Omni Genius – Chapter 44: The Person Who Strikes Later, Has Overwhelming Popularity

“No need to exaggerate so much, right….”


When the person asked one of the fans that question, he had also witnessed the scene of the seven people behaving like hungry ghosts, and rushing over to snatch the food while making battle cries. They didn’t even care if beside them was a girl or a boy, and just snatched with reckless abandon.

Those who managed to snatch some naturally got extremely happy, and cheerfully started eating it. Those movements and those attitudes, and various other little details, all of them told of how alluring Qin Fang’s food was.


“Impossible! His food must have a little standard only, and they haven’t tasted Effendi’s food before yet.”


He didn’t believe that Qin Fang’s food was so delicious that it will make people forget about anything else. He had just eaten Effendi’s food, and he was still reminiscing about the taste. Thus, he immediately came up with a reason he thought was correct.


“Comrades! Let us go and defeat that Effendi guy!”


The uncle gave Qin Fang a lot of face, and after finishing the last round of food, he immediately shouted out to the comrade in arms standing on the battlefront with him, and rushed towards Effendi’s side fervently.


Those who knew would know that Qin Fang and Effendi were having a food contest, those who didn’t would think that they were having a group war!


After the first batch of die-hard fans left, more people arrived immediately after. Qin Fang didn’t have time to take a break at all, and used the fastest speed to prepare another new batch of food, before putting it on the empty plate that was emptied by a certain group…


“Why not try it?”


Those who came after obviously didn’t believe that Qin Fang would be that good at such a young age. However, the moment they recalled the eating figure of the group that had just left, they looked at each other, and someone hesitantly muttered to try it.


With that sentence, everyone’s hesitation was gone, and they picked the food that they preferred. They then silently walked to a side, and put the food into their mouths. This was because they were scared that if they spit out the food due to it being bad, Qin Fang would act up and do something to them.


But with just a bite, everyone was stunned.


Especially the person who was still an Effendi die hard fan just now, he was shocked silly. Lightly chewing the food caused the alluring aroma and extraordinary taste to come out, and he swallowed the food along with his saliva down into his stomach. He then felt really comfortable after eating the food.


Just now, fearing that he will have to eat bad food, he chose to eat kebabs, and he took only one. With just a bite, he finished one-third of what he took, and with another two, everything will be gone.


“Good, so effing good!”


The kebab entered his stomach, but the taste and aroma lingered on in his mouth. He lightly sucked his tongue, and still felt that the taste was extraordinary. It really was food that made you want to swallow even your tongue. His heart also called out ‘Good!’ in joy.


This former Effendi die-hard fan was only one of the many who tried. Everyone else had about the same reaction, and their faces all showed their shock at the taste, before their eyes brightened, and they looked at the plate where Qin Fang would put the food with widened eyes.


Those who didn’t leave Qin Fang’s place immediately went to get a spot, and got the location advantage. They had seen how the group with the uncle behaved just now after all. Now they were drowning in regret. If they had came here earlier, they would be able to at least eat until they were half full. Now, they had to wait until there was excess after people had tasted, and occasionally get a few sticks using their location advantage.


In a short span of time, there were quite a lot of people in front of Qin Fang already. And most of them were those who had already tried Qin Fang’s food once. The people who came later didn’t know the taste, and not many went to try. Just as well for the first batch who tried, as without more competition, whatever Qin Fang cooked would be snatched by those who had already eaten.


Chinese people had a unique quirk, and that was they liked to follow the crowd.


Without caring whether Qin Fang’s food was good or not, if there were people queuing up for it, most people would think it was good. Furthermore, the longer the queue, the better the food must be. That was why Effendi had such a crowd at first, while Qin Fang had only eight.


Now that there were more people at Qin Fang’s place, and everyone was eating the food like it was really delicious, more people thought that the food must be nice, and started queuing up too.


Now, Qin Fang’s place was packed with people. When Effendi’s former die-hard fan came back, he realised he had no way to squeeze back anymore.


“Bro, have you tried already? How’s the taste? If it is not good, I will go and queue up at Effendi’s again…”


Someone who came later coincidentally saw the former guy who was shouting loudly in support of Effendi, and pulled him over and asked him about Qin Fang’s food. The person in question had quite a good spot to take Qin Fang’s food.


“Haaa, don’t talk about it. It’s so bad! I will advise you to quickly go back to Effendi’s…”


Seeing that that guy had such a good spot, the former Effendi fan thought of something, and replied with a pained looked.


“So bad? Then forget it, I will go back and queue up then…”


The person didn’t think much, and after hearing from the Effendi fan that the food was bad, he didn’t doubt him and came out from his good spot, preparing to go back to Effendi’s.


The moment the guy came out, the former Effendi fan immediately squeezed in with all his might hurriedly, fearing that if he was slow, that spot would be taken away.


“Hey, bro? What are you doing?”


Only, just as the tricked guy was about to leave, he turned his head to find out that the same guy who said the food was bad took up his spot. Thus, the tricked guy immediately patted former Effendi fan’s shoulders and asked in shock.


“Hehe, sorry bro… The food is just too good, so I couldn’t help it…”


The former Effendi fan said so with an embarrassed face, and didn’t forget to apologise for what he did just now.


“Don’t worry, you will definitely get a share of whatever I get…”


As he completed his sentence, Qin Fang had a new batch of food ready. The former Effendi fan hurriedly extended his hands to snatch the food, leaving the guy who was cheated of his good spot for nothing standing there dazed. The guy finally recovered after a long time, and realising that he got cheated, he shouted, “Fucking troll!”


“Bro, don’t get mad! Try this! This was obtained after I laboriously fought for it. This, this is what you call BBQ! That Effendi’s food is literally trash!”


The former Effendi fan unexpectedly was a man of his words(?), and despite exerting much effort to get a few sticks, he still left one stick for the trolled guy.


The trolled guy was not petty, and just took the stick over and ate it. His reaction was the same as those who first tasted it: widened eyes, and licking the lips to recall the taste after finishing it.


“How is it, bro? I didn’t lie to you, right?”


The troller said as if trying to get some merits.


“You don’t say! Of course it is delicious! Dammit, why are you still standing there. Quickly go and snatch for more! Quickly give me a spot, I will join in too!”


Therefore, when Qin Fang was producing food like a machine, another die-hard fan joined the ranks of the food snatchers. However, seeing that his food was so well-liked, even if he hadn’t even tried it himself, Qin Fang was still extremely happy.

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