Omni Genius – Chapter 49: Car Accident

In a certain building near the entrance of the resort. A pair of eyes that were going to spew out flames due to anger coincidentally saw Qin Fang and Tang Feifei behaving intimately.


“Young Master Feng, do you want me to send Pi Laosan to take care of the Qin rascal?”

Fatty Li was still standing beside Li Feng. He had messed things up today, and to make amends, he had no choice but to tightly follow after Li Feng. He was scared that with just one more mishap, Li Feng will say one sentence of complaint to his father, and that was the end of his career.


Pi Laosan was the security guard of the resort. Also, he was infamous. Merciless, and rumored to have already killed a few people. However, his records have already been whitewashed, and got a position in the resort through some connections. He could be considered to be protecting the resort in disguise.


If a fugitive like him dealt with Qin Fang, then there would be no more Qin Fang already. This was why Effendi was so scared of Li Feng. He had worked in the resort for a few years already, and have already seen the dirty work Pi Laosan and the others have done. Effendi had no doubts that he would become a corpse if he offended Li Feng.


“Is your brain mushed already?”


Li Feng was immediately livid.


“I had just made an enemy of Qin Fang. If I immediately send people to go and take care of him, how can Tang Feifei not know it was me who did it? Bunch of pigheads!”


“Yes, yes, yes… I am a pighead, I am a pighead…”


Li Feng kept on scolding himself, but he could hear the nuance of Li Feng’s words. Thus, he lowered his head, and waited for Li Feng to give his next orders.


“Go and get Pi Laosan to check out Qin Fang. It seems like his leading quite a good life nowadays… Let him know that some people is not to be offended by peasants like him!”


As expected, Li Feng stayed silent for a while before giving Fatty Li new orders.


“Understood! Young Master Feng, I will definitely not let you down!”



Meanwhile, on Qin Fang and Tang Feifei’s side.


In the end, it was one person cycling home, and one person calling a car back. Who asked Qin Fang to be so thrifty, not willing to abandon a bicycle here.


Persuading Tang Feifei to let him do so was pretty easy. She was already tired from the trip here, and was exhausted by all the happenings at the party too. Her heart was already quite pained due to making and she was reluctant to let Qin Fang have to cycle back. However, she still lost to exhaustion and Qin Fang’s stubbornness, and went home on a car. As for Qin Fang, he was on the way back on the bicycle now. Well, the real reason he wanted to ride home despite Tang Feifei’s offer to go home together on a car was because he still wanted to raise the EXP of [Riding].


After the BBQ competition, Qin Fang could finally grasp the power of skills in their different proficiencies. For beginner proficiency, the skill only displayed powers slightly better than an average professional. However, if the skill reached intermediate proficiency, it was a whole nother story.


As a newbie at BBQ, Qin Fang could defeat a three-time BBQ champion. If this news was to spread around, even ghosts won’t believe it.


But such a nonsensical thing did happen, and the reason was Qin Fang’s Intermediate [Culinary Arts].


“24.4%… Looks like I will have to go and cycle everyday before opening up stall…”


What type of special properties would Intermediate [Riding] have? Qin Fang wasn’t clear about it now. However, as the EXP of the skill rose, he realised that his riding speed became faster, and even his leg became stronger.


“So efficient?”


Not only that. With only a slight difference in EXP, Qin Fang found the feeling of going back completely different from when he first cycled to the BBQ place.


His leg’s strength was enormous. With just a light step, he was able to display more power than his full power pedal on the way to the BBQ place, and the bicycle shot off as fast as a shot arrow.


“Could it be because of leveling up?”


The bicycle moved forward steadily, and the speed was relatively fast. Yet, Qin Fang was not using much strength at all. As he was thinking of the reason, he concluded that the only plausible reason was him leveling up.


“Strength +5, Agility +5… It must be because of these two stats.”


Qin Fang contemplated about his stats as LV 1, and only Strength and Agility could cause cycling to be a breeze now. After hesitating for a while, Qin Fang stopped the bicycle, and tried lifting up the bicycle that was not considered light with both hands.




Qin Fang didn’t even feel much weight, and the bicycle that was at least 10 kg was easily lifted up by him. Qin Fang even tried hooking up the bicycle with just a finger, and he didn’t feel any exertion at all.


“So light?”


Qin Fang slightly creased his eyebrows. He recalled back to when he first moved the bicycle out. He seemed to have to use use much more strength back then.


“Looks like there are still numerous things that I have not comprehended yet…”


Obviously, Strength +5 gave Qin Fang more strength. To what degree, it could not be measured yet. From the looks of things, Qin Fang was definitely much stronger than before. As for what type of benefits such strength brought about, Qin Fang didn’t know yet.




Just as Qin Fang was about to get on the bicycle and continue his journey back, a sports car suddenly sped by from behind him. The car’s speed was extremely fast, and when it drifted, it gave out a really piercing screeching sound.


“WTF, does that person even know how to drive?! Sooner or later, that person will get into an accident!”


Qin Fang was scared out of his wits. The car literally sped by while grazing him. In fact, if the car had been even a little closer to him, he can say goodbye to his life already. It was like that nowadays. There were too many people with money but no sense of responsibility.




However, before Qin Fang could even stand properly, another car sped towards him from behind. This time, Qin Fang was already quite alert, and the moment he heard car sounds, he immediately lifted up his bicycle and jumped to the side of the road. Only with that maneuver did he manage to not get hit by the car that was faster and even closer to him than the first.


“Haaa, these kids of rich people… I hope they don’t knock into somebody…”


Looking at the two speeding cars, Qin Fang lamented. Incidents like these were aplenty nowadays. You don’t even know when a car will come and knock you down while you are walking on the road.




However, just as Qin Fang had confirmed that there were no more reckless drivers appearing anymore, and was about to continue his journey, a loud crashing sound resounded in front of him.


As he lifted his head and looked in front, he realised that the second speeding car had caught up with the first and viciously knocked into it. Thus, the two cars were instantly thrashed.


“Urk! Me and my big mouth….”


Qin Fang’s face was instantly filled with black lines. Just as he said that they might get into an accident, an accident really happened when not even two minutes has passed. After hesitating for a while, he still decided to go to the scene of the accident. Watching people die was not his character, and someone had to call the police!

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