Omni Genius – Chapter 37: Intermediate [Barbecuing] Skill

Qin Fang was also extremely happy that he didn’t need to see Li Feng’s face anymore. Though Li Feng had a handsome appearance, he was rotten to the core inside. Back then when Qin Fang lost his job, and even almost lost his life, it was all caused by Li Feng.

However, now that we are talking about this topic, Qin Fang was actually quite thankful towards Li Feng. He being able to acquire skills was seemingly after he got injured by Li Feng’s hired gun. However, they still have to fight in the end. After all, even if Qin Fang didn’t go and find Li Feng for trouble, Li Feng himself would definitely still try to make Qin Fang’s life a living hell.


Qin Fang and Tang Feifei held hands and walked off, and really looked like a couple. This made Li Feng who was already burning with anger want to just take a gun and *bang* *bang* *bang* Qin Fang dead.


“Hey, handsome, can you teach us how to barbeque?”


Tang Feifei unexpectedly didn’t mind holding hands with Qin Fang at all. She just felt getting her hands held by Qin Fang like that made her feel really warm and comfortable. She was even a little reluctant to pull her hands away.


The two walked, and came beside a young and handsome guy who looked quite proficient in barbecuing. At this time, Tang Feifei showed her killer move, and gave a sweet smile to the guy. She even gently blinked her eyes a few times, immediately KOing the handsome guy’s reasoning.


“That’s simple… Come, I will teach you…”


The little rascal also thought he was quite handsome himself. Even if his friends didn’t think so. Now that an extremely beautiful girl was complimenting him with a smile, he immediately felt light-headed, and his pair of lecherous eyes were squeezed until they were practically a slit. He also seemed like he wanted to squeeze beside Tang Feifei, directly ignoring Qin Fang’s existence.


Qin Fang’s face slightly changed, and thought in his heart that the rascal’s eyes were no good. Just as he was about to put him back in place, Qin Fang’s hand was pulled by Tang Feifei. Qin Fang took her lead, and took a step to come in front of Tang Feifei. Concurrently, Tang Feifei leaned her face against Qin Fang’s arm. Tang Feifei then said something to the rascal who was quite perverted.


“Handsome, you got it wrong! How can a beauty like me get dirty from all the oil from barbecuing? That will damage my skin… This is my boyfriend. You only need to teach him.”


KO! Though Tang Feifei’s age was not big, she was still quite proficient in dealing with perverts like this. The rascal’s plan was toppled by Tang Feifei in just a few sentences, and the rascal could only look at Qin Fang with a bitter face. If he said no now, he would be humiliating himself. But even if he agreed, he wouldn’t be able to have close contact with a beauty. Truly a lose-lose situation.


“Come… See properly…”

Without any other choice, the rascal could only give Qin Fang a hateful glare, and reluctantly walk back to his BBQ pit. He then started teaching Qin Fang the basics of BBQing.


Actually, BBQing was quite simple. All the ingredients have already been prepared by the BBQ place, and one simply needed to place the ingredients on the fire to grill. The rascal was obviously already an expert, and while telling Qin Fang the basics, he also used his actions to show what he was talking about.


When to brush butter, how to brush butter, to what degree must it be cooked before you flip it… Anyways, when he finished his lessons, he had already told everything he knew about BBQing to Qin Fang once already.




When a stick of chicken wing was grilled till it was golden-brown and emitting a wonderful aroma, the rascal asked Qin Fang if he understood without any motivation. He then took the stick of chicken wing and walked to the front of Tang Feifei.


“Pretty girl, this is for you! Smell it, heavenly, isn’t it?”


From the rascal’s perspective, a beauty like Tang Feifei was not befitting of Qin Fang who wasn’t handsome, muscular, and rich. Only a handsome guy like himself made a perfect pair with a beauty like Tang Feifei. (T/N: Either the rascal is an extreme narcissist, or his eyes have stamps on it.)


<New skill learned: [Barbecuing], Skill Proficiency: Beginner, EXP: 0%. It is one of the sub-skills of [Culinary Arts]>


<As you have Intermediate [Culinary Arts], [Barbecuing] skill automatically advances to Intermediate. EXP: 0%, new option added, ‘Barbecued food will have Deliciousness +5 stat’>


Qin Fang didn’t care about the young man who was a little narcissistic, and only cared about the notices that appeared in his brain. 


Learning a new skill naturally made Qin Fang happy. When he and Li Feng flipped out just now, he was worried that he would shame Tang Feifei later. He didn’t expect that just like a pillow suddenly appearing when he dozed off, he would learn the [Barbecuing] skill.


What he didn’t expect more was that [Barbecuing], due to being a sub-skill of the [Main Skill] [Culinary Arts], would be able to have the same proficiency as [Culinary Art]. Without even moving his hands, Qin Fang now had an Intermediate [Barbecuing] skill.


“How is it? Do you know how to BBQ now?”


Tang Feifei didn’t accept the rascal’s chicken wings. Instead, she was looking at Qin Fang all along. When Qin Fang fell into deep thought for a moment, his brows were slightly creased. Only when Qin Fang relaxed his brows and directed his gaze at Tang Feifei did Tang Feifei ask him with some concern.


“En, I know how to now. I will definitely shock you!”


Qin Fang nodded his head, and replied with supreme confidence.


“En, then that’s good.”


She didn’t know why, but when Tang Feifei saw Qin Fang’s confident smile, she didn’t doubt Qin Fang’s words at all. She then turned her face towards the rascal who was still holding the aromatic chicken wings, and smiled.


“Thanks for you chicken wings, but I still wish to eat one that is barbecued by my boyfriend.”


After saying that, Tang Feifei turned around and walked towards the group’s BBQ pit. After all, she saw that Li Yao had already finished ordering the food, and was even delivered here already. Li Yao and the other girls were also beckoning Tang Feifei to come right now.


“Thanks, brother!”


Even after Tang Feifei left, the rascal was still standing there shocked, with the chicken wings on his hands. Only Qin Fang patted his shoulders and gave his thanks, and as if to run salt onto injuries, took the chicken wings away before going too.


“If you don’t mind, give it to me to eat!”




Seeing the fading figure of Tang Feifei, looking at the boyfriend who (in his eyes) was not attractive at all, and looking at his empty hands, the rascal suddenly felt like crying. After giving Tang Feifei and Qin Fang everything they wanted, he himself gained nothing…


Though Li Feng was quite arrogant, one has to admit that with him around, the service they received was several times better compared to others. The manager of the BBQ place personally served them, and ordered the workers to prepare all the equipment and ingredients properly.


Looking at the ingredients, almost all of them was extremely fresh, and the other customers beside the group were complaining in their heart about the difference in treatment. But looking at the attitude of the manager, they didn’t dare to stir up trouble.


At the same time, a thirty odd year-old man wearing an Uyghur ethnic hat was standing in front of the BBQ pit. The man was arranging the BBQ equipment, and checking if all the ingredient was prepared. From his actions and attitude, you could tell he was really serious and professional. Qin Fang guessed that the man was Chef Effendi that the pretty waitress had mentioned before.


Only, other than the hat he wore on his head, Chef Effendi did not look like an Uyghur person at all. All his clothes were very trendy, and his way of dressing looked like a person who had lived in the big town in the east for his whole life.

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