Omni Genius – Chapter 55: Wondrous Achievement With The Help Of The Brick!

“Her kicks are not light at all…!”


Zhang San was sent flying by Ning Yumo’s kick, and he immediately felt pain in his chest. He couldn’t help but groan while rubbing his chest, but his eyes were filled with lust.

Ning Yumo’s dress became miniskirt length, and was even torn in some places to facilitate movement.


As for the kick Zhang San suffered just now. He actually could have avoided it, but he couldn’t bear to let go of this good chance to peek into Ning Yumo’s skirt. That was why he was kicked in the first place.


“Zhang San, what did you see? Getting so happy from that…”


Li Si also vaguely saw a white fabric, but Ning Yumo quickly kept her legs back, causing him to be unable to see it clearly.


“Hehe… You know what I saw…”


Zhang San replied with a vulgar laugh.


“Hey girl, did you you come here to arrest us, or to seduce us? Tsk tsk, that body though… you better listen to us obediently!”


Zhang San and Li Si had a poor family background, and also normally hung out with those no-good people. Their mouth was as dirty as their character, and vulgar words kept coming out one after another, leading to Ning Yumo who was on the receiving end becoming angrier and angrier.


“Shut up!”


Ning Yumo was utterly furious now, and her blows became even heavier. However, in fear of exposing herself, she didn’t dare to lift her legs too high.


Anyways, Zhang San and Li Si did physical labour since young, and thus if anything, had lots of strength. This resulted in Ning Yumo getting hurt despite being the one hitting them the whole time, shocking Ning Yumo.


On top of the pain, the vulgarities they spewed further aggravated Ning Yumo, causing her to lose her cool, resulting in her battle style being messed up. The two rapists were indeed a little injured, but their durability allowed them to be standing until now.

This process perpetuated, and they continued exchanging blows. Zhang San and Li Si were always on defense, and though they did sometimes show signs of attacking, they were always feints in the end.


Though Ning Yumo’s combat abilities was good, she was still a woman in the end, and stamina was her weak point, especially when fighting two people at once. She was already starting to breath roughly.


Qin Fang had already sneaked to a bush not far away from here at this time.


“Sister Xiao Ning seems to be at a disadvantage now…”


After observing for a while, Qin Fang realised that though Zhang San and Li si didn’t fight with any particular style, they had great chemistry. Furthermore, they also possessed strength and durability, allowing them to slowly have an advantage over the tired Ning Yumo. This caused Qin Fang to start worrying.


“No good, I must go and help now.”


Qin Fang was obviously not willing to let Ning Yumo suffer. Especially the vulgar looks and words that they were directing at Ning Yumo, it made Qin Fang have the impulse to just rush over and duke it out with those fugitives.


However, Qin Fang did not lose and cool, and still remembered the advantage he had. He immediately appraised the two fugitives, trying to gather information to make a better plan to help Ning Yumo.


<Fugitive Zhang San, LV 3. An utter pervert, and the brother of Li Si. If you want to fight him, be prepared to be beaten black and blue.>


<Fugitive Li Si, LV 3. An utter pervert, and the brother of Zhang San. If you want to fight him, be prepared to be beaten black and blue.>


The information obtained from the appraisal instantly made Qin Fang’s face twitch. These two were actually both LV3, and was 2 LVs higher than Qin Fang. Luckily, they were just right at the level where [Appraisal] still worked. However, the system’s evaluation was that Qin Fang was not a match for any one of the fugitives, and Qin Fang thought so too.


“Damn it, I’m not a match for any one of them. If I rush in recklessly, not only would I not be able to help, I would even drag Sister Xiao Ning down…”


Qin Fang compared the stats between himself and the fugitive. There were not much difference, but the evaluation said otherwise, and that was all Qin Fang needed. After all, there were things that couldn’t be measured with stats. One has to know that even when Qin Fang battled with Strong Rat, there wasn’t such an obvious show of Qin Fang’s inferiority in the appraisal.


“If I can’t win head on, then I will win with my head!”


Rushing in head on was obviously not suitable. Ning Yumo’s LV was obviously higher than Zhang San and Li Si’s, but as Ning Yumo’s stamina continues to get shaved off, her advantage in LVs was weakening.


“Come close, even closer…!”


Qin Fang took advantage of the fact that they were focused on fighting each other to sneak up on them by using the foliages around. Qin Fang was extremely cautious, fearing detection by the fugitive brothers.


The iron pipe in his hands was tightly held. Though the pipe wasn’t that big, it will definitely hurt if it was smashed onto someone’s body. It was extremely suitable for a sneak attack.


As for his other hand, it was empty as he temporarily kept the brick in the [Item Box]. The brick which had already been used twice already had its Durability decrease from 3/3 to 1/3 . Obviously, the durability showed the number of times the item could be used, and the brick only had one use left.


As for what will happen after it is used the last time. Whether it will completely vanish, or stay as 0/3, waiting for repair, Qin Fang couldn’t confirm yet.


Seeing the situation becoming worse for Ning Yumo, Qin Fang also got more anxious. He constantly muttered in his heart ‘come closer, come closer!’, as if doing so can call them over.


However, the fugitives were very uncooperative, and while cornering Ning Yumo, moved to a place further from Qin Fang. This made Qin Fang even more vexed.


The familiar scene of the fugitives exchanging glances happened once more, and Li Si endured a kick from Ning Yumo. The kick almost damaged his kidneys, but this pervert was really one who would die for lust, and used both hands to tightly hold onto Ning Yumo’s legs. This allowed Zhang San to make preparations to give a diving bear hug to push Ning Yumo to the ground.


“Sister Xiao Ning!”


Seeing this situation, Qin Fang was panicking. If Ning Yumo gets pushed down, the chances of her being able to get up again will be abysmal, and Ning Yumo would be in a dangerous situation.


“F*ck it! Sparta!!!”


Qin Fang had no choice but to make his move now. He gritted his teeth, and taking advantage of the fact that the two were preoccupied, rushed out with the metal pipe in hand. He directly smacked the pipe right on the head of Li Si who was holding onto Ning Yumo’s legs.




Getting hit by an iron pipe would obviously hurt like hell, and Li Si was no superman either. He immediately shouted in pain, and his hands couldn’t bother with holding onto Ning Yumo anymore. He immediately held his head, and turned around to look at Qin Fang at the same time.


However, before Li Si could even see his attacker’s appearance, he saw a black object coming right at his face. He couldn’t dodge in time, and got hit in the head hard once again.


<[Sneak Attack] activated, target will be in a [Dazed] state for 3 seconds. Will recover from the state if hit again.>


<Special effect of Rare item [Hooligan’s Brick] activated. Target will be in a [Dazed] state for 3 seconds, in addition to slight bleeding>


<Rare item [Hooligan’s Brick]’s durability had reached 0. It cannot be used temporarily, but it can be repaired>


At the same time, Qin Fang’s attack was successful, notices started appearing in his head. As he expected, [Sneak Attack] once again showed its worth, and immediately caused Li Si to be [Dazed] for 3 seconds.


As for the brick’s special effect, it was completely due to luck, allowing another 3 seconds of [Dazed] to be afflicted on Li Si. Well, the slight bleeding was not that important, as his blow was really hard, hard enough to maybe break Li Si’s bone.

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