Omni Genius – Chapter 43: Overwhelming Popularity And Wolfing Down Of Food

Skills needing more EXP after upgrading was within Qin Fang’s expectations, and the theory was validated now. He didn’t dare to slow down his hands, as according to the rules of the competition, the judges have to try both people’s dish, before being allowed to vote.

“Wow, not bad! As expected of a master, you are not one for nothing!”


“It’s really too good! Unlike mine…”


“You didn’t win the competition three times for nothing!”


Qin Fang’s side had a cold reaction, but Effendi’s side was vastly different. Those who were closer got the food first, and immediately started eating. When they tasted it, they thought that it really was above the rest, and was not stingy with their praises at all. They even started cheering loudly, as if trying to motivate Effendi more.


“Hey, those in front, quickly eat! There are still people waiting behind!”


“Get lost! Don’t hog the place.”


“He’s right, stop hogging the spot!”


Only, though the ones in front could taste the food and rave about it, the people behind could only see them eat, and could not taste the food at all. Naturally, they got unhappy, and started clamouring for the people in front to move. Especially when Effendi’s food emitted a really alluring smell, and whet people’s appetite just from smelling it.


On Qin Fang’s side, not even the first batch of food was ready yet. The few customers Qin Fang had were already impatient from the waiting, and glanced at Effendi’s location from time to time. If not for there being so many people at Effendi’s, Qin Fang’s customers would have gone there a long time ago.


“Young Master Feng, looks like we have it in the bag!”


Fatty Li stood beside Li Feng, and looking at the disparity of the two’s popularity, he thought that the outcome was obvious.


“Hmph! That Qin Fang wants to fight me? When he loses later, you better mock him mercilessly!”


Li Feng was quite contented too. He had fought with Qin Fang for half a day, and lost for half a day. He had nowhere to release his anger until Qin Fang agreed to the challenge, which was akin to placing oneself in front of a gun’s barrel. Naturally, Li Feng didn’t let go of this chance to humiliate Qin Fang.


“Rest assured Young Master Feng! I’ve already prepared everything. I had already hired people to take photos of this PK match, and am preparing to make an ad out of it. Then we can post this ad outside out BBQ place next time, and every customer who comes here will see the dispirited Qin Fang after losing. This will make Qin Fang’s name spread far and wide indeed. As a loser that is.”


Fatty Li’s dirty schemes were obviously in abundance, and an ad of Qin Fang losing was a fairly vicious humiliation tactic. Even if Qin Fang wasn’t famous, one couldn’t guarantee that people who knew him wouldn’t come here. With this ad, it will be like a drop black ink on a sheet of white paper on Qin Fang’s record.


“En, not bad. You have a good head. Your future is bright…”


After listening to Fatty Li’s idea, Li Feng naturally nodded happily. This can be counted as using as hurting Qin Fang imperceptibly, and was a really evil method too. Not only will it make Qin Fang’s reputation suffer, the worst thing was Qin Fang can’t do anything about it.


“Thank you for your praise!”


Fatty Li was obviously happy because of getting praised. After all, Li Feng’s words can directly cause his promotion. That’s why he worked so hard for Li Feng in the first place.


However, the crowd at Effendi’s place won’t last long. According to the rules, those who have tasted Effendi’s food already must taste Qin Fang’s food next. Now, the first batch of people who had finished Effendi’s food was heading to Qin Fang’s direction while lamenting the fact that they did not have enough to eat.


“This chef is really not simple. That taste was fantastic!”


“Indeed! If it is compared to our own cooking, ours would be pig food!”


“I will definitely give this vote to chef Effendi later.”


“Yes, yes, yes! Who was that other guy again? I haven’t even heard of him before. He’s so young, how could he be a match for Effendi who already have decades of experience under his belt?”

As they walked over, they also discussed about who they were going to vote for. The crowd formed groups, and each group seemingly already knew who they were voting for. Some even secretly queued up a second time, preparing to go for the second round.


“Hmm? What is with the situation here…?”


Only, when they almost arrived at Qin Fang’s pit, they found something strange.


Qin Fang and Effendi’s stage were placed quite far from each other, so one could only roughly see what was happening at the other location. Details were not very clear.


Now, there were at least over a hundred people at Effendi’s, and Qin Fang only had a measly eight. Compared to Effendi’s crowd, this crowd would be equivalent to nothing. However, the situation here was vastly different. Compared to Effendi’s place where one couldn’t eat their fill, Qin Fang’s place…


“Little Qin! Give uncle a few more sticks! It’s really too damn good!”


The uncle with an accent ate almost every single type of food from mutton to vegetables. His appetite was really whet by Qin Fang’s food, and his mouth had never stopped before. When Qin Fang just put the prepared food on the plate, it would be snatched away by the uncle.


“If you don’t mind me saying, uncle, you really are too much! At least leave me some…”


“Exactly! You are so old already, don’t snatch from young ladies like us…”


The others present were unhappy, and immediately worked together to prevent the uncle from reaching the plate. They managed to snatch quite a lot of food from the uncle’s monopoly with the power of numbers.


If you talked about who didn’t need to worry about not having enough, it would only be Tang Feifei. After almost every batch, Qin Fang would automatically give some to Tang Feifei. Thus, Tang Feifei didn’t need to snatch with people.”


“Everyone, can you all don’t snatch already? People are coming over already, and if you continue snatching, they won’t get a chance to eat…”


Qin Fang smiled helplessly. As the EXP of [Barbecuing] rose, combined with the fact that he himself was getting more familiar with barbecuing, Qin Fang’s actions got even smoother. He also realised the power of Intermediate [Barbecuing], and had an even better grasp of the amount of seasonings each ingredient needed. Though the flavour didn’t change that much from Qin Fang getting used to the skill, his speed did increase by a lot.


However, even with his increased speed, it could not match the appetite of eight people. Without a choice left, Qin Fang could only politely ask his all too fervent supporters to stop.


“Errr… That is true. Then this uncle won’t snatch food anymore… Little Qin! Give me another two more chicken wings, and then I will go and see if that so called champion can barbeque food that is even one tenth as delicious as Little Qin’s.


The uncle was very honourable, and didn’t eat Qin Fang’s food for nothing. Not only did he talk to Qin Fang in a familiar way now, he even looked like Qin Fang’s die hard fan, and was preparing to take down Effendi now.


“That uncle is right? If that bullshit champion can have even one tenth of Qin Fang’s skill, he can go thank god already.”


The remaining people said things along that line too. Everybody was indignant about Qin Fang’s treatment. After all, Qin Fang’s food was so delicious they didn’t even want to leave, and yet is so desolated compared to Effendi’s crowd.


At this time, the people that came over from Effendi’s also noticed the strange situation. They looked with wide eyes as Qin Fang’s freshly made batch of food was snatched away by eight people before he could even plate all of them, and wolfed down by those same people.


“Hey, bro! Is it really that delicious?”


The person who just came was the one who shouted that he wanted to vote for Effendi the most just now. The moment he saw the situation here, he was startled, and pulled back a fan of Qin Fang’s who was preparing to snatch Qin Fang’s food again.


“Of course it’s delicious. So delicious, I can’t stop eating. Urk! No more…?! It’s all your fault! This is the last batch for us, and you caused me to be unable to get any. What a waste…”

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