Omni Genius – Chapter 38: Testing The [Barbecuing] Skill

Qin Fang couldn’t be bothered with the Effendi guy though. That guy was in the end, on Li Feng’s side. Obviously, they wouldn’t be allies too. Qin Fang had already learned [Barbecuing], and didn’t need others to barbeque for him anymore.

“Wow, Qin Fang! You didn’t even go out for long, and you managed to smooch off a chicken wing already? I didn’t know that you had such a talent for smooching off people despite being talentless in everything else! No wonder you could cheat Feifei into dating you…”


Qin Fang was holding a chicken wing in his hands, and since he was quite hungry, started eating it. He didn’t think that this would give Li Feng a chance to snide him.


And Li Feng wasn’t even subtle with his insults. Anybody could tell he was insulting Qin Fang, and the last sentence even implied him as a person who cheated people!


“Li Feng!…”


Tang Feifei couldn’t endure it anymore, and wanted to face off with Li Feng.


She could see that Li Feng was constantly picking on Qin Fang. At first, she thought that it was because she used Qin Fang to halt his advances towards her, but as things progressed, she felt that things were not that simple. It was as if Qin Fang and Li Feng had already hated each other a long time ago, and she was only the catalyst for their hate intensifying.




Only, Qin Fang pulled Tang Feifei to stop her. He then shook his head, and opened his mouth.


“Woe is me for not being born into a rich family, and be a young master who needs his attendants even for things like eating…”




When the girls heard what Qin Fang said, they were first surprised by Qin Fang’s complains. However, they suddenly realised the hidden meaning in his words, and they all couldn’t help but laugh.


Li Feng didn’t find anything weird with Qin Fang’s words at first, but seeing that all the girls were laughing, and that the guys all had weird faces, he started to contemplate about Qin Fang’s words more. When he did, the prideful expression on his face instantly turned ugly.


Li Feng at the start thought that Qin Fang was saying that he was a young master who didn’t need to worry about food and clothing, and even had countless attendants. This was naturally something to take pride in, and he even wanted to point at Qin Fang and say words along the lines of ‘you are so poor!’. However, now that he thought about the choice of words Qin Fang used more deeply, he found out the hidden meaning.


Who was someone who needed attendants even for things like eating?


Those without hands, those who are paralysed in bed… Both obviously not a good description for him, as he was very healthy, and had all four limbs intact.


Qin Fang’s insult this time was really subtle this time. Even Li Feng didn’t know he got trolled immediately. Luckily, he didn’t accept the insult as praise and humiliate himself.


“That’s enough, Qin Fang. All the things are prepared already, so go on and busy yourself with barbecuing! I am still waiting to eat the things you have barbecued!”

Seeing that Li Feng’s expression was becoming even more ugly, Tang Feifei interjected at a suitable time. She then dispatched Qin Fang to barbeque duties to avoid the two from really fighting now. Li Feng was the boss here, and Qin Fang was obviously not a match for Li Feng now.


She also looked at a built young man not far away who was wearing casual clothes and seemingly doing nothing. Tang Feifei knew that man, as he was Li Feng’s bodyguard. He could fight quite well, and if Qin Fang faced him, Tang Feifei estimated that the bodyguard would be able to destroy Qin Fang with just simple punches.


Qin Fang also knew that this was the limit he could anger Li Feng without him taking drastic measures to kill him off.


“I’m going now. Watch me closely, I definitely won’t let you down!”


“Young Master Feng, do you want to…”


Looking at Qin Fang who was walking towards the BBQ pit, Fatty Li who was beside Li Feng quietly asked. He was an outsider, but could see the situation most clearly. As a dog of Li Feng’s family, he knew that if he bootlicked correctly, he would be able to get promoted quickly.


“This is my family’s property, and also a high-class resort. You are not allowed to make a mess here.”


However, Li Feng’s face hardened, and he softly scolded Fatty Li.


“Yes, yes, I understand, I understand…”


Fatty Li nodded his head immediately. Li Feng may seem like he is scolding Fatty Li, but Fatty Li could read between the lines. If you are not allowed to make a mess ‘here’, then what about outside ‘here’?


“Go. Get that Effendi guy over here.”


Looking at Qin Fang who was preparing the tools for barbecuing in front of the pit, Li Feng’s eyes flashed with maliciousness.


Fatty Li naturally obeyed, and immediately called Chef Effendi who looked really trendy over. Perhaps due to living in a modern place and working in the resort for so long, Effendi knew about bootlicking and how to be subservient now.


As one of the pillars of this BBQ place, Effendi rarely barbeques for people personally now. He only does that for VIPs. When he heard from Fatty Li that the son of the real boss of the resort has come, and even have something to ask from him, he immediately went over to get his orders.


“Listen properly. Immediately…blah blah blah… like that … blah blah blah… do you understand?”


Li Feng simply conveyed to Effendi what he needed to do.


“Understood, Young Master Feng. Prepare for the good show.”


Effendi subserviently replied, and the sound of him slapping his chest resounded.


Qin Fang anyhow arranged the tools. Perhaps due to Li Feng’s presence, all the tools were obviously new, and was even the best kind. Even if Qin Fang couldn’t wait to tear Li Feng apart, he still had to live under his mercy, for now.


The heating source for BBQ was charcoal, and they were all burning already, emitting spirals of smoke. Now, it was ready for barbecuing.


Taking a few sticks of chicken wings, Qin Fang immediately started BBQing them. This was his first time barbecuing. Naturally, he had to start from the ingredient he was most familiar with. Why chicken wings? Ask that rascal why he chose to use chicken wings for demonstration.


While brushing butter on the chicken wings, as if there were advices coming from Qin Fang’s mind, Qin Fang brushed the butter in a way such that the chicken can absorb almost all the butter into the meat. After brushing evenly, Qin Fang immediately placed the chicken wings above the burning charcoal to cook it.


*Zzst* *Zsst* *Zsst*


The flames and smoke tickled the sticks of chicken wings. The oil from the chicken would occasionally drip down on the charcoal, giving out *zzst* sounds, making the cooking process more interesting. At the same time, the colour of the chicken wings started changing.


When the colour was perfect, Qin Fang immediately flipped all the chicken wings, and also peppered some seasoning on the chicken. He was starting to give the chicken flavour now…


Everything proceeded orderly and neatly. Qin Fang’s actions were not too slow, nor was it too fast. It was simply just right. Qin Fang demanded every step to be without a flaw, and perfect to the finest details.


Under Qin Fang’s hands, the fresh white chicken slowly turned golden-brown, and the oil on it started glistening. At the same time, a captivating aroma started spreading from the chicken…

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Triple release today too! 5 owed chapters left! Anyways, am I the only one who got hungry from all the barbecue description…?

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