Omni Genius – Chapter 50: The Valiant Flower Of The Police Department, Ning Yumo

Qin Fang rushed over as quick as he could, but there was quite some distance between Qin Fang and the scene of the crash. After all, the cars passed by him at speeds way beyond the speed limit.

Before Qin Fang arrived at the scene of the crash, he could already see the two cars that were too close for comfort. What he thought was strange, though, was that two people hurriedly came out of the car that got knocked, and ran away without even confirming the actions of the people in the second car.


“Wow, there’s no need to run, right? You are the one that was knocked into, not the one who knocked someone, why run…”


The bizarre scene let Qin Fang complain in his heart.


The two’s speed was quite fast, and in the short time Qin Fang took to get to the crash site, the two had already ran 200 metres.


“Wow! What a car! Porsche Santana…”


Qin Fang could finally see the situation clearly when he got closer, and saw that the car in front was an ordinary Passat, and looked like it was quite an old car.


However, the car which knocked into the Passat was a Porsche sports car, and it looked to have been just recently bought. Qin Fang wasn’t sure about the prices of sports cars, but he knew that the car was definitely a luxurious one which cost a few million.


Crashing such an expensive car was surely a tragedy. The Passat was quite okay, with damages only to its back, which was heavily disfigured right now. As for the people inside the Passat, since they could run away already, they were obviously alright.


The Porsche was a total wreck, though. The engine was already jutting out, and emitting spirals of smokes. As for the people inside…


“This car that is worth a few million is really value for money! Even after such a hard crash, with the protection of the airbag, she  can still be unharmed…”


When Qin Fang rushed over, he noticed that all the airbags were opened already, and he could see the figure of somebody being wrapped by the airbag. The person was wearing a pretty and sexy evening dress, and even after such a hard crash, Qin Fang didn’t see any injuries on the girl.


“Can you still move?”


Qin Fang temporarily tossed the bicycle aside, and opened the door of the car. He then pat the arms of the girl, and asked if she was okay.


“She is indeed not dead yet…”


After Qin Fang’s nudge, the person seemingly felt it, and lightly moved her arms. But under the protection of the airbag, she seemingly couldn’t move anymore.


“Luckily she’s alive! A rich girl that can drive a Porsche… I think she won’t con money out of a poor guy like me, right?”


Qin Fang thought of the situation, and decided to push the airbag away to get the girl out.


One had to say though, that after Qin Fang’s level up, the power of Strength +5 finally showed itself. The girl, who was trapped by the airbag due to whatever reasons, was able to be saved out by Qin Fang bit by bit by using his full strength.


“Huff, huff…”


When the girl was pulled out by Qin Fang, she instantly started taking heavy breaths, and her pale face started regaining some colour. Only then did Qin Fang realise that the girl was around 23-24 years old, and was a beauty on par with Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue. Well, she had a mature charm too though due to her age,


“Where did they go?”


When they girl recovered, she straightened out her clothes, and walked towards the car. When she found out that it was already empty, she pressed Qin Fang about the two’s locations, overbearingly.


“Errr… they ran already.”


Qin Fang slightly creased his brows. His impression of the girl instantly dropped to the pits. His evaluation was: Pretty, but arrogant rich young lady


“Hmmm? You look quite familiar…”


However, when the girl who was wearing formal dress saw Qin Fang’s reaction, she immediately creased her brows, and blinked her eyes a few times. She then looked at Qin Fang’s face, and she felt that she had seen him before.


“Sorry, but I don’t know you…”


A pity, that though the girl was pretty, Qin Fang was really put off by her character. Seeing that she was unharmed, he couldn’t be bothered with her anymore, and immediately pulled up his bicycle, wanting to get on it and cycle away.


“Right! I remember now! You are called… Qin Fang! Yes, Qin Fang! And you are Feifei’s classmate…”


When Qin Fang just got on the bicycle, he almost fell down due hearing what did the girl say.


“Who are you?”


To be able to call him by name, and even know Tang Feifei, she obviously knew Qin Fang. However, even after looking at her again, Qin Fang had no impression of meeting her at all.


“My name is Ning Yumo. Feifei calls me Sister Xiao Ning, and I am even your life benefactor!”


The girl said with a smile that was like a blooming flower, that made even Qin Fang a little dazed. Really a little only!


“Life benefactor? Then you are who Feifei calls Sister Xiao Ning? That beautiful policewoman?


Hearing that phrase, Qin Fang fell into deep thought. He immediately recalled what Tang Feifei had told him last time. When he was unconscious, it was a beautiful policewoman who was on patrol that saved him and asked Tang Feifei to come over to take care of Qin Fang.


“En! At least you are not one who forgets the good others have done for you, seeing that you still remember me. Right, did the two in the car escaped already?”


Ning Yumo nodded her head. Back then, it was only a coincidence that she saved Qin Fang. As a police officer, that was her basic duty, and she didn’t want any repayments from Qin Fang at all. Instead, she immediately asked about the two that escaped just now.


“After the two got crashed, they immediately got down and ran away. They escaped along this road.”


The road going from White Jade Lake to Tranquil Sea City was not very wide. There was not much traffic either, as most people took a slight detour to take the expressway back to the city. As Qin Fang was cycling, he naturally could not go on the expressway, and had to use the less used road.


On this road, there were farms on one side, and hills on the other, that stretched a really long distance.


“Escaped, huh?… lend me the bicycle please.”


Ning Yumo was wearing a sexy formal dress, and she had a body to be proud of. If you compared her bust to Tang Feifei’s, Ning Yumo’s would be a big meat bun, while Tang Feifei’s would be a small little one.


Her dress had a design similar to a qipao’s and had a split at the side. It extended only down to the knees, and thus her legs that were well trained could be seen. Now, she was taking over Qin Fang’s bicycle with swift gestures, and went on top of it immediately. She didn’t seem to have noticed that doing so exposed her inner garments. All in all, she behaved quite boldly.


Well, seeing that sight, the virgin that is Qin Fang obviously had some reactions that a healthy male would have.


“This flower of the police department is really bold! She dares to cycle even with such an attire!”


Qin Fang couldn’t help but give the policewoman who behaved boldly a thumbs up in his heart. If she started cycling, she would obviously expose certain parts, and who knows how many perverts would feast on that sight.

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