Omni Genius – Chapter 54: Chasing After The Fugitives

“Let’s chase after them then!”


Obviously, Ning Yumo was still the girl who was dense and passionate about her work. Seeing that the two fugitives were really going to get away, she didn’t think about Qin Fang’s peculiarity anymore and wanted to give chase.

“Are you sure that… you are okay?”


Luckily she wasn’t that dense, and Ning Yumo didn’t forget about the dying face Qin Fang was making just now, and still asked if he was okay.


“Rest assured, Sister Xiao Ning. I’m fine! I will chase them with you.”


Qin Fang even flexed his arms that did not have much muscles at all, which earned an eye roll from Ning Yumo. Thus, half willing and half unwilling, the two of them chased the fugitives into the hills.


The path into the hills was already cleared by the fugitives. Even if was still filled with thorns and bristles, it was much better than clearing the path themselves.


However, a problem surfaced quickly.


Ning Yumo’s attire was for a banquet, and she was wearing a dress to boot. Quite a lot of her skin was showing, and the lapels of her dress were almost touching the ground. It really was not suitable for going into hills filled with thorns.




The bold Ning Yumo decisively tore off the lower section of her dress. Thus, her expensive long dress instantly turned into a mini skirt, and a pair of long but firm legs were revealed. This was the result of years of training.


The problem with the dress was solved, but Ning Yumo was stumped yet again when she looked at her legs.


As she was attending a banquet, she was wearing high heels. It was still okay on the road, as the road was still quite flat, but on a mountainous road…


She immediately took off her high heels.


“Sister Xiao Ning, wear my shoes instead. Though it is quite big, but at least it will be better than going barefooted.


Seeing that Ning Yumo was going to throw away her expensive high heels and go bare footed, Qin Fang immediately took off his sports shoes and offered it to Ning Yumo.




Ning Yumo slightly hesitated, and still wore Qin Fang’s shoes in the end. Even if it was quite big, if the shoelaces were tied tighter, it was still better than going barefooted or on high heels.


“You take care of yourself too. Perhaps you should go back to the roadside, it’s safer there.”


She also destroyed Qin Fang’s plans to protect her, and after giving him a suggestion, Ning Yumo rushed into the hills with incredible finesse.


However, how could Qin Fang let a girl chase two rapists alone with a peace of heart? He only hesitated a while, and still followed Ning Yumo in the end. However, as he was barefooted, his speed was considerably slower, and he could only follow the trail left by the people who went ahead.


“Finally, we have lost that crazy woman!”


Anyways, the two fugitives Zhang San and Li Si finally couldn’t see Ning Yumo’s figure after making many twists and turns in the hills. The two were already dead tired from running, and sat down on a rock. Thus, Zhang San started complaining while resting.


“That crazy woman is really so vicious! A car worth a few million and she just crashes it like that.”


Li Si was also feeling bitter. They had only wanted to tease a beauty, and didn’t think that that beauty would be the chilli padi renowned in the Tranquil Sea Police department. They had only realised Ning Yumo’s identity after they got knocked.


“Haaa, Zhang San, honestly, that crazy woman is really… goddamned beautiful! If I could do her once, then I would willingly give up 10 years of my lifespan.”


Not long after, their rapist mentality came out, and they immediately started having dirty fantasies of Ning Yumo.


“What 10 years? Even if it was 20 years or 30 years, I would be happy to. Damn it! Compared to her, the women we have raped so far are just like pigs! Makes me disgusted now that I recall…”


Zhang San expressed his approval towards Li Si’s statement. The two grew up in a village, and committed all sorts of evil deeds there. They even broke into people’s house and raped the girls inside. They then escaped their village all the way to Tranquil Sea City. However, they continued raping on the way, and that was why they got on the wanted list.


“Freeze, don’t move!” (T/N: I don’t understand why the police keep saying these words. It’s not like criminals ever listen, right?)


Ning Yumo’s skills were indeed impressive, and so was her physical prowess. After slightly surveying the trails and surroundings, she could calculate where to intercept the fugitives, and get there quickly. Even after being delayed by 7-8 minutes after the fall, she still found out the resting place of the fugitives.


“Zhang San, let’s go!”


Hearing Ning Yumo’s voice, the more cowardly Li Si instinctively prepared to escape. But just as he was about to, he was pulled back by Zhang San.


“Li Si, why are you so scared! It’s only one woman… and there are two of us here. Why should we be scared?”


Zhang San gave Li Si a slap, and said so in an unsatisfied manner.


“Didn’t you say that if you could do her, you would willingly give up 10 years of your life? What? Scared now?”


Talking about rapists, especially repeat rapists like Zhang San and Li Si, they were especially weak to girls. Especially when they looked at Ning Yumo with a sexy attire, the attack power was comparable to a nuclear bomb.


Zhang San’s eyes were filled with lust, his mouth was slightly agape with saliva flowing out.


As for Li Si, after getting yelled at by Zhang San, his eyes were also squared on Ning Yumo, his looks now becoming similar to Zhang San.


“Pretty policewoman, since you offered yourself to us, we will accept with pleasure! In a deserted place like this, do you think we should rape her first before killing, or killing her first before raping?”


Zhang San and Li Si rushed at Ning Yumo side by side. The two were quite skilled at fighting in the village, and even learned some martial arts in some schools. Even if that didn’t necessarily mean that they were really skilled now, but the two had quite the chemistry. Many veteran fighters were brought down by their tag team.


“Courting death!”


With Ning Yumo’s temper, how could it be described by something as mild as chilli padi? When she got angry, she was literally a T-rex in woman form, and whoever fell into her hands would be ripped to shreds.




The three didn’t talk much, and immediately started fighting. Ning Yumo dealt with the two alone, and her long legs furiously kicked the two fugitives with a ‘whoosh’. The kicks were strong, and directly staggered the fugitives.


When Ning Yumo started fighting with the fugitives, Qin Fang had also tracked them down already. Hearing the sounds of fighting, he cautiously moved towards that direction.


His movements were very light… obviously! How could he not move lightly? He was barefooted in a hill filled with thorns! Anyways, his hands weren’t empty. He took a lump of steel from the wasted bicycle on one hand, and on the other… a brick!

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  1. Lonjest

    The infamous “Brick” has appeared. No one can withstand the “Brick”.

    Thanks for the chapter

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    1. Saquacon Post author

      It’s not a joke, they really hurt. In a modern world, that is about the best weapon you can carry around without getting caught by the police! Truly a good weapon. With its blunt power and easy accesibility, it’s no wonder it has become the go to weapon for modern gangsters. Other than beer bottles that is.

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