Omni Genius – Chapter 6: Booming Business

South Gate Market, it was one of the wholesale markets in the southern region of the Tranquil Sea City. It mainly distributes clothes and apparels, and construction materials. It was quite far from the city area, thus though transport was convenient, it still could not compare to the large scale wholesale markets in the city area.

Not far away from it was more than 10 university campuses. Those students frequently visit to the market to get some bargained goods or pretty clothes.Thus, human traffick was really quite huge.

“Tang Fei Fei, you should go back, it’s quite hot outside. I can manage by myself…”


Qin Fang said embarrassedly. Last night, after discussing for a while, it became too late and Qin Fang called for a taxi to send her home. Meanwhile, Qin Fang finished up all the preparations for opening up the stall.


The landlord and Big Sis Pan were quite supportive of Qin Fang. When they heard Qin Fang’s plan, not only did they not stop him, they even helped him greatly. The wife of the landlord even lent Qin Fang the gas stoves that they did not use at home. As for the tables, chairs, and cart, they were readily lent to him, and they even gave him a huge umbrella to block the sun.


Early in the morning, Qin Fang went to South Gate Market to survey the location, and only decided the location at noon. After that, he went to buy the ingredients needed to make ramen, and then finally pushed the cart to the location he had decided beforehand.


Just as Qin Fang finished putting up the tables and chairs, and setting up the umbrella, Tang Fei Fei came.


Today, Tang Fei Fei was wearing a cute T-shirt and a three-quarter jeans. Paired with her beautiful face, it fully expressed the youth of a young lady. Only, the weather now during July-August was terrible. The sun was glaring and even under the umbrella, it was still unbearably hot.


“No problem, it’s not like I’m a pampered rich lady, I can still take this much. Besides, I came up with the idea for your business, I must see for myself how it fares. Or what, are you planning to take my idea and pass it off as yours?


Though Tang Fei Fei looked like a gentle girl, but once she gets pissed off, she was as fiery as a small chilli padi. She especially did not like despicable actions like plagiarising like what she thought Qin Fang was trying to do.


“No, no, no, I did not mean it that way…”


Qin Fang was left speechless and hurriedly waved his hands and started to explain. With a slightly pale face that was flushed red from panic, the figure of Qin Fang now was quite cute.


“Owner, a bowl of ramen please!”


At that moment, they saw a fatty holding a business suitcase. Not only was he walking while wiping his sweat, he was even talking on the phone simultaneously, making him look like a busy person. After noticing the small noodle stall Qin Fang had, he immediately ordered a bowl of ramen loudly.


“I was only teasing you, go on and start getting busy!”


Seeing that Qin Fang was still at a loss about what to do, and seemingly did not hear what the customer said, Tang Fei Fei immediately slightly nudged Qin Fang and said so.


“I’m going, I’m going…”


Only then did Qin Fang stop panicking. However, in his heart, he thought: Women sure are capricious.


However, Qin Fang did not have the leisure to think about such things. A customer was already waiting for him to make noodles. He immediately went back to the stall and *pa pa pa*, started making noodles. The movement of his hands were fast, and what took others 30 seconds to make, with Qin Fang’s skill now, only took 20 seconds, and a batch of noodle was already cooking in the pot.


Not long after, a fresh bowl of piping hot ramen was ready to be served. Just as he was about to serve the ramen himself, he saw a white figure taking the bowl a step before him, and went to serve the customer.


“Honoured customer, here is your noodles.”


Tang Fei Fei said graciously to the fatty.


“Oh, okay, put it down there.”


The fatty was obviously very busy, as he was still talking over the phone even now, and did not even give Tang Fei Fei a glance, only giving a simple nod. He then took up a pair of chopsticks and started eating the ramen, while still clamping the phone at his ears and talking.




“This noodle…not bad.”


While the fatty ate, no, gobbled his food, he did not taste anything with the first mouth, but with the second, he actually stopped and creased his eyebrows, making his plump face seem disturbed. When such a scene unfolded, Qin Fang and Tang Fei Fei’s heart couldn’t help but tighten, fearing that the ramen was not to the customer’s taste. Luckily, what came out the fatty’s mouth was a compliment, and upon hearing that, only then did they heave a long sigh of relief.


However, the fatty was really very busy, as the whole time he was eating, he was still talking over the phone, and he literally swallowed down the bowl of noodles into his stomach. However, when he was paying the bill, he specially said, “Kid, your noodles are not bad.”


“We did it!”


This was their first customer, and after receiving the money, Tang Fei Fei immediately jumped in excitement. If she did not remember about the embarrassing moment when Qin Fang grabbed her hand yesterday, then she probably would have hugged Qin Fang out of excitement.


“Hmm? There is a noodle stall here and it seems like it’s new. Just right, I will first try the noodles, if it is okay, then I will eat here in the future…”


At that time, some people who were also looking for something to eat came out from South Gate Market. Happening to see Qin Fang’s noodle stall, they went over and ordered a bowl of ramen each.


“En, the noodle is quite well made, it has enough springiness…”


“The flavour is not bad too…”


“Owner, the noodle you sell here is not bad, we will continue to patronise here frequently in the future…”


Just like that, Qin Fang and Tang Fei Fei could be considered as having planted their roots outside the South Gate Market. In the noodle stall, Qin Fang was responsible for making the noodles, while Tang Fei Fei was responsible for serving, collecting the plates, and washing the plates. The stall which only had 1-2 customer at the start started receiving more customers, causing Qin Fang and Tang Fei Fei to work around the clock, with almost no time spent resting. Only after some time after meal time rush hour did they have time to catch their breaths.


This was only the first day. Their small noodle stand was still not popular, and the only customers they got were people who coincidentally passed by their stall and wanted to try it. Most of them said that the flavour was not bad, while some said that it still needed slight improvements. However, Qin Fang temporarily had no way to deal with that problem.


Other than that, Qin Fang’s [Noodle Making] skill’s EXP also rose quickly, being over Beginner 20%. If he continued doing this business, then raising the skill proficiency would obviously not be hard.


When they started resting, Qin Fang was not that dense and actually knew to go and buy some chilled beverages for Tang Fei Fei. The two sat beside the noodle stall and started resting, and Tang Fei Fei happily said,


“Business is so good…If this continues, then you will be able to earn enough for your school fees soon.”


Tang Fei Fei was privy to Qin Fang’s circumstances, and knew about him going to the workshop to earn enough money for his school fees, and was thoroughly exhausted by the work. She even knew that in the end, he was sacked and fainted on the street. If he was not saved by someone by coincidence, then it may be very likely that nobody would know that he died there.


The business just now was really not bad. In a single afternoon, they sold at least 100 bowls of ramen, and even if the profit from each bowl was only 2 dollars, then they would have earned at least 200 dollars.That’s only considering the afternoon. If they were to add the business they would do at night, then in a day, they would be able to earn 400 dollars.


Considering that there was still over a month till school starts, if he earned that much everyday, then Qin Fang would really be able to pay his school fees.


“En, if you deduct the cost price, then we earned at least 200 dollars this afternoon”


Qin Fang counted the money he had earned, and after splitting the money into two piles, he presented a pile in front of Tang Fei Fei. The other pile that he kept for himself had around 100 dollars.

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