Omni Genius – Chapter 4: Delicious Ramen

As time slowly passed by, Qin Fang was still immersed in raising his skill proficiency……


In Qin Fang’s room.


“I’m so hungry, has Qin Fang finished making the meal already?”


As Tang Fei Fei held her small stomach, which was already empty since a long time ago, she who was already famished couldn’t resist complaining about Qin Fang in her mind.

Up until now, Qin Fang still had not served anything for her to eat.


“This won’t do, I will go check out what he’s cooking first. I must at least eat something, or else I won’t be able to hold on anymore.’


As her stomach rumbled endlessly, even Tang Fei Fei who usually makes sure that she keeps to proper decorum did not think about being proper anymore and walked to the direction of the kitchen while wobbling.




The moment she walked to the entrance of the kitchen, Tang Fei Fei could see the back of Qin Fang already. Just when she was about to call him, she was shocked by Qin Fang’s actions. She was so shocked, that she even forgot to call his name.


Qin Fang at this moment was fully devoted to the ‘noble’ action of making noodles. She saw Qin Fang’s hand dancing around at a high speed, making the initially thick strand of noodles in his hands into thin ones, making countless strands of fine noodles.


Qin Fang only needed to slightly flick the noodles, and the noodles he made would come back with a ‘woosh’, showing true noodle making skills.


*clap* *clap* *clap*


Though Tang Fei Fei had seen professional noodle making chefs making noodles before, but those were people who have attained their level of skills after years of practice. Normal people definitely would not be able to attain their level of skill, but unexpectedly, Qin Fang possessed that level of skill. Though it was not a given that the noodles Qin Fang made would be as tasty as those made by professionals, but the actions he displayed just now while making the noodles was extremely smooth, and was pleasing to the eyes, as if what he was doing was not making noodles, but performing instead.


Tang Fei Fei was very entertained by the display, and her mood lifted considerably too. She even put aside the matter of eating, which was of utmost importance, temporarily, and just started clapping to show her appreciation of Qin Fang’s display.


Her claps naturally startled Qin Fang, and when he turned around to look at her who was leaning at the entrance, he uncontrollably asked,


“Why have you come Tang Fei Fei?”


After being questioned, only then did Tang Fei Fei realise what she came here for in the first place. She immediately made a pose that she thought was very intimidating. That was wrinkling her nose and sticking her hand on her hips, and then started to criticise Qin Fang.


“You still dare to ask? You said that you would treat me to a meal but after more than an hour, I still can’t see even the shadow of a dish…are you trying to starve me to death?!”


Unfortunately, she was still only a 17-18 years old lady, and with such a pretty and elegant appearance, coupled with the mirth that could be seen in her eyes, it only further emphasised the attractiveness of Tang Fei Fei, and was not intimidating at all. Even Qin Fang who has never taken notice of girls at all before was sent into a daze, and his breathing also slightly hastened.


“What? More than an hour?”


However, Tang Fei Fei’s words still caused Qin Fang to recover from his trance-like state and after exclaiming, looked out the window. It was indeed slightly dark outside already.


“I’m really, really sorry…I forgot to buy vegetables today and when my neighbour Big Sis Pan gave me some dough, I thought about making some ramen for you. But since this is my first time making noodles, I was not very used to it. Only after practicing for so long did it become somewhat passable.”


Even though Qin Fang was not at fault in this matter, but talking about people behind their backs was not something that Qin Fang would stoop to. Thus, he had no choice but to take the full blame.


As he was apologising, he began heating up water in a pot to cook the noodles. At the same time, he took a new piece of dough and started making noodles. As both of his hands danced at an extremely fast speed, a bowl of ramen with a substantial portion was ready to be served.


“Wow, you are amazing! These noodles are so fine and springy, I think it must be very delicious.”

This time, Tang Fei Fei was not leaning at the entrance anymore and was instead, standing beside Qin Fang and watching the whole process of him making fine and springy noodles up close.


Qin Fang only smiled, and didn’t say anything. In his heart however, he was thinking about the [Noodles Making] skill. The skill experience actually rose from 0% at the start to 8% now within an hour. If one were to take that every single noodle made gave a standard 0.1% increase, then Qin Fang had already made noodles more than 80 times already. Even if you were to factor the time needed to knead and make the dough, he was still making a batch of noodles in less than a minute.


In actuality, the time was naturally even shorter, with an estimated time of a mere half a minute for a batch. This meant that in terms of speed alone, Qin Fang’s skill was not inferior to those professional noodles making chef.


However, if one were to consider the fact that Qin Fang was still inept at the beginning and wasted a lot of time, as he got faster and more skilled at the end, one could even say that he only needed 20 seconds to finish making a bowl of noodles. This speed was definitely formidable.


After making the noodles, the following steps were much more simple. This was a kitchen, and all sorts of seasonings were readily available. After a short while, a bowl of hot ramen was made.


<[Simple Soya Ramen]—A simply made soya ramen. There are no specialties to speak of, and anyone can make it.>


Qin Fang was already gradually getting used to notices appearing on objects and just as he expected, when a bowl of ramen was made, a name with a very mundane suffix attached to it appeared. However, the description was as demoralising as ever.


“Wow, it smells heavenly…”


Only, despite the demoralising description, when Qin Fang presented the ramen he specially made for Tang Fei Fei in front of her, she couldn’t resist the urge to compliment the ramen when she took a whiff of it.


At that moment, Qin Fang suddenly felt that his one hour plus of hard work was worth it with just that one compliment.


*slurp slurp*


Unfortunately, immediately after complimenting the dish, Tang Fei Fei snatched away the bowl of ramen and without caring that it was scalding hot due to being fresh from the pot, starting wolfing it down.


Though she had a small build, Tang Fei Fei’s appetite was not small. The bowl of ramen she snatched away had enough portions to fill Qin Fang’s stomach completely, but she was actually able to finish it in a short period of time, and even the soup was drunk, leaving not a single drop behind.


The problem was, after eating the bowl of ramen, Tang Fei Fei used both hands to hold the empty bowl, and while looking at Qin Fang with puppy dog eyes, words started flowing out from her bright red tender lips,


“Qin Fang, can you give me another bowl? It’s really too delicious!”


After listening to what Tang Fei Fei said, Qin Fang thought that he had heard wrongly and thus while staring straight at Tang Fei Fei, suspiciously asked,


“Is it really that delicious?”


Truth to be told, Qin Fang did not have any confidence in the bowl of ramen he made just now. It was the very first bowl of ramen that he had ever made, and he didn’t even know what it tasted like. What made matters worse was the accursed description that renders people speechless and dispirited.


“En, it’s really delicious! It’s the most delicious ramen I have ever eaten!”


Looking at Qin Fang’s bright eyes, Tang Fei Fei, who in the end was still a girl, obviously could not handle his gaze and lowered her head with a feverish face. However, she really thought that Qin Fang’s ramen was extremely delicious. She even drank the soup to the very last drop.


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