Omni Genius – Chapter 46: World-shaking Reversal! Great Comeback!

Li Feng himself didn’t think that he was good-tempered. Especially on matters concerning women, he didn’t allow for even a single flaw. He and Tang Feifei have known each other for quite long, practically acquainted since they were children. Both their families even often said that Tang Feifei was his future wife.

After ten odd years, Li Feng had long since considered Tang Feifei as his personal belonging. (T/N: Yes, he used ‘belonging’, not translation error. That scumbag friggin treats girls as objects.)


However, the situation suddenly underwent a major change, and all of these changes started because of Qin Fang. During the third year of highschool, Qin Fang and Tang Feifei had many interactions, but most of them were for studies. So after thinking about it, Li Feng ignore it at the end.


It was after the university admission examinations had ended when Tang Feifei suddenly asked a male classmate which was quite close to Qin Fang to give Qin Fang a letter from her. Unfortunately, the letter was intercepted by Li Feng, and that was when Li Feng realised that Tang Feifei seemed to have feelings for Qin Fang, and wanted to ask Qin Fang to go out for an outing.


It was because of this letter’s appearance, that Li Feng was completely enraged. He immediately asked for people to find out about Qin Fang, and that was why Qin Fang lost his job in the end. As for the beating, it was to release his pent up anger, and Qin Fang almost dying was an accident. (T/N: There, happy? Why Li Feng hates Qin Fang is simple, Li Feng is a petty little bitch.)


The voting continued, and the votes belonging to Effendi continued increasing. On the other hand, Qin Fang still had very little votes, and the difference between them continued getting wider, making Qin Fang’s situation more and more precarious.


“Why are these people like that? Voting without even trying out food yet…”


Looking at the people who were voting for Effendi, Tang Feifei frowned, and she said so angrily. She even felt like beating all of them up.


“Feifei, don’t mind. Losing is but a small matter only.”


Qin Fang was quite optimistic, and was even barbecuing food for himself now. Since he had entered the BBQ place, except for the chicken wings he snatched from the rascal who taught him BBQ, he didn’t eat anything else at all. After all that work, he was obviously hungry, and he took the opportunity to start cooking a lot of food and eating them without a care. After all, he didn’t need to pay a single cent.


“En, it’s good!”


When Qin Fang first tried his BBQ, he was shocked by its deliciousness. He only recovered after a while, and he asked Tang Feifei a question in a small voice.


“Feifei, if we sold BBQ on top of selling ramen, do you think our business would get better?”


His mind now was constantly thinking about how to earn more money. After eating his own BBQ food, he felt that the taste was really very good, and if he were to sell BBQ at his stall, business would definitely get better!


“Do you want to die?!”


However, Tang Feifei frowned after hearing Qin Fang’s suggestion. She started scolding Qin Fang with a slightly fierce voice.


“Didn’t you see how busy we are just by selling ramen? If you want to sell BBQ on top of that, aren’t you trying to forfeit your life?”


“Urk! That is true… Then forget it…”


Qin Fang was startled. After hearing what Tang Feifei said, he did indeed think he was trying to overwork himself, and honestly nodded his head, and abandoned the idea.


“Hmm? Qin Fang, look! It’s uncle and the seven food snatchers!”


Just as Qin Fang was thinking about how to earn money by using his [Barbecuing] skill and yet not tire himself at the same time, something shocking happened at the voting scene.


When everyone already felt that Qin Fang was going to lose without a doubt, the first group of Qin Fang’s die-hard fans finally arrived. However, their arrival let people feel something was wrong.”


“Brothers and sisters, it’s time for us to make our move!”


Following the uncle with an accent’s shout, a long queue started forming behind him. Everybody held in their hands the vote they had prepared for a long time already, and even some who were formerly standing at Effendi’s line came over too.


“Qin Fang.”


“Qin Fang.”


“Qin Fang.”


(T/N: Those are the ballot calling by the way. Every time someone gets a vote, the name is called out, and someone records it using the tally mark method.)


After the group had gathered, following the uncle who gave the first vote to Qin Fang, those behind him were those who had eaten the most at Qin Fang’s. Every one of them put their vote into the box in excitement.


The MC who was responsible for calling out the votes was panicking now. The situation was obviously getting out of hand, and looking at the queue, it was not lesser than Effendi’s one at all. And as these people were all voting for Qin Fang, with every time he called out Qin Fang’s name, the number of beads of sweats on his head increased too.


The former gap of a few tens was closed in a matter of three minutes, and Qin Fang had slightly more vote now too.


Not only that, those judges who were still contemplating about who to vote for was suddenly scared by the long queue too.


These people came from all walks of life, and didn’t know each other before this. But now, they looked like an organised cult, and formed a group like this of their own volition, instantly vanquishing the overwhelming lead Effendi had.


What does this mean?


This meant that what Qin Fang barbecued was definitely delicious, and obviously more delicious than Effendi’s. Thinking about the fishiness of suddenly announcing the end of the competition and the start of voting, everything was clear now.


At this time, probably due to witnessing too many corrupt governments and practices already, everybody got very disappointed when even this competition host was corrupt. With a chance to kick a corrupt person down and humiliate them, these people naturally didn’t let it go.


Thus, the formerly hesitating judges immediately knew their choice. They decisively took their voting cards, and joined the long queue at Qin Fang’s.


“76, 77… 85… 93!”


The MC shouted out Qin Fang’s votes powerlessly. The total number of judges there were was 143. At the start, Effendi had an overwhelming lead of 40+ votes over Qin Fang.


But everything changed after the uncle (fire nation) attacked.


In a short few minutes, Qin Fang’s number of vote soared from the single digits, to 93 in the end. And Effendi only had 50.


93 to 50.


The results were out, and Qin Fang came back from a 40+ vote deficit in a single move. Thus, the heaven-shaking reversal was complete, and Qin Fang won with an overwhelming 43 vote lead over Effendi who was a famous three-time BBQ champion.


“Yay! We won, we won!”


From the moment the uncle appeared, Tang Feifei was shocked into a daze. Furthermore, the whole reversal process happened really suddenly, causing Tang Feifei to recover only after the results were announced. She immediately exclaimed in joy, and even hugged Qin Fang involuntarily.


Feeling Tang Feifei’s embrace, Qin Fang immediately felt a rush of blood throughout his body. As a virgin who was still really unfamiliar with girls, Qin Fang’s little bro shamelessly reacted…

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  1. kouk2002

    I can’t believe I just read 46 chapters for such a stupid reason. Kind of regretting this is a modern setting and not those Xianxia/Wuxia type. After all in those types of novels this type of scumbag usually has an extremely satisfying end at the hands of the MC.

    Can only hope he suffers properly in the future.

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