Omni Genius – Chapter 41: Challenge

“What did you say?”


The moment those words left Tang Feifei’s mouth, it was as if a barrel of oil was lit up. Li Feng’s face only slightly darkened, but Effendi who was beside him was really unhappy now.

Three-time Tranquil Sea Gourmet BBQ Competition champion. That was an honour Effendi received after decades of hardwork. He really had the ability to be called one of the elite in barbecuing.


So, if food that he had barbecued using the skills he had polished for decades was said to be worse than a beginner, how could he accept it?


Effendi’s face was red with anger, and his already slightly dark face turned purplish black due to the redness. His face now looked vicious, and his eyes seemed as if they will spew out fire at anytime.


“What are you so fierce for? Do you think you are right because you are louder?”


Tang Feifei was quite fierce herself sometimes. Though Effendi’s intimidating looks did indeed scare Tang Feifei, shown by her patting her chest, she got over it after a while. She then stuck her hands on her waist, and shouted back at Effendi with spirit.




Effendi was already fuming with rage, coupled with the fact that he was born from a Chinese hunter tribe, he now could even stab someone in rage. How could he endure further provocation now? He immediately wanted to flip out, and his hands were in the air, ready to strike down at Tang Feifei.


Qin Fang lightly pulled Tang Feifei behind him, and then stepped forward and gave Effendi’s waist a kick.




At almost the same time Qin Fang moved, Li Feng’s face also changed, and he immediately called Effendi to stop.




However, Li Feng obviously reacted too late. Luckily, Qin Fang had already pulled Tang Feifei away, so she was unharmed. But, Qin Fang felt a stinging pain from his back. Effendi’s slap that was packed with his hatred was not light at all.


What about Effendi then?


Obviously, he was not much better off than Qin Fang. Qin Fang’s kick caused him to retreat by a few steps, and due to the suddenness of the kick, the [Sneak Attack] skill activated. That caused Effendi to be afflicted with [Dizzy] for a very short while.


I will kick you when you are down!


Qin Fang didn’t plan to let Effendi off with just a kick in the first place, and taking advantage of the fact that he was [Dizzy], Qin Fang gave another kick to Effendi who had not regained himself yet.




This kick was even more powerful, and Effendi was sent flying for over a metre due to Qin Fang’s kick. He then fell onto the floor face-first, and the green grass constantly grazed his face. That woke him up.


“Bastard! I’m gonna kill you!”


When he regained himself, Effendi unconsciously touched his face. Though it was not bleeding, the pain was excruciating. Effendi who was constantly provoked couldn’t take it anymore, and instinctively did a draw knife motion. However, he was shocked to find out that there was no knife on his waist.


Ever since he got used to live in the city, he gradually got estranged from his tribe, and integrated himself into the life of modern people. Naturally, his habit to bring a knife around was changed too, and only when he was really angry would he instinctively try to draw a knife.


However, not having a knife didn’t mean that there weren’t other weapons available to him. For example, equipment that you frequently use in barbeque such as the steel stick you use to poke the food with. Coincidentally, he fell near a place where a person was just barbecuing. He didn’t even think and just snatched a steel stick and prepared to duke it out with Qin Fang.


“Stop it!”


Qin Fang didn’t mind taking care of Effendi once more, more ruthlessly. He dared to beat Tang Feifei, so Qin Fang dared to break both his arms too. (T/N: Qin Fang got no chill!)


However, Li Feng couldn’t take much more. His face already darkened, and Fatty Li who was beside him was sweating profusely, fearing that Effendi would really start a bloodshed. The reason why Li Feng asked Effendi over was obviously to impress the pretty girl beside Qin Fang. But, the clueless Effendi dared to beat Tang Feifei. This was no laughing matter. That was why he shouted for Effendi to stop in a panic.


“Boss Li Feng, I must take care of him today! Why are you sto-”


Effendi was still quite mindful of Fatty Li, but he really could not swallow the fact that Qin Fang humiliated him. As a warrior of his tribe, he must take up arms and fight with his enemy.




“Shut your mouth.”


At this time, Li Feng had already walked over, and have Effendi a backhanded slap.


“You dare to even touch my woman? Do you believe with just one sentence from me, you will be a floating corpse in the river tomorrow?”


Effendi was instantly dazed. Though Fatty Li was indeed his boss, but since the BBQ place couldn’t do without Effendi, he naturally did not need to fear Fatty Li all that much.


However, Li Feng was a whole other story. As the son of the real boss of this resort, he was a person with great authority in this city. Even if he was a tribesman, there were a lot of people who were skilled enough to treat him as an ordinary person. Let’s not talk about a sentence. If Li Feng so much as directed a hateful gaze at him, a lot of people would deal with Effendi immediately.


“Didn’t you think that Tang Feifei was wrong? I will give you a chance now. Qin Fang is right there, and if you want to prove Tang Feifei wrong, challenge him openly. Then defeat him, and humiliate him.”


As expected of a son from a wealthy family. Even if he was talking about using other people to do his dirty job, his wording made it as if he was in the right.


“If you win, that means you indeed deserve to be called BBQ champion. I can even apologise on Tang Feifei’s behalf, and double your salary. But if you lose, get lost immediately.”


Li Feng was completely angry now. Today was full of mishaps after all. Not only did Tang Feifei not give him face time and time again, she even said the poor Qin Fang was her boyfriend. This made Li Feng hop with anger already. To add fuel to the fire, Qin Fang even started opposing him, and making him lose face. To top it all off, even his own subordinate started waving weapons around despite him asking him to stop. Now he didn’t even know how to show his face to the people who witnessed him getting humiliated so much.




Seeing Li Feng’s anger and hearing his words, Effendi finally realised how rash the slap he directed at Tang Feifei was. Luckily, he didn’t hit Tang Feifei in the end. If he did, he would really be a corpse floating in the river tomorrow.


Effendi threw away the steel stick he had prepared to attack Qin Fang with. He then walked up to Qin Fang, and looked at Qin Fang before looking at Tang Feifei who was slightly nervous.


“Now, as a warrior of the Uighur group, I challenge you. Since the young lady thinks that your BBQ skills are better than mine, then let us have a fair competition. I will show you the power of a three-time BBQ champion.”


Effendi issued the challenge solemnly. Though his anger hasn’t completely subsided yet, Qin Fang knew that Effendi won’t fight him anymore. Or should he say, don’t dare to fight anymore.


“Qin Fang, accept the challenge!”


Qin Fang was hesitant. He hadn’t tasted both his dish and Effendi’s dish yet. Without first-hand knowledge of the taste, he really could not make a decision easily. Instead, it was Tang Feifei who was confident, and pushed Qin Fang to accept the challenge.


“Fine, I agree. However, I wish for everyone present to be the judge. After all, I want to prevent a certain someone from cheating”


Obviously, Effendi issuing the challenge was not solely because he wanted to. It was definitely Li Feng who egged him into doing it. According to Qin Fang’s understanding of Li Feng, that guy would definitely be up to no good. Thus, Qin Fang decisively foiled Li Feng’s plan with a single sentence.




Effendi was very confident of his skills, and immediately agreed before Li Feng and Fatty Li could even say anything.

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