Omni Genius – Chapter 57: Skill: [Repair]

“Phew~ It’s finally over!”


Seeing that Li Si was also taken down by Ning Yumo, Qin Fang finally heaved a long sigh of relief. He can finally be at peace.

“Yes, we didn’t let them run off again!”


After tying up the fugitives with the cloth Qin Fang gave her, Ning Yumo also sat beside Qin Fang, and said in a relaxed manner.


“Hehe, Sister Xiao Ning, you have a great accomplishment now. If you get any reward money, remember to split half for me!”


Looking at Ning Yumo who had sweat on her face, Qin Fang jokingly asked for a reward.


“I knew that you were a miser! Rest assured, I will take the accomplishment, but the reward is all yours!”


Ning Yumo roller her eyes at Qin Fang, and replied while laughing.


“But, now that we are talking about this, your combat skills is really horrible! If you are free, go and learn some martial arts. Or else when you are together with Tang Feifei, you won’t even have the abilities to save the damsel in distress when she’s in trouble.”


Before Qin Fang could get happy, Ning Yumo’s later words immediately rained on his parade.




Qin Fang was speechless. Ning Yumo was using herself to set the bar for everyone else.


She herself was very strong. Any one of the two LV3 fugitives could send Qin Fang flying without fighting seriously, but could only somehow manage to be equal with Ning Yumo even when fighting together. This was even when Ning Yumo was holding back her kicks so as to not expose herself.


Everybody knew how to fight, but most only knew how to swing their fists and legs around. Only a few could learn or invent their own fighting style.


Qin Fang obviously didn’t have the time nor energy to research about fighting before. Furthermore, he seemed weak as he was LV 1, while the fugitives were both LV 3. Even if Qin Fang had +5 to all stats, there was still quite a gap between them.


“Oh well, I won’t tease you anymore. If you are free, I can teach you some grabs. Then you would at least be better off then now!”


Seeing Qin Fang getting awkward, Ning Yumo started laughing, and knew that she had very high standards. Thus, she stopped teasing Qin Fang, and changed the subject.


“Thank you Sister Xiao Ning!”


Qin Fang naturally accepted happily, and he was thinking in his heart if grabbing was considered as a skill… (T/N: Qin Fang, greedy for skills!)


It was quite late already, and the two spent quite some effort to get the fugitives out of the hills. Especially Qin Fang, who offered to carry both of the fugitives out on his back.


Luckily, they met with the two traffic police from just now, and they were coincidentally going back to the city too. Thus, they hitchhiked to the city. As for the totally broken bicycle, Qin Fang couldn’t bear to leave it there. It only lost some screws holding the important parts together, and Qin Fang brought it back to reassemble it.


After letting Qin Fang off at the entrance of South Gate Market, Ning Yumo brought the two fugitives back to the police station. Qin Fang and Ning Yumo catching the fugitives together might be just a small part of their lives, but it could be the start of something…


“Qin Fang, you came back!”


When Qin Fang returned home, he saw Xiao Muxue and Big Sis Pan sitting in the yard chatting. Upon seeing Qin Fang, Xiao Muxue’s eyes brightened, and immediately called out to him cheerfully.


“We were talking about you just now. Feifei waited here for you for two hours already, and if it wasn’t for the fact that it was getting late, I bet she would have waited even longer for you!”


“I was delayed by some matters. I will go give Feifei a call!”


Qin Fang laughed awkwardly. He did indeed forget about Tang Feifei for a moment. After all, he just had an extraordinary experience.


After explaining to Tang Feifei the circumstances, and agreeing to some things, Tang Feifei finally forgave Qin Fang for letting her worry, and well, leaving her alone. However, she did express a lot of interest in Qin Fang chasing fugitives, and complained that Qin Fang didn’t bring her too.


All in all, Qin Fang finally consoled Tang Feifei before leaving his house.


“Little Qin! Did you go fight in a war?! A good bicycle in pieces because of you!”


Xiao Muxue and Big Sis Pan pointed at the bicycle that has been reduced to become parts while laughing. Seeing Qin Fang, Big Sis Pan immediately teased him, while Xiao Muxue was smiling at the side.


“It might be because it has been too long since it has been used. It couldn’t take it anymore after some usage. Aren’t I taking tools to fix it now?”


Qin Fang smiled, and pointed at the tools box in his hands. He then sat down and started reassembling the bicycle.


Assembling a bicycle didn’t require much skills at all. Basically, if you have all the tools, anybody can easily do it. Of course, there were some fine tuning that required skills, but that was not what Qin Fang was interested in now.


He first prepared all the parts, and placed all the screws at the correct holes. Then, he assembled all the prepared parts together, and screwed all the screws in with his tools. (T/N: Screw~ Screw~ Screw~)


Big Sis Pan wasn’t interested in these sorts of things, and was more willing to take a break at home. She told Qin Fang that she was going, and went off.


On the other hand, Xiao Muxue moved a small chair and sat beside Qin Fang. She propped up her face using both hands, and looking at Qin Fang working seriously, she had a slight smile on her face. However, her eyes were flickering intermittently.


Fortunately, though the bicycle did break apart, complicated important parts were still held together by its screws, saving Qin Fang the trouble of assembling them again.


Even if his skills were lacking, Qin Fang was still able to assemble to bicycle. He only had to use more time, and after half an hour, the broken down bicycle was successfully reassembled.


<Skill learned: [Repair] Skill proficiency: Beginner, EXP: 1%>


At the same time Qin Fang finished fixing the bicycle, a notice appeared in his head. He had acquired a new skill again.


<[Repair]: Repairs objects that are damaged, or not complete. The level or repair is related to the skill’s proficiency.>


Qin Fang smiled the brightest when looking at the skill description.


This skill looked like a life skill, and was not bad. It’s range of usage was wide, and covered a lot of things. That made Qin Fang happy.


<[Second-hand Bicycle]- Completeness: 84%. Able to repair! Note: As [Repair] level is too low, there is a chance that using the skill will damage the object.>


Looking at the skill description, and at the bicycle, Qin Fang appraised the bicycle that he had repaired.


“84% completeness…. A chance to spoil the object… Looks like the [Repair] skill isn’t almighty. At least in its lower levels.”


Qin Fang could accept such a result. After all, if he was able to do a lot of things just after learning the skill, it would be too OP.

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