Omni Genius – Chapter 39: Qin Fang’s First BBQ Dish

When Qin Fang was busy, Effendi who was beside him was not doing nothing either. He had already given his boss’ son Li Feng his guarantee, so how could he be slacking off now?

One has to admit that we wasn’t a three-time BBQ champion for nothing. He prepared eight dishes at once, and his actions were all very smooth. As expected of an expert who has been in this trade for years.


On the other hand, Qin Fang was there slowly and methodologically BBQing. Effendi looked at Qin Fang when he had the time, and saw that Qin Fang was not accustomed to BBQing, and was obviously a first-timer. He couldn’t help but curl his lips, and think in his heart that sending him to deal with such a beginner is such a condescending task.


But what could he do? He must do whatever the boss’ son asks him to do, or else he will lose his job that had quite a nice pay. If that happens, he will have to set up a small BBQ stall again. However, if you ask him to go back to that lifestyle after getting accustomed to the luxurious one he was living now, Effendi would definitely not accept it.


Effendi started BBQing later than Qin Fang, but his speed was faster than Qin Fang by a little. On top of that, he mostly prepared vegetable that got cooked faster, and not long after, he placed a few BBQed items on a clean plate and respectfully served it to Li Feng.


“Young Master Feng, it’s done already. Please taste it.”


The plate of food had a delicious smell, and even the colour was beautiful. There was not even a tinge of burnt smell, unlike what unskilled BBQ chefs would serve.


“Wow, smells heavenly…”


When the dish was brought to the group, everybody could smell the alluring food aroma. Even if the girls didn’t like Li Feng, they still gave a fair evaluation for the food.


“En, I will taste it first…”


Li Feng moved his mouth, and wanted to ask Tang Feifei to try too. However, Tang Feifei coincidentally turned her face to look at Qin Fang who was still busy, so Li Feng ended up swallowing his words. He then took a kebab and tasted it.


Li Feng was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and God knows how much luxurious food he had eaten already. However, the kebab, before even entering his mouth was emitting a nice smell. When it went in, he immediately felt that the flavour was good. Just from the taste along, the kebab won’t lose to the dish made by chefs in 5-star hotels.


“En, not bad, not bad at all.”


Li Feng leaked a smile, and praised the dish while nodding his head.


“Everybody, no need to be reserved, and eat to your heart’s content. Feifei, this is your favourite chicken wing. It really is good, try it.”


While entertaining the other girls, he naturally still paid the most attention to Tang Feifei.


“No need. I will wait for Qin Fang.”


However, Tang Feifei shook her head and rejected it. Even if the chicken wing Li Feng presented to her really smelled nice, she knew Li Feng’s ulterior motive, and won’t even give him a chance.


“Feifei, since Li Feng is being so generous, you should at least try it. Then you can at least compare it with Qin Fang’s one later. If Qin Fang’s one is no good, you can ask him to go work on his cooking more!”


Who knows what Fang Min and Zhang Ting’s boyfriend said to them, but the girls who didn’t give Li Feng any respect just now was now persuading Tang Feifei to give Li Feng face.


“There really is no ne- Fine, I will try it…”


Tang Feifei still wanted to refuse, but if she did that, her close friends won’t stop trying to persuade her. Thus, she to save her friends’ face, she had no choice but to eat the chicken wings. However, she didn’t take the one in Li Feng’s hand, and took a new one from the plate instead. This instantly made Li Feng who was still holding out the chicken wing awkward.


However, Li Feng already knew he had been humiliated a lot today, and didn’t care about a little more humiliation. At least Tang Feifei accepted his request, and that was a small victory for him. Even if Tang Feifei didn’t accept because of him at all.


Shaking his hands as if to shake off the awkwardness, Li Feng put the chicken wing into his mouth. Looking at Tang Feifei who was also eating her chicken wing, Li Feng started fantasizing that the chicken wing Tang Feifei was eating was his…


A narcissist is always full of himself. He directly ignored the help Fang Min and Zhang Ting gave him. Of the group, other than Tang Feifei, Li Feng really didn’t care about anyone else. Even if he was helped by them. Fortunately, Tang Feifei was not privy to the vulgar thoughts Li Feng were having, or else she really would have given him a tight slap.


“Shameless guy who doesn’t know kindness even if he was staring right at it!”


The girls kindly helped Li Feng, but was directly ignored by him. Fang Min and Zhang Ting instantly became unhappy, and glared at their respective boyfriends. They didn’t say anything anymore, but in their heart they started hating Li Feng.


“Feifei, how is it? Is it to your likings? Do you want another one?”


A single chicken wing didn’t have much meat, and in no time at all, the chicken wing was finished by Tang Feifei. Noticing that Tang Feifei had finished, Li Feng naturally started currying for favour again.


“No need, I’ve had enough.”


Just now, Tang Feifei was only saving face for Fang Min and Zhang Ting, her close friends. Now… she really didn’t want to give Li Feng face.


After getting rejected by Tang Feifei, Li Feng had no other choice, and once again directed his gaze at Fang Min and Zhang Ting. His gaze was quite arrogant, and was as if he was asking his servants to work. Fang Min and Zhang Ting were already spiteful, and now he wanted them to help again? Not a chance.


“Feifei, I’ve finished grilling the chicken wings. Want a taste?”


At this time, when the atmosphere of the group was getting bad, Qin Fang’s voice suddenly resounded. He also brought along a few chicken wings that he had already finished cooking.


“Feifei, you definitely must not eat that! Look at that chicken wing, its exterior is already burnt! We don’t even know if the inside is well-cooked or not. Listen to me, though BBQ looks like a simple thing, BBQing a delicious dish is impossible without years of practice. Effendi is the BBQ champion of our city for three years, and his dish is definitely…”


Seeing Qin Fang bringing his chicken wings over, though he did smell something nice, compared to Effendi’s, the appearance of the dish was really appalling. On top of that, he noticed that Qin Fang was not really familiar with BBQing, and knew that he was a newbie. How could he give up this chance to disparage Qin Fang?


“En, let me try!”


Hearing Li Feng talking on and on about how Qin Fang’s dish was trash, Tang Feifei’s face darkened, and she furrowed her eyebrows. Obviously, she was unhappy that Li Feng was talking about Qin Fang like that.


However, after seeing Qin Fang’s confident smile and apathy to Li Feng’s disparage, Tang Feifei immediately smiled and took a chicken wing from Qin Fang’s hand to eat.


“Tang Feifei, please don’t!”


Seeing that Tang Feifei didn’t listen to his advice, and wanted to eat Qin Fang’s chicken no matter what, Li Feng pretended to call out in shock.


Though he was calling out in mock shock, he really got shocked by Tang Feifei’s actions. When Tang Feifei put the chicken wing into her mouth, her formerly pretty smile froze.


Everybody’s eyes were on Tang Feifei’s face, and seeing her expression now, everyone gave Qin Fang a weird look. The look in their eyes expressed all they wanted to say.


Especially Li Feng. He was not angry that Tang Feifei was fed with uncooked food. In fact, he was really happy that she did. This gave him more reasons to denigrate Qin Fang, and make himself look better in comparison.”


“Feifei, if it is not cooked, quickly spit it out. If your stomach turns bad because of this, it won’t be good…”


Li Feng said in a smug tone. From his actions, he looked as if he couldn’t wait to depreciate Qin Fang’s worth till it was less than dirt.

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