Omni Genius – Chapter 56: Skill: [Block]! Successfully Capturing The Fugitives

Li Si suddenly getting attacked did indeed cause Ning Yumo and Zhang San to be startled. The two of them didn’t think that someone would actually enter the battle at this point in time, and with a bang too, to be able to cause Li Si’s head to be so injured.

“Li Si!”


Zhang San was, in the end, a repeat offender, and was more used to this type of situation. Though he was anxious, his movements did not slow down at all. He violently pushed Ning Yumo away with his arms, and rushed at Qin Fang. His face was feral, as if it wanted to tear Qin Fang to pieces.




Ning Yumo couldn’t help in time. Zhang San moved very fast, and the distance was very short. She could only watch as Qin Fang was about to get trampled by Zhang San.


Zhang San was already used to fighting, and had great strength too. He at least had some fighting skills, and was much stronger than hooligans who only knew how to swing their fists. This can be seen from the LV of Zhang San.


“Bring it on!”


Looking at Zhang San’s fierce face, it would be a lie if Qin Fang said he was not scared. Just Zhang San’s tall and muscled body was able to give a lot of psychological pressure to Qin Fang. Even more so if the person with that intimidating figure was a wanted fugitive.


However, Qin Fang couldn’t retreat now. He already noticed that Ning Yumo was chasing after Zhang San, and Li Si by his side will still be dazed for a few more seconds. As long as he could hold back Zhang San for a while and give Ning Yumo a chance to make a move, they would be able to put him down.


As long as one fugitive was put down, then the other wouldn’t be much of a threat anymore. This was Qin Fang’s conclusion after his analysis just now, which actually quite accurate.


On the contrary, if they fail to put down Zhang San, with Qin Fang as the burden, Ning Yumo and Qin Fang would be in a predicament.


Qin Fang’s inner ferociousness was pulled out by Zhang San, and even when facing such a fierce fugitive, Qin Fang did not show any signs of backing off.


The durability of the brick was already 0, and it had already returned back into the [Item Box].


However, Qin Fang still had a steel pipe in his hand. And he immediately brandished it.


The steel pipe headed got closer to Zhang San, but Zhang San was not unprepared like Li Si. Zhang San first blocked the pipe with his hands, then turned to grab it. Afterwards, he pulled violently, and Qin Fang could only feel the heat from the friction as the pipe was pulled from his hands.


Not only that, Zhang San who was good at fighting obviously had more moves in his books. Just after he negated Qin Fang’s attack with his right hand, his left hand had already started moving for the kill. With slightly raised body and bent elbow, a strong attack was approaching Qin Fang.


“Dodge quick Qin Fang!”


Ning Yumo who just caught up didn’t care about exposing herself anymore and prepared to give a full power kick to Zhang San’s back.


However, water far away can’t put out a fire nearby. The distance between Zhang San and Qin Fang was obviously very small, and Zhang San’s attack was really fast.


Qin Fang was still shocked by his only weapon being snatched so fast, and before he could recover, he already saw Zhang San coming down from above.


A strong elbow attack was approaching Qin Fang’s body, fast.


<Block successful, damage from this attack negated!>


<Skill learned: [Block]. Using weapons or other tools will have a given chance to negate completely or lessen the damage. Skill proficiency: Beginner. EXP: 1%>


At the time when Qin Fang thought he wouldn’t be able to dodge, and was preparing to endure Zhang San’s hit, out of instincts, Qin Fang slightly lifted his arm, and made a blocking movement. When their arms hit, Qin Fang felt the power of Zhang San’s blow, and his arms went numb, but notices appeared in his head instead.




Zhang San was taken aback. He understood the power of his elbow blow the best, and it could be said to be his finishing move. Many have fallen under this elbow.


However, the kid who looked like a scholar in front of him was obviously weaker than him, but could take his elbow. He even endured it without looking injured at all.


However, only he was shocked. Ning Yumo didn’t notice what happened here, and her kick landed on Zhang San’s back. The kick was strong, and sent Zhang San flying forward while causing his face to pale too.


Zhang San’s big body instantly collided into Qin Fang who was still in a blocking position in front of him, pushing Qin Fang down.


“Qin Fang!”


The clueless Ning Yumo thought Zhang San did something to Qin Fang, and quickly ran forward toward the injured Zhang San. She then gave his neck a strong hit, directly causing Zhang San to faint.


Plucking off Zhang San from Qin Fang, Ning Yumo saw Qin Fang rubbing his head, with a really glum face. Ning Yumo laughed at with a ‘pfft’ at such a Qin Fang.


“I’m going to die from laughter! I thought that something had happened to you!”


Ning Yumo’s smile was really pretty, apt for the phrase “beauty that overturns countries and nations”. Seeing Ning Yumo’s smile, Qin Fang blushed, and immediately turned his head away to not let Ning Yumo see.


“Sister Xiao Ning, there is one more!”


When he turned his head, he noticed Li Si who was slowly recovering from the [Dazed] state, and immediately warned Ning Yumo.


“I know!”


Ning Yumo’s reaction was also really quick, and not being far from Li Si in the first place, gave a kick to him. Li Si who was still unaware of his surroundings couldn’t even react and just felt his legs being hit by a strong force, and fell on the ground.


Ning Yumo took the opportunity to pounce on Li Si and started beating him up. Only when Li Si fainted did she finally stop her hits.


Ning Yumo then turned around, and noticed Qin Fang looking at her in fear, embarrassing her. She was really angered by them just now, and that was why her blows were so merciless. Li Si who was already bleeding from his head was now bleeding from more places than ever.


Looking at the girl whose beauty could overturn nations, Qin Fang didn’t know when and how, but what little attraction he had towards her disappeared. His little bro was also cowering in fear now, as if fearing that if he were to show himself, he would get a beating too…


A cold wind blew by, causing a shiver to run down Qin Fang’s back…

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