Omni Genius – Chapter 45: Under The Table Manipulations

The contest continued, and people frequently came from Effendi’s side. As such, the food snatchers team also gradually expanded. Only after Qin Fang’s and Tang Feifei’s persuasion, coupled with the fact that the die-hard fans knew that they must let Qin Fang earn more votes, did the die-hard fans reluctantly give up their own spot.

However, though the members changed, the food snatchers team still existed. The front row surrounding Qin Fang was the best spot, and they didn’t even care about the smoke and occasional oil splatters from barbecuing.


If not for Qin Fang having Tang Feifei by his side already, some beauties would already have tried to use their charms to get some food.


“Feifei, why not go to the side and rest? It’s too hot here…”


In a hot summer day, once there were more people, it got even hotter. Qin Fang saw that Tang Feifei’s clothes were already getting wet with sweat, and couldn’t help but ask in concern.


“No problems! I can still stand it.”


Tang Feifei stubbornly shook her head.


“I believe we will win not long after… Hehe, let’s see how they fight with us!”


As Tang Feifei said, there were more and more people at Qin Fang’s place, while Effendi’s had lesser and lesser. Even the judges that were waiting outside in vain used their connections and asked their friends to help them snatch a few sticks for them.


“Young Master Feng, the situation doesn’t look good!”


The change was quite obvious, and Fatty Li’s head was dripping with sweat. Not because of the hot weather, but cold sweat from the unfavourable situation.


“Send someone to check out the situation…”


Li Feng’s face was not good either. The contest that seemed like it was in the bags was now developing in an unfavourable way for him. Effendi who should have an overwhelming advantage didn’t have that much advantage, and was even starting to be at a disadvantage.




Fatty Li immediately nodded his head, and arranged for his subordinates to mix into the crowd.


Effendi also felt that the situation wasn’t good. Seeing his popularity drop while Qin Fang’s was red hot, even if he could maintain the status quo for a while more, he could see his defeat coming if more time passes. Thus, he couldn’t help but be curious. Qin Fang was obviously a newbie at barbecuing, so how can he have skills that can be compared to Effendi who had analysed barbecuing for years?


“Go and get a stick for me!”


After ordering the helper beside him, Effendi continued to barbecue with an uneasy heart. His uneasiness affected even his cooking, and the taste became not that good anymore. Only, the ones left behind didn’t say anything about it, and after tasting the food quickly, they all rushed to Qin Fang who was surrounded by people.


“Young Master Feng!”


Not long after, as if the crowds were thistles and thorns, Fatty Li’s subordinates painstakingly cut through the crowd, and brought along a few sticks of barbecued food that they got after much pain.


Li Feng took the stick over, and looking at the food with a lacking appearance, didn’t believe that it will be better than Effendi’s. However, to get to the bottom of the matter, he still ate it in the end.


A burst of flavour that could penetrate the heart and gladden it immediately came out. The taste immediately made Li Feng quite drunk. He had already eaten all sorts of delicious food you could ever imagine. But this barbecued food gave him a special feeling. The deliciousness was only a part of it, but it was as if eating the food could make one feel comfortable and at ease.


“Vote, immediately start the voting!”


After a momentary daze, Li Feng immediately shouted at Fatty Li with an ashen face.


The current situation now was that due to there being too many people snatching Qin Fang’s food, there were really very little people who had really tasted Qin Fang’s food. If the voting was to be held now, then Effendi would have the advantage, and they will have the chance to attain victory.


Fatty Li naturally understood Li Feng’s plan, and immediately called the MC over and gave him the orders strictly. This matter concerned the face of both Li Feng and the BBQ place, so he didn’t dare to hesitate even a bit.


“The contest is over! All judges, please go back to your own places. I announce the voting to start now!”


The MC immediately help up his microphone and shouted out loudly.


“WTF, I haven’t eaten yet!”


“Aren’t they bullying Qin Fang now?”


“What are they trying to do? Under the table manipulations?”


However, with the MC’s announcement, the judges immediately rioted. They clearly said that every judge must taste both Qin Fang’s and Effendi’s food before they could vote. Now, many had only eaten Effendi’s, some not even anything yet, and yet they announce the contest to be over?”


“Everyone, please be quiet. As time is limited, the contest cannot go on indefinitely. Practically all judges have already eaten both competitor’s dish, so we can vote now. Everyone, please put the voting card in your hands into the box of the competitor you wish to vote for. The ballot slips would be called out by professionals, so it is definitely fair and square”


Faced by the crowd’s jeers, the MC remained unphased. He relied on Li Feng for his salary, and no matter how great some customers were, they wouldn’t pay him. So being jeered by them was nothing. As long as he did things properly, he can expect a pay raise already.


“Shameless! Really too shameless!”


“What bullshit fair and square!”


“Under table manipulations for even small contests like this, freaking shameless!”


The jeers continued incessantly, but it did not change anything. These people were jeering not only because they hadn’t eaten yet, but also because they felt indignant for Qin Fang.


“Looks like it will be hard for us to win…”


Qin Fang laughed bitterly. Obviously, whoever had the authority had the power. They were competing on Li Feng’s turf, so it was unavoidable that they would get taken advantage of if Li Feng wanted to. Qin Fang didn’t think that Li Feng would be so shameless as to misuse his powers that much though.


“Hmph! No sense of shame! Qin Fang, we still have many supporters, so we won’t necessarily lose!”


Tang Feifei also joined the jeering and hmphed while looking at Li Feng. At the same time, she didn’t forget to cheer Qin Fang up.


Since the host of the contest had already said so, the judges had no choice but to group together and wait for their turn to vote. There weren’t events to pull for votes as Li Feng wouldn’t give Qin Fang a chance to do so.


The voting started, and those who hadn’t tried Qin Fang food yet were hesitating. In the end, they still voted for Effendi since they didn’t know what Qin Fang’s food taste like, and Effendi’s food did indeed cause them to have an appetite.


In a few minutes, those who voted for Effendi already numbered over 20, while those who voted for Qin Fang could be counted on one hand. Most were still hesitating.


“Genius, Young Master Feng, a genius move!”


Seeing this situation, Fatty Li immediately started bootlicking, and Li Feng was also obviously very contented. Looking at Qin Fang standing there helplessly, the smile on his face became brighter and brighter.


However, he then noticed Tang Feifei who was gently consoling Qin Fang. What happiness Li Feng felt instantly vanished without a trace, and what was left in his eyes were the flames of jealousy……

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