Omni Genius – Chapter 47: When The Dust Has Settled



When the result of the competition was announced, Li Feng violently threw his limited edition handphone that was not cheap at all on the stone table.

Even if the phone was fairly durable, but against the stone table, and thrown with such force, the phone naturally went to meet the king of hell dealing with electronics. This action made the back of Fatty Li beside him go cold.


He did bootlick, and the young master was really happy just now. However, they were only able to plan the competition, and couldn’t plan the ending of it.


Victory was in their grasp, but a disruption suddenly occurred, directly snatching away the victory that was supposed to fall into their hands. They even won overwhelmingly, which was akin to trampling on and spitting on Li Feng.


Fatty Li was scared, but he was no fool. Talking about the loss, it was not the fault of the uncle with an accent who looked kind and loyal. Effendi lost simply because his skills couldn’t compare to Qin Fang. Both Fatty Li and Li Feng had already tasted Qin Fang’s food before, and it was indeed on another level compared to Effendi’s.


If Effendi’s food was better, they wouldn’t have endured the jeers of the crowd and did some under table manipulations. A pity, that man proposes, but god disposes. They instantly got instant karma-ed for their bad deed.


“Young Master Feng…”


Regardless of the fear Fatty Li had now, there were still things that he had to do, and things he had to say. Thus, he braced himself and called out to Li Feng in the end.


“Ask that guy to scram!”


Li Feng now was burning in the flames of anger. However, looking at the crowd surrounding Qin Fang, even if he wanted to off Qin Fang now, he simply couldn’t. He then looked at Effendi who was stuck in an idiot-like daze. The sight of Effendi caused his anger to surge again, and Li Feng decided to vent his anger on him instead.


“Yes, yes, yes… I will do it now.”


How could Fatty Li not agree? Firing Effendi was no big deal. After all, the most damage the BBQ place would take was losing a specialty among their many specialties. Furthermore, the moment Effendi lost in this contest, Effendi’s title of three-time BBQ champion is of no use already. So Fatty Li can just as well fire Effendi, and find someone else to become the pillar instead.


As long as his own interests were protected, Fatty Li was willing to do anything for this young master.


“Effendi, you have lost this competition. The conditions for this competition has already been set beforehand. Go to the financial sector now, and get your last pay.”


Fatty Li didn’t dare to stay near Li Feng who was infuriated, and immediately went to fire Effendi.


“Manager Li…”


Effendi called out to Fatty Li, and his eyes were also very pitiful. He looked like he wanted to ask Fatty Li for help, and wanted to stay on.


Unfortunately, Fatty Li didn’t dare to give Effendi any chance. Fatty Li thought in his heart, “If you stay, then I would be the one getting swept out of here with a broom.”


“Say no more, Effendi. We have been working together for a few years, and I have already taken great care of you already….”


Fatty Li lightly patted Effendi’s shoulders, and said sincerely.


“…but as you can see, Young Master Feng is now fuming. If you really want to become a corpse in the river tomorrow, then you can go and plead for mercy. Just don’t drag me down with you…”


With these words, Effendi was stumped. Fatty Li might seem to be negotiating with Effendi, but there was finality in his words despite seemingly giving Effendi a choice. And him firing Effendi was the finality.


Effendi was no fool, and he knew his fate already.


On Effendi’s side, a desolate and depressing atmosphere was present. On Qin Fang’s side, happiness and joy were abound. This disparity instantly caused Effendi to become enraged, and he unconsciously held up a steel stick, his eyes full of hostility and malice.


“Effendi, this is my place. Give me some face, and… not here.”


However, just as he was about to move, Effendi’s shoulders were pressed by a fat and big hand. Fatty Li shook his head, and the meaning of his words were clear. You can do whatever you want after you leave this place, but… not here.


“Okay, I understand. Thank you for your care all these years, and I’m going now. If there is a chance next time, I will treat you to a drink.”


Effendi nodded his head, and while talking, he also started to tidy up his things helplessly. This BBQ place could be considered to be a place of sadness for Effendi already. After all, he was asked to scram from here. To a warrior, what type of humiliation was that?”


Thinking here, Effendi looked at Qin Fang from afar with dark eyes, showing his deep hate while doing so. In the end, however, he still held himself back and left the BBQ place.


“Qin Fang, Effendi has left already, but his eyes…”


Coincidentally, Effendi’s gaze was noticed by Tang Feifei, and that caused Tang Feifei to shiver. She then warned Qin Fang of Effendi.


“Oh, okay.”


Qin Fang answered simply, and silently looked at Effendi’s figure fading into the distance. His figure seemed so desolate, and looked a little like a hero who was past his prime.


What Tang Feifei was concerned about, however, was thought of as nothing by Qin Fang. The population of Tranquil Sea City was over 10 million. The probability of them meeting again in the sea of people was really, very small.


The competition ended, and everything became peaceful again. Qin Fang also noticed that Li Feng had already left the BBQ place. After such a din, Tang Feifei and the group was also not that excited anymore, and after getting treated by Qin Fang’s delicious barbecued food, they also gradually left.


However, there were things to take note of. For example, Li Yao’s boyfriend Sun Shu got quite close with Qin Fang, and even left his contact info with Qin Fang, saying that Qin Fang can call him any time when he goes to Yang Cheng.


Unfortunately, Qin Fang himself didn’t have a phone, and naturally couldn’t keep Sun Shu’s contact info. Thus, he let Tang Feifei record the details in his stead.


“Little Qin, uncle should go too. After raising such a din with you youngsters, I feel like I have gotten younger by 20 years… This is uncle’s name card. If yer ever come to Quan Cheng, yer can feel free to ask me for help. Uncle wouldn’t eat your food for nothing after all!”


The uncle whose name was still not known by Qin Fang had indeed helped Qin Fang a lot today. If he weren’t there leading the group, Qin Fang would not have necessarily won in the end.


Of course, the reason Qin Fang won was still because of his own abilities. If his food was not really better than Effendi, then no matter how valiant the uncle was, it would be impossible to make a reversal.


“Thank you, uncle!”


Qin Fang graciously accepted the uncle’s name card. However, with just a glance, Qin Fang’s body stiffened. He then looked at the uncle with an accent who had already turned around to leave with shock. He was simply dressed, and his personality was straightforward and open. But…


On the name card, only the name and position was written: Donglu Blue Sky Corporation CEO, Lu Changhai.


At the back of the card, was a phone number to contact him. However, it was handwritten, and looked really messy, as if it was written in a hurry. This shows how well the uncle treated Qin Fang, going the extra mile to give him his contact number.


“Blue Sky Corporation… I really couldn’t tell…”


Even if Qin Fang was in another province far from Donglu, he still knew about Blue Sky Corporation. One of the top 100 privately run corporation in the nation, the very top in Donglu. The corporation had many industries. Manufacturing, housing, hotels, medicine, trade and commerce, etc. The corporation was valued to be worth several billion.


Yet, the uncle wore very simple clothes, and had a very straightforward and open personality. He didn’t have the overbearing personality and aura most successful CEOs would have.

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