to do it for you. These masters’ skills are extraordinary, and among them, there is even Chef Effendi, who had won the Tranquil Sea Gourmet Festival BBQ Competition for three straight years.


“Here is the menu, please choose anything you want from it. If you want professionals to do the grilling for you, you can tell me first, and I will prepare accordingly.”


The waitress was quite devoted to her work, and gave a very polite and detailed introduction of the BBQ service to the group when she came over. Her vivid description immediately made the group excited to start BBQing.


Among the group, other than Qin Fang, the rest all grew up in the big city. They had eaten BBQ before, but doing the grilling themselves… they obviously haven’t done it yet. Thus, they were really interested in doing it, and the guys even started to volunteer to do the grilling to show off to their girlfriends.


The girls were also really looking forward to their boyfriend’s display, and even Tang Feifei was not an exception. She actually started looking at Qin Fang with eyes full of expectations.


“Miss, go call the manager over”


However, before the girls who were the planners of the party could start ordering, Li Feng who was isolated at the side suddenly ordered the waitress arrogantly.


The group’s face immediately stiffened. Li Feng was not showing them respect by doing what he did. However, they could only curl their lips, and could not say anything about his rudeness.


“Dear customer, if you have any requests, you can just convey it to me.”


The pretty waitress was very polite and passionate about her job, and even towards Li Feng’s rude display, she still gave a very polite reply.


“If I asked you to ask Effendi to grill things for me, can you do it?”


Li Feng only gave the waitress a side glance, and said so with dissatisfaction.


“This BBQ place is managed by Li Xiaorong, right? Go and call him.”


Now, the waitress was put in a difficult situation. People who could directly say the manager’s name was little in numbers, and judging from his attitude, one could tell without thinking that he was the son of some bigwigs. On top of that, Effendi was one of the pillars of the BBQ place, and was not someone a small waitress such as herself can order around.


“Please prepare your orders while I go. I will come back shortly.”


With no choice left, the waitress could only inform Qin Fang’s group of her departure, and hurriedly went to call the manager. The movements of her round behinds were quite sexy, and immediately caused the angry Li Feng to be slightly aroused.


“En, I will ask that Li Xiaorong to send that girl to my room tonight…”


Li Feng secretly had such a plan. (T/N: Typical scumbag~)


Not long after, the waitress led a middle-aged man who looked weak and fat to the group. He was obviously the manager. However, when he was around 20m-30m away from Qin Fang’s group, he noticed the figure of Li Feng sitting there, and immediately hastened his pace to rush there.


“Young Master Feng, why did you not tell me when you came here? I can personally service you!”


The manager was a tactful person. The moment he saw that Li Feng was seemingly isolated in the group, he naturally praised Li Feng to the high heavens, and immediately made the face of a servant serving his master.


“There is no need for that. Coincidentally, I met with a few classmates today. So we went to play together. There is something you can do for me though. Get that who? Effendi? Yeah, get him over to grill the food for me.


Since someone was bootlicking him so much, Li Feng naturally accepted it and immediately gave Fatty Li a string of orders. Fatty Li also nodded his head vigorously, and was ready to complete whatever orders Li Feng gave him. He understood clearly, that if he won the favour of Li Feng, his promotion will be imminent.


“My family has some shares in this resort, so… my ex-classmates, you can call whatever you want to eat, my treat. Feifei, if you want anything, just tell me. There is no need to be reserved.”


After he finished giving Fatty Li orders, Li Feng turned his face over and said so to the group. He especially gave Qin Fang a condescending look, before happily trying to win the favour of Tang Feifei.


“No need. You can just treat them. As for me and Feifei, please put what we eat on a separate bill. We will pay for ourselves.”


However, not everyone will unconditionally give Li Feng face. At least Qin Fang wouldn’t. Before Tang Feifei could reject the offer by herself, Qin Fang had already done so. He even spoke in place of Tang Feifei too.


“Is that so? I heard that the expenditure here is not cheap, can you afford it? You couldn’t be planning to let Feifei pay, right?”


Qin Fang’s rejection was akin to giving Li Feng a tight slap. No matter how well Li Feng could control himself, he still became a little angry from the humiliation. His face now had a condescending smile, and his tone also became cold.


However, the moment he said that, though Li Feng was planning to humiliate Qin Fang, he still offended the others in the group. After all, since they accepted the Li Feng’s treat, doesn’t it mean they are admitting they can’t afford the food here?


Pan Chen and Tang Min were sons of officials. Their fathers were involved in political strifes, and knew that Li Feng could not be offended. Though unhappy, they had no choice but to endure it, and pulled back their girlfriends too.


“If the esteemed Young Master Li is so graciously offering to treat us, I by right shouldn’t reject. However, I still have my pride as a man to keep in front of my girlfriend, so let me pay by myself.”


However, since Sun Shu was not a citizen of Tranquil Sea City, he didn’t need to abide by Li Feng’s whims. On the contrary, Sun Shu was impressed by Qin Fang’s character, and decided to help Qin Fang humiliate Li Feng too. Though Li Yao was offending Li Feng by supporting her boyfriend’s actions, she still silently supported Sun Shu’s actions.


As for Tang Feifei, she naturally followed Qin Fang’s wish. Without even saying anything, she slightly moved her body closer to Qin Fang, showing her stand in this matter already.


“This Li Feng… is really, really petty.”


At the same time, Tang Feifei’s evaluation of Li Feng which was not good in the first place lowered even more. She then looked at Qin Fang. Though his family background was not good, but after interacting with him for so long, other than his background which was incomparable to Li Feng’s, Qin Fang was better than Li Feng in everything else.


Every young girl would at least have a person they like. At Tang Feifei’s age, that was especially true.


She did indeed make Qin Fang her ‘boyfriend’ to block out her suitors. But now that she looked at him, Qin Fang now was indeed a little worthy to be her boyfriend. A little.


Thinking back to what the series of event that happened from morning till now, getting slapped, cooking delicious ramen for her, sending her here on a bicycle, helping her block Li Feng’s advances… After recalling what Qin Fang did, Tang Feifei actually felt a little blessed.


“Forget it. Let’s go for a walk… and you should learn how to BBQ too. You can’t let me lose face in front of my clique!”


As they say, don’t talk if you are going to fight. The fact that Qin Fang and Li Feng are enemies can be seen by anyone. Tang Feifei was worried that Qin Fang would be put at a disadvantage – after all, this place was Li Feng’s territory – thus she pulled Qin Fang aside for a walk.


“You go and prepare first.”


This further humiliated Li Feng, and made him hate Qin Fang even more. Since flipping out wasn’t an option, he just waved his hands at Fatty Li and asked him to prepare.


“Qin Fang, let’s wait and see…”


Li Feng’s heart was burning with rage, and his eyes were constantly rolling in their sockets, showing that he was thinking of despicable methods to deal with Qin Fang again.

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