Omni Genius – Chapter 53: Undying (Future) Playboy


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“Freeze! Don’t move!”


Qin Fang’s bicycle was moving so fast, that the few tens of metres left didn’t need pedaling to cover. He could just let inertia do its job, and they would arrive in no time. But the two fugitives were just entering the hills, and the panicking Ning Yumo couldn’t help but call out.

Now, she had disturbed the hornet’s nest.


The two fugitives were not particularly hurrying. This road didn’t have much people nor cars, and though they did pass by two policemen just now, they didn’t even pay them any mind at all. They didn’t think that the moment they were going into the hills, the voice of the policewoman who was going after them like crazy just now would resound.


“She is really persistent!”


The two fugitives looked at the source of the voice, and while they were surprised at Qin Fang’s speed on the bicycle, they also noticed Ning Yumo’s face behind Qin Fang. They immediately complained, and the fugitives hastened their pace and entered the hills.


“Quick, even faster!… Ahhh!”


Seeing the two entering the hills, the flustered Ning Yumo started hurrying Qin Fang again.


However, she the moment she finished saying her words, she suddenly felt like her body was flying, and lost control of her body completely. Seeing that her face was going to have some intimate contact with the ground, Ning Yumo was really scared right now.


At this crucial point, an arm that was not really that big suddenly wrapped around Ning Yumo’s waist. She felt the arm exerting its muscle, and it actually totally negated the force that was propelling her towards the ground. (T/N: I don’t know if I am translating CN Novel or Physics things anymore…)


The arm naturally belonged to Qin Fang. What happened was really too sudden, and not even Qin Fang was prepared for it. The bicycle actually just fell apart! With the speed they were going at just now, wanting to land unharmed was an extremely difficult task.


At such a crucial juncture, Qin Fang just went all out. He hugged Ning Yumo, and tightly pushed her into his embrace. Meanwhile, Qin Fang braced his head, and his arms and legs were all holding onto Ning Yumo tightly. In this position, the two of them flew off, and heavily impacted the ground. They rolled a few tens of metres before their forward force was negated.


Under Qin Fang’s protection, Ning Yumo’s important parts like her face and head were all left unharmed, and only her thin dress had some small tears due to the friction when they were rolling on the ground. All in all, she was relatively well off.


When the two finally stopped rolling, Qin Fang only felt that his whole body was in extreme pain, and his head was dizzy. Without any strength left, he just sprawled out on the ground, letting Ning Yumo out of his embrace.


“Qin Fang…!”


Ning Yumo was also dizzy from all the rolling. With only a few grazed on her back, she who was relatively unharmed recovered after a short while. When she recovered, she saw the bicycle that was in pieces not far away, and the deathly pale Qin Fang. Her voice while calling out to Qin Fang was shaking uncontrollably.


Qin Fang felt that this situation couldn’t be helped. The second-hand bicycle was already on the verge of breaking down before he had even used it. It only broke down faster due to the extreme stress Qin Fang placed on it from cycling at speeds it could not handle.


Luckily, though there were shocks, Qin Fang himself had no danger. Looking at his HP, he somehow still had 2. This made a very forced smile appear on Qin Fang’s pale face.


“Si-Sister Xiao Ning… I-I’m fine…”


As his HP was too low, Qin Fang’s brain got really muddled, and even his speech was blurred. He could only say what he wanted bit by bit.


“You are already like this, and you still say you are fine? I will call an ambulance for you now!”


Even if Ning Yumo behaved like a tigress, even her heart was moved when there was a male who was willing to protect her with his body when her life was in danger. Looking at the QIn Fang who had a really pale face, she couldn’t help but feel pain in her heart.


Just as she was about to make the call, Ning Yumo realised in surprise that… she didn’t bring her phone!


Or more specifically, her phone was in the Porsche. After all, her dress was those without even a pocket.


“Sister Xiao Ning, I have some dumplings in my pockets. Take them for me… I’m quite hungry, and after I eat my fill, I will be alright!”

Qin Fang’s face didn’t look good, and he had to use a lot of effort to talk. However, he still did not foget about his dumplings, and he can only hope that even if the dumplings had turned into mush, it could still restore HP.




Ning Yumo was startled. Her eyes were staring at Qin Fang in utter disbelief, and couldn’t imagine that someone who was going to die would want to eat dumplings.


“Okay, I will take it for you, okay?”


Ning Yumo was worried. Looking at Qin Fang, she was worried that this was the legendary ‘momentary consciousness before death’. However, to not let Qin Fang go with regrets, she reached her hands into Qin Fang’s pockets while nodding her head.


Qin Fang’s jeans were those types with a lot of pockets. Though one looked quite silly wearing this type of baggy jeans in summer, what could he do with his financial situation?


However, it did make carrying dumplings more convenient. What surprised Qin Fang was that though the dumplings did get pressed a little, it still held its original appearance.


“Eat up then… Slowly!”


Ning Yumo shyly tried to feed Qin Fang the dumplings bit by bit. But Qin Fang ate it quite vigorously and he opened his mouth as wide as possible and finished the dumpling in one mouth.


Qin Fang didn’t care about his appearance, and after one went into his stomach, it was immediately converted into HP. His face instantly regained colour, and the pain on his body reduced by a lot.


Ning Yumo gave Qin Fang more dumplings, and realised that Qin Fang’s complexion got better and better, and was really recovering instead of a momentary flash of consciousness while dying.


“Huh? Why is it like that?”


Facing such a weird scene, Ning Yumo was naturally curious. However, thinking back to the awkward scene just now, she temporarily put away her curiosity, and focused on feeding Qin Fang.


Anyways, about the awkward scene. When Ning Yumo wanted to take the dumplings from Qin Fang’s pocket just now, she who was clueless about where the dumplings were could only feel around the deep pocket.


Though Qin Fang was wearing jeans, as summer clothes tended to be thinner, Qin Fang could feel the heat of her hands through the fabric. With her hands feeling around his thighs, the poor virgin boy couldn’t resist, and his little bro reacted.


Ning Yumo who was searching around couldn’t find the dumplings, and feeling something hard, thought that she had found the dumplings, and just grabbed it.


However, she was slightly surprised when she grabbed the ‘dumplings’. Who had never heard of dumplings before, but why did the ‘dumplings’ in her hands feel like a stick?


Ning Yumo who didn’t think much yet even rubbed it a few times, and suddenly realised. She immediately softly cursed, and her face was flushed red.


Qin Fang who was already muddle-headed only had a natural reaction to the stimulus. Glancing at Ning Yumo’s reaction, he decisively decided to act ignorant and play dead. That was why the situation didn’t get any more awkward.


After eating the 6 dumplings, Qin Fang’s HP rose back to 8. Though it was only slightly more than half of his full 15HP, Qin Fang looked like a really healthy person now. Completely unlike the sickly, almost dying person just now.


“Qin Fang, you…”


When Qin Fang got up from the floor, Ning Yumo was slack-jawed. She wanted to ask Qin Fang something, but couldn’t think about how to ask about it.


“Sister Xiao Ning, look. Those two have already entered the hills! If we don’t give chase now, then it will be too late!”


Qin Fang was naturally unwilling to let Ning Yumo question his body’s quirks, and immediately pointed out the escaping duo to Ning Yumo.

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