Omni Genius – Chapter 59: Appearance Of The City Supervisors

The rare rest day for Qin Fang had passed, and Qin Fang had learnt a few new skills. [Noodle Making] being raised to Intermediate and evolving to a more encompassing [Main Skill] [Culinary Arts], was what made Qin Fang happiest.

With this intermediate [Culinary Arts], Qin Fang knew that his everyday worries about life would be settled. His mother didn’t need to worry about his school fees and daily expenditures anymore, and Qin Fang could even send some money back home every month.


The next day in the morning, Qin Fang was still sleeping, but was awoken when Xiao Muxue knocked on the door. Considering that a guy and a girl living together wasn’t convenient, especially during the summer when clothing became skimpy, Tang Feifei persuaded Big Sis Pan, who agreed to let Xiao Muxue stay at her place temporarily.


After showering, Tang Feifei already arrived. The three then walked towards the stall together.


They came quite early, but business in the early morning was also quite good. Just after Qin Fang prepared a bowl of delicious noodle each for the two girls, customers started coming.


“Hmm? Little Qin, today’s noodles are really good!”


Most of the customers now were regulars, and Qin Fang heard praises like this the most from them. Qin Fang would just reply while laughing, “I didn’t open the stall yesterday, and specially researched on the seasoning. That’s why it is so good today!”


The customers naturally didn’t suspect anything. Qin Fang’s noodles were already quite good at the start. They complained about Qin Fang not having a good seasoning last time, and now that there was, the taste did get much better. Thus, they were very satisfied.


Noodles that were much better indeed made Qin Fang’s business even better. Many customers actually felt that they hadn’t had enough after one bowl, and called for another small bowl to eat. Only then did they rub their stomach and leave happily.


Qin Fang did a simple estimate, and estimated that in just this morning period, his business became better by almost 50%. His income also increased by a lot. However, due to providing for Xiao Muxue’s expenditure, Qin Fang’s profit was still the same as before in the end.


As Qin Fang’s business got better, there were naturally others who had worse business. And the one who had the most competition with Qin Fang here was naturally Xiao Muxue’s uncle Fatty Chen. Fatty Chen only had a few customers this whole morning, and even those customers only came here because they were in a rush and there were too many people at Qin Fang’s stall.

Talking about Fatty Chen, when he saw Xiao Muxue walking over with Qin Fang, his face immediately went pale with, and almost went to hide. He really couldn’t face Xiao Muxue.


It was Xiao Muxue’s auntie, aka Fatty Chen’s wife, that came over to talk to Xiao Muxue. Xiao Muxue didn’t talk about what happened last night, and only said that she wanted to be independent, and since Qin Fang and she were soon to be classmates, they did business together.


Fatty Chen’s wife was a normal person, and didn’t think much about it. Seeing that she couldn’t persuade Xiao Muxue to come back, she had no choice but to return to her own stall.


Later on, when Fatty Chen and his wife saw that Qin Fang’s business was too good, negatively affecting their business, they had no choice but to push their stall elsewhere. Before they went, they left their contact details with Xiao Muxue. However, Qin Fang knew that Xiao Muxue will never contact those two ever again.


Thus, such peaceful days passed, and Qin Fang’s business got better by the day. Originally, they were busy with just Tang Feifei and Qin Fang. However, even with the addition of Xiao Muxue, they were no better off now, and the three of them were as busy as ever. But whenever they saw a customer leaving with a satisfied smile, they felt contented in their heart.


However, behind the calm was the hidden storm that was brewing unknown to Qin Fang and the girls…


*screech* *screech* *screech*


On this evening, just as Qin Fang’s business was the slowest, a line of 4 pickup trucks suddenly skidded in. They stopped right in front of Qin Fang’s stall, and formed a wall around Qin Fang, closing all means of escape.


From the pickup trucks, around thirty to forty people streamed out, and they all wore the same outfit, with the same cap military personnel wore. On their sleeves, the words “City Supervisor Officer” was clearly written on it.


“The City Supervisors are here! Quickly run!”


The cars came here suddenly, and the people that came out of it were plentiful. It was even more than the stall owners here. Without knowing who suddenly shouted out to run, before Qin Fang could even react, a stall owner at the back started pushing his cars and running.


Not only him, the other stall owners were also experienced. Seeing this scene, they immediately ran off along with the first guy, and those who were faster couldn’t even be seen anymore.


“Setting up stall without a license. Selling things illegally. Damaging the image of the city. Confiscate everything!”


A fatty came down from the car, and walked over with his hands behind his backs. Behind him were his subordinates. The fatty seemed like the leader of the City Supervisors, and immediately decided the punishment for all the stall owners.


Close to forty officers that were wearing uniform rushed out, and chased after those stall owners that were trying to run away.If they managed to surround one, they would immediately kick the owner down, and snatch away their income for the day, saying that they are confiscating illegally gotten money. If anyone dared to resist or insult them, they will get beaten up badly by the officers.


“Qin Fang, do we run?”


Seeing the officers directly snatching away the money, Tang Feifei was immediately nervous. Their profit today was not small, and if it was snatched away just like that, the losses the three of them would suffer would be huge.


“Feifei, Muxue, hide the money properly. If anything happens, I will deal with it.”


Qin Fang’s face was also quite ugly now. The City Supervisors were a strong group, and can just hire temporary workers to work for them just for laughs, anytime. Qin Fang didn’t dare to move rashly, or else his end would be just like those stall owners with bruises all over them.


However, he couldn’t lose this money either. He could relent to anyone, just not to the inhumane City Supervisors. Since Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue were young and pretty girls, the money would obviously be safer with them.


The officers surrounded and captured over ten stall owners. Their advantage was overwhelming, and not long after, they had finished clearing out the area. Pushcarts, tools, tables, chairs, etc were all carried away by the ‘temporary workers’. As for the fatty with vulgar eyes, he was constantly looking at Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue, looking like a hungry wolf looking at his prey.


<City Supervisor Vice Team Leader. LV2. A greedy, lustful, and boot licking failure. When dealing with these sorts of people, you must violently bash them with a brick!>


Qin Fang appraised the leader, and saw the evaluation by the system.

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  1. asdasd

    Honestly, I hate the villain of this series. There’s absolutely no way a “young master” would be this evil. His father isn’t some mob boss. That’s why most of these Chinese novels turn shit.

    1. Saquacon Post author

      You have no idea how easily people get drunk on power… And sometimes, it’s not the underworld mob boss that is scary, but the one who is doing evil in the name of ‘good’.

  2. Gemgem

    “The customers naturally didn’t suspect anything.”

    Why would they even suspect? Seriously.. And i didnt like how author presented city supervisors as evil. If setting a stall without permission is illegal, then mc has to be ready for consequences.

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