Omni Genius – Chapter 48: Character Level Up! Level Up Reward, [Appraisal] Skill

Qin Fang didn’t doubt the identity of the uncle at all. The interaction between the two of them was without ulterior motives. Zhang Luhai simply admired Qin Fang’s BBQ skills, and his optimistic outlook when facing defeat.


The crowd gradually dispersed. Qin Fang was but a passerby in their life. Perhaps they will think back to this event after many years, but they obviously wouldn’t have much more interactions now.


“Feifei, if you are free, bring Qin Fang and come to Yang Cheng to play!”


When they were about to go their separate ways, Li Yao and Sun Shu passionately invited Tang Feifei and Qin Fang to come to the city they are going to. Towards their invitation, Tang Feifei only smiled and nodded her head, but whether they would really be able to go was another matter.


“Qin Fang, we should go back too.”


After saying her farewells to all her close friends, Tang Feifei returned to Qin Fang. She even very naturally hugged Qin Fang’s arm, and they really looked like a couple.


Qin Fang was also enjoying this pretend act a little, and didn’t ask Tang Feifei to stop. Thus, the two of them walked towards the place the bicycle is parked while being side by side.


<Defeated a BBQ champion in a competition. EXP +40!>


<EXP has reached max value, automatically leveling up…>


<Character leveled up to LV 1, all stats +5…>


<System reward: 1 [Skill Book]>


<Title obtained: The Beginner BBQ Master>


Only, when Qin Fang thought that everything has ended already, and was about to heave a sigh of relief, his brain was suddenly overflowed with notifications.


“Character level up?”


When he heard those words, Qin Fang was startled. This was really becoming more and more like a game. First, skills suddenly popped out, now, there were even character levels.


What shocked him even more was there being a system reward, the [Skill Book]


Qin Fang immediately brought up the skill page, or should it be a status page now? On the status page, other than skills, there were many stats now.


For example, Strength, Agility, Stamina, Mind… etc. These were all not present before the level up, and only suddenly appeared after.


Character: Qin Fang

LV: 1

EXP: 0/400

Title: Beginner BBQ Master

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Stats: Strength +5, Agility +5, Physique +5, Mind +5…..

Skill: [Sneak Attack], [Culinary Arts] ([Noodle Making], [Barbecuing]), [Riding]

Item Box: [Hooligan’s Brick], [Skill Book]


Well, there were other numbers, but they were obviously not the main point. Those written on top were the important ones.


Qin Fang silently recalled when he had obtained EXP. The first time he defeated the Strong Rat group, he got 30 EXP. The second time he did that, it was another 30 EXP. Just now, he defeated Effendi in a competition, and got 40 EXP.


He only got EXP during these three times, and added together, it was exactly 100 EXP. Then, he levelled up. From LV 0 to LV 1.


After organising all the information, Qin Fang’s thinking instantly became clear. Now he was becoming more and more like a game character, and the hooligans, BBQ champion, and even Li Feng became the monster or NPCs in a game.


Now, Qin Fang was LV 1, and needed 400 EXP to level up again.


Defeating Effendi gave him a new title: Beginner BBQ Master


“Strange, this is really strange.”


Qin Fang only felt that this matter was too out of the ordinary. However, he was not scared, but excited. Now, Qin Fang knew what he should do in the future.


“Right, the [Skill Book] awarded by the system!”


Qin Fang immediately recalled that other than the stats that Qin Fang did not know the use of, his level up rewards also consisted of a [Skill Book].


What did Qin Fang lack most now?




Currently, Qin Fang’s greatest strength was skills. However, most of the skills were obtained through luck, and not because of conscious effort.


<Skill: [Appraisal]>


<Appraisal: Allows user to check the basic stats of NPC, monsters, and items. However, if target is more than 2 LVs above user, appraisal is impossible>


Without hesitation, Qin Fang immediately took out the [Skill Book] from his [Item Box], and muttered ‘Learn’. Qin Fang then felt a cool sensation in his brain, which let his body feel very pleasant too.


Qin Fang quickly looked at the row of skills, and there really was a new skill, [Appraisal]



Skill Proficiency: Beginner

EXP: 0%

Able to appraise monsters, NPC and items that are LV 3 and below.


The description of the skill as a [Skill Book] and as a [Skill] was not much different. However, some numbers were tuned to Qin Fang’s stats.


“What is it, Qin Fang?”


Noticing that Qin Fang suddenly stopped while walking, with dazed eyes that looked horrifying, Tang Feifei was shocked. She immediately waved her hands in front of Qin Fang’s face, and asked with worry.


“It’s nothing, I just suddenly thought of some things…”


Though Qin Fang was surprised by all the happenings, but it was still notifications in his mind only. He was still able to sense the outside world, and he immediately snapped out of his daze and said with a smile.


“Oh… If you’re fine, it’s good”


Tang Feifei didn’t think much about it. Many things happened today, and she was really tired from it. Even she herself needed some rest to recover, so naturally, Qin Fang would need it too.


Watching the girl beside him, Qin Fang thought of the skill he acquired just now, and appraised Tang Feifei. Then, he saw something hovering above Tang Feifei like what happened when Strong Rat harbored hostility and emitted a red aura.


<Tang Feifei, LV1. A kind, innocent, pure girl. She is your ideal girl, so go after her, young’un!>


However, the appraisal result rendered Qin Fang speechless. He had never seen game notices with such personality, and it immediately made black lines appear over Qin Fang’s head.


Then, when he looked at his own status again, he noticed that there was a line of small, inconspicuous small words below it. What was written there made him even more speechless.


<Title: Beginner BBQ Master. A beginner at, yet a master at BBQ who is blessed by Lady Fortune. Barbecued food have a very small chance to become special food, with random stats determined by user’s character and luck.>


Qin Fang’s victory was judged as an extremely lucky occurrence, and was not an honourable victory at all. This Qin Fang had to admit. The special property that came with the title also complemented the title quite well.


Special food, random stats, this meant that this property solely depended on Qin Fang’s luck and character. Perhaps food with heaven-defying stats would pop out, or food with stats shittier than shit will come out…

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