Omni Genius – Chapter 58: Brick Repair Successful!

Well, Qin Fang was really happy with [Repair]’s appearance, as…


Looking at the description, Qin Fang’s heart was moved, and opened his [Item Box], looking at the brick which durability turned 0.

<[Hooligan’s Brick], Rare item. Completeness: 100%, Durability: 0/3. Repair possible. (Note: A chance of repair failing and durability falling.>


As expected, after Qin Fang learned [Repair], when looking at the brick, other than its original stats, an option to repair it appeared. The repair button looked like a small hammer.


“Durability falling…”


Even if Qin Fang predicted that [Repair] could fail, he didn’t expect that durability might fall as well. This made Qin Fang hesitate.


Every durability point meant Qin Fang could use it once. If the durability decreased, then even if it was repaired, Qin Fang could only use it twice. What’s more, it was not a given that the brick would be repaired successfully, and that let Qin Fang hesitate.


“All or nothing! Rather than leaving it laying around uselessly in the [Item Box], why not just do it? I might even succeed!”


Qin Fang gritted his teeth, and after much consideration, thought it was better to try repairing it. After all, the brick was quite good. If Qin Fang ever met with an emergency, he could just pull it out and use it.


After deciding, Qin Fang pressed the hammer button immediately.


<You are trying to repair the rare item [Hooligan’s Brick]. Are you sure you want to?>


A notice appeared in Qin Fang’s head. The appearance of that notice made Qin Fang happy. This meant that Qin Fang could still change his mind if he ever wanted to.




However, Qin Fang wouldn’t change his mind now. At least for this time.




Immediately after, a small hammer appeared and started knocking the brick left and right. A small progress bar also appeared, and it was filling up quite fast.


<Repair complete. Energy -10>


<Rare item [Hooligan’s Brick] repair successful, Durability 3/3>


After around two minutes, the notices popped out. Qin Fang was looking at the progress bar all the time, and when it filled up, the results he wanted came out.


“Success! Yay!”

Qin Fang was elated by the successful repair, and durability remaining at 3 caused Qin Fang to be on cloud nine.


Perhaps he got too happy, and not only did the smile on his face get brighter, he even forgot about his current situation.


Xiao Muxue had wanted to ask him what was up after seeing Qin Fang daydreaming. But just as she reached out her hand, Qin Fang suddenly cheered, and jumped up happily. He even hugged Xiao Muxue out of excitement, stunning Xiao Muxue. She was so stunned she even forgot to push Qin Fang away.


White Jade Lake Resort


“Young Master Feng…”


Fatty Li subserviently stood in front of Li Feng, and cautiously called out to him. Li Feng was now hugging a pretty girl who had a really pretty smile. The girl was the waitress who served Qin Fang, and after a few days, she had already earned the liking of Li Feng. Now, even Fatty Li had to greet her courteously.


“How is the check?”


The girl put a grape in her mouth, and fed it mouth-to-mouth to Li Feng. Her figure was seductive, and Li Feng used both his hands to grope her body while eating the grape. After finishing the grape, he asked Fatty Li about Qin Fang’s background check.


“The check is completed!”


Fatty Li nodded his head, and replied cautiously.


“That Qin rascal opened up a stall near South Gate Market, and according to the reports, have a very good business. Miss Tang Feifei… is his business partner and , erm, both of them are together every day…”


Li Feng who was busy groping was startled by the last sentence, and his face started getting ugly.


“Young Master Feng, why are you so upset? Come, I will feed you…”


The pretty girl was clueless, and wanted to continue behaving coquettishly, preparing to feed Li Feng grapes using her mouth again.


“Shut up!”


However, Li Feng, who was gentle just now, now had a fierce face.


“No wonder that rascal dared to go against me! It’s because he’s living a good life now!’


Li Feng’s words were cold, and his eyes held a great grudge.


“Fatty Li, go get Pi San and the others to ‘help’ the rascal. Let him stay ten months in the hospital, or better yet, just let him spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair!”


Thinking about the humiliation the poor rascal brought him, Li Feng’s face got more and more malevolent and terrifying.


“Young Master Feng, this…”


Fatty Li’s face got dark upon hearing the orders. Simply beating people up was not a big deal, but crippling someone… that is going overboard. If that really happened, Li Feng could still get away scot-free, but Fatty Li wouldn’t be able to. He didn’t think that Pi San and those guys would just let him off while they get into trouble.


“Young Master Feng, there is actually another better way…”


Fatty Li started thinking, and immediately thought of a plan.


“En? Let me listen!”


“To deal with that Qin rascal, all you have to do is just cut off his source of income…”


Fatty Li said while smiling. Seeing that Li Feng didn’t give any reaction, he continued on.


“The rascal’s only source of income is that ramen stall, and I’ve already sent people to check. That place didn’t have any stalls previously, and it was because of that rascal setting up a stall there that people started gathering…”


“Don’t beat around the bush, talk about the main thing!”


The unhappy Li Feng interjected.


“Yes, yes, yes!”


Fatty Li immediately agreed, and continued again.


“Young Master Feng, let me ask you a simple question. What do stall owners without permits fear the most?”

“No business, no customers, no income…”


Li Feng was startled by Fatty Li’s question, and didn’t know where he was going with this question. Thus, he just gave some random answers.


“Actually, what these stall owners fear the most is… the City Supervisors”


Seeing that Li Feng hasn’t gotten unhappy yet, Fatty Li quickly gave the answer before he did.




When Li Feng first heard the answer, his first reaction was to be stunned.


“You are right… City Supervisors… we will use the City Supervisors to deal with him!”


In this city, there was the City Supervisors were a very special group. They were not the army, nor the police, but their attacking power was higher than both of the aforementioned. Especially towards stall owners, they were a horrifying existence.


“Yes, I understand what to do!”


Seeing that Li Feng has been convinced by him, Fatty Li immediately expressed his understanding.


Li Feng waved his hands and sent Fatty Li to do his jobs, while he himself continued to do ‘things’ with the girl he was currently pampering.

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