Omni Genius – Chapter 40: Better Than A BBQ Champion

“How is it?”


Qin Fang didn’t give a damn to Li Feng, and asked Tang Feifei a little nervously.

Over the whole process, Qin Fang could be said to have been very meticulous, and strictly adhered to proper procedures. He didn’t dare to make the slightest mistake. However, it was still his first BBQ dish in the end, and though it didn’t look that nice, it smelled nice. But the taste… Qin Fang had to see Tang Feifei’s reaction to find out.


“It’s too delicious…”


Everybody’s gaze was centered on Tang Feifei, and they were all waiting for her evaluation. Especially Li Feng, he had already prepared the words to say to depreciate Qin Fang’s worth. However, Tang Feifei exclaimed with words of praise instead.




Everybody’s expression stiffened. The surrounding girls and their boyfriend looked shocked, and Li Feng looked as if he choked on something, and even breathing was difficult for him.


“Feifei, don’t exaggerate so much…”


Li Yao felt that the atmosphere was not good, and softly reminded Tang Feifei who was not behaving quite improperly.


“Yao Yao, I’m not exaggerating! It’s true that it’s too delicious…”


Tang Feifei immediately tried to stand up for Qin Fang. However, she licked her lips to confirm the taste first. Once again, she could taste Qin Fang’s chicken which taste lingered on the tongue. It was definitely a little better than Effendi’s chicken.




Li Yao obviously did not believe Tang Feifei. She had just ate what Effendi barbecued, and its taste and appearance was without a fault. She then looked at what Qin Fang barbecued. The appearance was severely lacking, and it didn’t smell as good as Effendi’s either.


“I’m telling the truth! Qin Fang, give Yao Yao one to try. Let her see if I’m lying or not.”


Seeing that her close friend actually did not believe her, Tang Feifei was a little angry. Though she was on Qin Fang’s side, it was a matter of fact that Qin Fang’s chicken wings are better than Effendi’s.


“No thanks…”


Li Yao was still skeptical. Tang Feifei was Qin Fang’s girlfriend, and could eat the ‘uncooked’ chicken for Qin Fang’s sake. However, Li Yao’s relationship with Qin Fang was ordinary, and she didn’t want to eat raw food for Qin Fang’s sake.


“Let me try…”


Just as Li Yao was hesitating, Sun Shu who was sitting beside her suddenly offered to try. He then took a chicken wing from Qin Fang, and started eating it.


This time, everyone’s gaze was fixed on Sun Shu. Even Li Feng was not an exception. Though he didn’t really like Sun Shu, but if he had to choose between Sun Shu and Tang Feifei, he will believe Sun Shu.


When the chicken wing entered his mouth, Sun Shu’s expression also slightly froze, and looked similar to Tang Feifei’s face just now.


“How is it, Sun Shu?”


Li Yao asked with concern. She didn’t wish for Sun Shu to suffer after all.


Only, Sun Shu didn’t reply, and didn’t give others a chance to talk either. He directly finished the chicken wing in two to three bites, and all that was left of the chicken wing was its bones. Sun Shu even smacked his lips, as if he still wanted more.


“En, not bad!”


After recalling the taste for awhile, Sun Shu gave the chicken wing an apropos evaluation.


“Sun Shu, you don’t have a basis for comparison yet. If you compare it to Effiendi’s, then you will know that there are more delicious things out there.”


Li Feng formerly trusted Sun Shu, but after thinking about what Sun Shu did just now, Li Feng felt that Sun Shu might be helping Qin Fang out now. Thus, he curled his lips, and pointed at the plate of freshly barbecued food Effendi was bringing over now. While doing so, he didn’t forget to give Qin Fang a condescending look.


Qin Fang was unaffected. Even if he was one of the chefs that were being judged, as he hadn’t tasted Effendi’s nor his own food yet, he had the least amount of speaking right.


“Okay then, I will try the chef’s one…”


Sun Shu then tried the food Effendi brought over. He chose a chicken wing to try too, and whether it was the appearance or the smell, it was without a flaw.


He then put the chicken wing into his mouth, but when he did, his face turned strange, and he also creased his eyebrows. He then stopped eating.


“There is no need to try anymore. These chicken wings cooked by the chef is quite good whether be it its appearance, smell, or taste. If I didn’t guess wrongly, this chef must have his secret recipe. However, compared to Qin Fang’s, it is still a little lacking.


Sun Shu put down the chicken wing in his hands, and said so calmly.


“That’s impossible!”


Li Feng didn’t even say anything yet, and only had a black face. Instead, it was Effendi who was immediately enraged.


“I started barbecuing since I was 12, and had studied under 12 of the top barbeque chefs. And I surpassed them all in the end. I don’t dare to say that there is nobody better than me at barbecuing in the world, but a beginner…”


As a three-time BBQ champion, and as the pillar of this BBQ place, Sun Shu’s words were without a doubt a form of humiliation. It was extreme humiliation.


“He’s right. Qin Fang had only learned how to barbecue just now, and you claim that he barbecues food better than Chef Effendi? What a joke! If it was really like that, then there if no need for Effendi to be here anymore.”


Li Feng obviously won’t show any weakness. What Sun Shu did just now, finishing Qin Fang’s chicken wing but stopping after one bite for Effendi’s, was obviously an act to help Qin Fang. However, in Li Feng’s eyes, he felt that the help was too obvious and forced.


“That’s right, that’s right. Do you think that we will pay such a high price to hire a BBQ chef who can’t even beat a beginner? You pretty girls have also tasted Effendi’s food, and you know in your heart the taste. Some people… hmph!”


Fatty Li naturally stood on Li Feng’s side, and helped him talk,


“Truth will prevail in the end.”


Sun Shu shrugged his shoulders, and calmly said a sentence. He then stood up and faced Qin Fang.


“Brother Qin Fang, let us go. You have whet my appetite, and if you don’t fill up my stomach, I’m not letting you go!”






At almost the same time, two girls’ voice resounded. Unexpectedly, it was Tang Feifei and Li Yao.


“Yao Yao, bring your boyfriend Sun Shu away. Qin Fang is my boyfriend, if I haven’t had my fill yet, who is he to snatch with me…”


Tang Feifei’s face was slightly red, and she slightly nudged Li Yao who was also showing objection.


“Err… is it really that delicious?”


Li Yao was put in quite an awkward situation now. Her thinking was the same as Li Feng’s and thought that Sun Shu didn’t like Li Feng and that’s why he didn’t give him face, and support Qin Fang so fervently. But from the look of things, it was not as she imagined.


“En, it’s really good! Better than that BBQ champion by alot!”


Tang Feifei’s white face was now red. Talking about Qin Fang’s chicken wing, she couldn’t help but stick out her tongue and lick her lips, as if an alluring taste was still there.

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