Omni Genius – Chapter 52: The Speeding 177km/h Bicycle


Qin Fang was really surprised that Ning Yumo’s level was so high. It was much higher than the people he has met so far.

He then looked at Ning Yumo who had a flawless figure. Qin Fang couldn’t see how she was stronger than others at all. Could it be because she is more violent?


The answer to this question, nobody could give to Qin Fang.


Qin Fang also didn’t have the time to think about that now, and he continuously pedaled, using more and more strength, which resulted in the bicycle going faster and faster.


<Speed +3>


<Speed +4>


<Speed +8>


Other than pedaling, Qin Fang also appraised his bicycle from time to time. He saw the Speed increase from the initial 0 to +8 in a few minutes, and it was still increasing.


The scenery on both sides whooshed past, and a gentle breeze was blowing on the face. This slightly alleviated the exhaustion he felt from cycling so hard. It also blew his sweat away too!


“Where did they go?…”


Ning Yumo at first didn’t notice the speed at which they were going at, and her eyes were constantly changing between the two sides of the road, obviously looking for the figure of the two fugitives. She did not notice that they were going faster and faster!


“Kya! So fast?!”


Ning Yumo’s attention shifted from looking for the fugitives to Qin Fang after a while. Only then did she realise that the bicycle was moving at an extremely high speed, and she felt like they were already moving at 80miles/h, and was even getting faster. (T/N: International is 128.72km/h)


“Is… is this still a bicycle?”


Ning Yumo was really worried now. As she had driven a sports car herself before, she had already tasted the feeling of going above 300km/h and she had superb confidence in her skills, she was not afraid at all when going at those speeds.


However, she now felt like she was seating on a small row boat in the rumbling waters of the oceans. It felt like a wave could come and topple the boat at anytime.


Yet, she was not sitting on a boat, but a bicycle. A bicycle which speed had already exceeded 160km/h. If Qin Fang made even the slightest mistake, then two of them would fly out at a high speed, and the result would be just like getting knocked down by a car.


The cool wind whooshed by, and Ning Yumo who was wearing thin clothes should be feeling refreshed from the coolness. However, the normally fearless Ning Yumo’s back was now icy cold, and she felt like she was currently fighting with the Death God.


She was terrified, really terrified!


She slightly moved her body towards Qin Fang, and her hands tugged even more tightly onto Qin Fang’s clothes. Seemingly thinking that Qin Fang’s clothes were not strong enough, she switched to holding onto Qin Fang’s sides instead.


This change in holding slightly startled Qin Fang, and he unconsciously used more strength due to shock, and the speed got even higher.


Ning Yumo’s face was also quite red now. This was the first time in her twenty plus years of life being in such close contact with males.


“Err… Qin Fang, can you cycle slower?”


After hesitating, Ning Yumo couldn’t help but ask Qin Fang to go slower.


“Sister Xiao Ning, I’m afraid I can’t. This speed is too high, and I can’t slow down immediately. I will slowly bring it down!”


At a speed that is over 160km/h, if Qin Fang really braked, then the two of them would definitely be sent flying!


“Uncle Liu, did we offend someone? Getting assigned to some godforsaken place on such a hot day. You see, even after an hour, not even ten cars have passed by here. So who are we supposed to catch?! Even the air conditioner is broken! Urgh… I’m going to die from the heat.”


Two police officers that were dripping with sweat were currently sitting in a police car parked on the roadside. The windows were all opened, and they were holding an electronic speed measuring device. They were obviously catching those who were going over the speed limits, and the one complaining is the police officer who was slightly younger.


“This is where you are wrong. It is precisely because this is a godforsaken place, that it is easier to catch people going over the speed limit!”


The older policeman said with experience.


“This road’s speed limit is 100km/h. But if you drove a car here, how fast would you drive?”


“Oh! I see. Ginger are indeed the spiciest when they are old!” (T/N: Proverb for saying those with experience are better.)


The younger policeman immediately realised. On a road like this with not much people, yet well maintained, not driving at 180km/h is really wasting such a good racing track. However, this road just had to have a speed limit, so people speeding here was almost a guaranteed!




At this exact moment, a black shadow passed by their car, and the electronic speed measuring device started beeping.


“Hehe, here comes a customer…”


The younger policeman immediately smiled, and just as he was about to give chase, he was stunned. He unconsciously looked at the measuring device on his hands. The display said that the speed was 177km/h, which was obviously much higher than 100km/h, the speed limit. Yet, he still hit the machine, thinking that it was broken.


“Errr… Uncle Liu! In all your years of experience, have you ever seen a bicycle going over a 160km/h?”


The younger policeman hesitated, and asked that question.


“Look at the display properly, what nonsense are you spouting?”


The policeman whose surname was Liu was now looking at the newspaper, and was not privy to what happened just now. Thus, he immediately scolded the younger policeman in a joking manner.


“No, I’m speaking the truth! Look at it yourself…”


The younger policeman smiled wryly, and while pointing at the figure of Qin Fang and Ning Yumo dashing away on a bicycle, pointed at the display of the measuring device too.


“Urk! What type of monster is that guy!”


The older police officer was also extremely shocked. The bicycle in front was indeed cycling at a really high speed, and was not much slower than even sports car.


“It must be a professional cyclist…”


After thinking a bit, he thought that it must be a professional cyclist training here, and didn’t care anymore. He then continued reading his newspaper.


“Qin Fang, I think we should stop. My head is getting dizzy…”


Qin Fang’s speed was really decreasing, but to get it down from 177km/h, the distance needed was quite far. On top of that, Qin Fang was purposely slowing down as slow as possible, and Ning Yumo who couldn’t take it anymore gritted her teeth and complained.


“Err… okay…”


Qin Fang had no choice but to nod and agree. He had already taken advantage of Ning Yumo, and couldn’t play like this anymore.


“Sister Xiao Ning, look in front! Doesn’t it look like the two fugitives?”


At this moment, however, Qin Fang noticed two people preparing to dash into the hills, and immediately pointed that out to Ning Yumo.


“Right! It’s them! Quickly go after them!”


After Ning Yumo checked, it was really the people they were going after. She couldn’t afford to care about whether she can take the speed anymore, and they immediately went after them as fast as lighting.

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