Omni Genius – Chapter 51: The Policewoman With Violent Tendencies Whose LV Is Unknown

“Err… I think it’s better if I cycle!”


Qin Fang hesitated for a while, and still offered his help in the end.

With Ning Yumo’s attire, even by just mounting the bicycle, she would expose lots of parts that would cause beams of light to come out of nowhere to cover it if it were an anime. If she were to actually start cycling, then a disco party would occur due to the amount of exposure! As a male, he couldn’t bear to let his life benefactor go through such a shameful situation.


More importantly… if Ning Yumo rode away on his bicycle, he would have to run the 10km back to the city!


Ning Yumo was taken aback by the suggestion, and looked at Qin Fang’s awkward expression with surprise. Then she traced Qin Fang’s line of sight to herself.


“Kyaa! You are not allowed to see!”


Though Ning Yumo’s actions were bold, but she was still a girl in the end. Only now did she realise she was not wearing her police uniform, but a really sexy dress. Her white face immediately had tinges of red on it, and she immediately jumped down from Qin Fang’s bicycle. She then tidied up her dress and covered up the parts that were being exposed.


“This… I didn’t mean to…”


Qin Fang laughed awkwardly. However, though he said that, he was still a little disappointed when the good view was covered up again.


“You… you cycle!”


Ning Yumo wanted to blame Qin Fang, but looking at Qin Fang who had an awkward countenance now, she couldn’t blame him in the end. It was she who behaved too rashly just now after all.


Looking at the stretch of hills, though it was short, it was quite a huge expanse. Even if you threw 100 people in and tried to find them, you might not even find one. What more if it were two people only? If they entered the hills, then you don’t need to have any hope of finding them anymore.


“Quickly! Those two are very dangerous fugitives! If we delay any longer, then they will go into the hills already…”


Ning Yumo was panicking already. She was going to attend a banquet at White Jade Resort, but didn’t expect to meet the two of them on the way. The two of them even initiated the contact first by whistling at her and teasing her. However, these things happen often, so she didn’t pay it much mind at first. But, after some time, she suddenly recalled she had received a wanted list a few days ago, and those two were among the wanted. That was why she immediately gave chase with a car and knocked the both of them.


“Urk! Fugitives…?”


Just as Qin Fang got up the bicycle, with Ning Yumo on the backseat, and was preparing to set off, he heard Ning Yumo talk about fugitives. He was immediately startled. In his heart, he was shouting, “What is this?! I’m but just a high school graduate, so how am I getting involved with chasing after fugitives?!” (T/N: Qin Fang, as an MC, you must quickly learn that in this world, there is something called ‘plot’.)




The panicking Ning Yumo tugged on Qin Fang’s shirt and hurried Qin Fang.


“Err… Sister Xiao Ning, those two fugitives don’t have gun, right?”


Qin Fang hesitated, and couldn’t help but ask that question.


Qin Fang was not afraid of knives at all. As long as that ‘toy’ doesn’t stab into his vitals, he would be okay after a few dumplings. Since he got Physique +5, his HP had already increased from 10 to 15 already. So he could safely get stabbed a few more times.


But if they had guns… then Qin Fang’s 15 HP wouldn’t even be enough for one bullet!


“Guns? Do you think this is a movie? The country’s restriction of guns are so strict, so how could some runaway fugitives have guns?”


Ning Yumo said in disdain.


If the two runaways really had guns, Ning Yumo herself would already have been a policewoman who was honourably KIA. How could she be able to cause the fugitives to run away with their tails between their legs? Furthermore, those two were rapists, and not murderers.


“If they have no guns, then all is good! Sit tight, I’m setting off!”


The moment Qin Fang heard that they had no guns, he felt that things became simple and immediately warned Ning Yumo that he was setting off.


“Faster, stop talking so- Ahhh! Ouch… go slower!”


Ning Yumo who was getting impatient was just about to scold Qin Fang, but Qin Fang suddenly started pedaling, and the bicycle move forward with quite some force.


The unprepared Ning Yumo was immediately lost balance and was sent flying forward.


As she was wearing a dress, she did not wear breast pads, and the impact was really too direct. She immediately felt pain from her chest, and she unconsciously pinched Qin Fang’s waist.


“Sister Xiao Ning, it was you who called me to go quicker…:”


Qin Fang said so with a wronged look and had a wry smile on. However, his heart was blooming from happiness.




Ning Yumo was instantly left speechless. She wanted to scold Qin Fang, but she had no good reason to.


“Fine, you are right. Quickly then! If we lose them… see what I will do to you!”


“Okay! Sister Xiao Ning, you better hold on tight! My cycling speed is extremely fast after all~”


Qin Fang smiled, but his eyes still contained some contentment in them. Once again, he warned Ning Yumo of his departure, and set off once again.


“Quicker, quicker! Just now was too sudden, but I’m prepared now.”


Ning Yumo nodded her head, and she used both of her hands to hold onto Qin Fang’s shirt edges. However, she did not believe what Qin Fang said about his cycling being ‘extremely fast’.


“Phew~ Let’s go!”


Qin Fang took a deep breath, and appraised the bicycle he was sitting on. Immediately, the appraisal results were shown.


<[Second-hand Bicycle], Speed 2~10. It’s your best pal to replace walking when going out!>


The stats were very simple, and only had a speed 2~10. On the other hand, Qin Fang’s speed was from 0~5. Obviously, the speed of the bicycle at full speed was twice that of Qin Fang’s during his all-out sprint.




With a step, the bicycle blasted off like it was flying.


This time, Ning Yumo who was prepared did not fly forward again due to inertia. That made Qin Fang a little disappointed, but he still slightly turned his head back to appraise Ning Yumo.


<Ning Yumo, LV Unknown. Kind, and the personification of beauty and justice. She is the flower of the police department who is skilled in combat too. The dream girl of people with a cosplay fetish!>


The appraisal once again made black lines appear over Qin Fang’s face. The descriptions by the system are so all-encompassing and ‘informative’, with even cosplay fetish coming out.


What made Qin Fang really surprised though was that in Ning Yumo’s evaluation, there was ‘skilled in combat’, and even ‘LV Unknown’.


“Looks like Sister Xiao Ning has a violent tendency, but her level… to be above LV3?”

Translator’s Notes:

Ahhh, the famous beams of light and his best buddy, steam…

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