Omni Genius – Chapter 42: BBQ PK!

The moment Effendi agreed to Qin Fang’s conditions, it was hard for Li Feng and Fatty Li to pull off their dirty plans already. Luckily, Fatty Li knew that Effendi’s skills were really good. After all, Effendi got the three-time BBQ champion title through his abilities, and not from the backdoor.


Since we are talking about Effendi’s skills, Fatty Li being able to be the manager of the BBQ place was not because of his bootlicking either. He had skills, and when he did his work, it was as smooth as flowing water and moving clouds. He did not get his position through connections.


Anyways, when the two agreed on the challenge, Fatty Li immediately sent people to prepare the stage of the battle. After only ten minutes had passed, the BBQ place already had a place prepared for Qin Fang and Effendi to compete. They even called a DJ from a bar to be the MC.


“Ladies and gentlemen, today we are going to hold a brand new competition! The theme of the competition is naturally BBQ, and the judges will be everyone present now!”


The MC first simply introduced the situation, and piqued the interest of the people who had already noticed the conflict happening at Qin Fang’s group.


“Firstly, I will introduce the competitors! On my left, the pillar of our BBQ place, also the three-time champion of the Tranquil Sea Gourmet BBQ Competition, Mr. Effendi!”


Hearing the MC’s introduction, Effendi who had already donned his chef uniform walked up the stage, and stood in front of the prepared BBQ pit. Of course, he didn’t forget to earn the liking of the crowd who were also judges, and said hello to them.


“Go Effendi!”


“I’m rooting for you Effendi!”


Most customers who frequented the BBQ place knew about Effendi, and had tasted his dished before. The taste was definitely good, and there were even some who wanted to learn from Effendi. So, the moment Effendi went up, some people in the crowd started cheering.


“On my right, one of the customer of our BBQ place, Mr. Qin Fang! Though he may be young, his skills in barbecuing are quite amazing! Thus, this competition will definitely be a clash of the titans!”


Qin Fang naturally walked to the front of his BBQ pit too. Tang Feifei also quietly followed Qin Fang, looking like she was going to be Qin Fang’s helper.




“Wow, a pretty lady!”


“WTF, a top grade cabbage is given to a pig!”


“Brother, I will support you!”


Compared to Effendi, when Qin Fang went up the stage, there were fewer people cheering for him. Instead, the sounds of booing were incessant. At the same time, many people noticed the pretty Tang Feifei being beside Qin Fang, and it could not be helped that some people called out in jealousy.


In other words, not many people favoured Qin Fang.


“I will explain simply the rules of the competition. Everybody present here will receive a piece of card, and that is your voting card. Here, there are two voting boxes. Mr. Qin Fang and chef Effendi will each barbecue some food for you, and leave it up to you to evaluate it. You can then vote for the competitor who made food that was better, and better fit your taste. In the end, the number of votes each competitor gets will determine the winner.”


The rules were simple, and really practical too. The cooking was done immediately, and the voting was done immediately after. There were no chances for anyone to do any background work at all. Furthermore, workers at the resort were forbidden from voting. One of the competitors was Effendi after all.


“Are you satisfied now?”


Before the competition started, Effendi specially came over and asked Qin Fang.


“It’s okay.”


Towards the rules, Qin Fang didn’t have any complaints about it. Even if having this competition caused their small conflict to blow up to something this big.


“I hope that you won’t lose too terribly… Hmph!”


Effendi gave a cold laugh, and said so brusquely. He then returned back to his BBQ pit. By this time, all the ingredients had already been prepared.


“Okay! Now that the two competitors are ready, I announce this competition to be starting, now!”


The ingredients were all prepared by the BBQ place, and all expenses were covered by the BBQ place too. This, Qin Fang didn’t have to worry about his wallet, and immediately started cooking. Effendi obviously won’t slack off, and started too.


The two competitors did have quite a disparity between their popularity, and many people immediately flocked the Effendi’s side. One must know that Effendi was the pillar of the BBQ place, and normal customers really couldn’t eat his food. Now that they had the opportunity to, for free even, many people naturally flocked over to taste his food.


In contrast, Qin Fang’s area was quite desolated. There were only a few stray cats wandering around his area. However, Qin Fang didn’t mind. He had already noticed some people who weren’t able to go to Effendi’s place in time coming over here.


The weather was too hot, so if people squeezed each other, one really wouldn’t be able to take it. Qin Fang didn’t think those people had the willpower to endure the heat for long.


“Qin Fang, I want some chicken wings…”


This was Tang Feifei’s request. She didn’t eat enough just now, and still wanted more.


“Give your bro a few mutton kebab!”


This was Sun Shu. The chicken wings were nice, but Sun Shu liked eating lamb and drinking cold beer more.


“Hey kid, make some garlic sticks fer me to try…”


An uncle with a noticeable accent said so.


“Hey, handsome, I want to eat barbecued intestines…”


This was said by an aggressive looking girl who had phoenix eyes. After she finished her words, she licked her lips, scaring Qin Fang. He immediately lowered his head, and worked seriously.


As the say, when you master one part of a whole, you are able to understand the whole more easily. All changes can be traced back to an origin.


From the time he first learned [Barbecuing] to now, not even one hour had passed. And he had only cooked two chicken wings at that time. However, he did not mess anything up when barbecuing other things now. Though the actions were still a little awkward, Qin Fang was not nervous at all, and everything proceeded orderly.


Chicken wings, mutton kebab, pork kebab, barbecued intestines, big garlics… all sorts of food were cooked by Qin Fang. Furthermore, Qin Fang carried out the whole process as perfectly as possible, and controlled his time properly. Watching the fire also became easier over time.


As his actions got more fluid, Qin Fang’s barbecuing speed also rapidly increased. The only pity was that the EXP was increasing really slowly…


“As expected, the EXP increase slows down a lot after it gets to Intermediate.”


Qin Fang couldn’t help but lament in his heart. However, his hands didn’t stop moving at all.

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