Omni Genius – Chapter 60: Here’s A Brick For You!

Towards the system occasionally trolling while giving descriptions, Qin Fang was already used to it. Looking at this evaluation, Qin Fang couldn’t help but go ‘pfft!’, and laugh.


To the bystanders, Qin Fang’s laugh was really out of place. Even Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue looked at Qin Fang with surprise, and couldn’t figure out why he suddenly let out a laugh.


As for the vice leader who was already looking at Qin Fang’s side, he too, was startled by Qin Fang’s sudden laugh. He reluctantly shifted his eyes from the two girls to Qin Fang, and his face was filled with unhappiness.


However, after taking a good look at Qin Fang’s face, he immediately furrowed his brows, and exchanged words with the officer with a small beard beside him. The fatty nodded his heads intermittently during the talk, and when he turned his head around to look at Qin Fang again, his gaze became weird.


“Stall that violate the rules will have all their things confiscated!”


The fat vice leader slowly walked towards Qin Fang, and with a wave of his hands, the ten plus ‘temporary workers’ rushed forward, and started taking all the things belonging to Qin Fang.


Compared to the other stalls that only had a few utensils kept, or who only had their money taken, Qin Fang had it worse. All his items were confiscated, and some of them even purposely dropped the bowls on the ground, shattering them.


Some officers were hurt by the broken glass pieces, and started complaining. The problem was that they didn’t scold the other officers who broke the bowls, but rather, cursed at the owner of this stall, namely, Qin Fang. In other words, all of their hostility were directed at Qin Fang.


Qin Fang didn’t think much of it at the start. After all, in this nation, the City Supervisors was a very mysterious organisation. However, now that he thought more about it, he found something weird.


“You guys…”


Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue also didn’t expect the City Supervisors to be so lowly, and the vulgarities they used caused even Tang Feifei to be burning with anger. The owner of this stall was not just Qin Fang. As a business partner, the City Supervisors were also scolding her too.


On top of that, the lustful eyes of the vice leader caused her to scream disgusting in her heart.


“Feifei, no!”


Luckily, Xiao Muxue was still quite rational, and hurriedly pulled back Tang Feifei who was going to reason with the City Supervisors. Now, the most important thing they had to do was to protect the money they had.


At this time, the fatty also finally directed his hostility solely at Qin Fang.


“Are you the boss here?”


The fatty arrogantly walked up to Qin Fang, and after scrutinising Qin Fang’s looks and clothes, asked a question he already knew the answer to.


“Correct, I am the boss!”


Qin Fang didn’t mind, and replied courteously with a nod.


“This is a public area, don’t you know? For setting up stall here on your own accord, you have broken the rules and damaged the image of the city. Now, all the items belonging to your stall will be confiscated, and you will be fined 10,000 dollars.


The fatty pulled out a small book, and wrote a fine. He then slammed the fine onto Qin Fang’s chest, without caring about whether Qin Fang would take it or not.


“No money!”


Qin Fang’s face slightly changed, and from his eyes you could see that he was suppressing his anger, However, he still cooly squeezed out two words.


The City Supervisors did indeed have the authority to fine people, but after observing the surroundings, he found out that though all the stall owners have been fined, but they were only fined around 300-500 dollars. Even those who were given harsher punishments, aka those who tried running, were only fined up to 2000 dollars.


Yet, Qin Fang was directly fined 10,000 dollars, despite not resisting at all. If there wasn’t something fishy about this, then pigs would fly.


Qin Fang naturally didn’t think that Li Feng was behind this. He only thought that the fatty was jealous that he had two beauties beside him and thus gave a harsher fine.


“No money?”


The fatty’s face changed. He Had been thinking about how he was going to strike up a conversation with the two pretty girls. As long as they were willing to sacrifice their bodies to plead for mercy, he didn’t mind letting them off lightly.


However, he didn’t think that Qin Fang would be so tough. He directly rejected him with a sentence, and caused the surrounding officers to stare at the fatty. His fat face instantly turned red with anger, and shouted at Qin Fang darkly.


“If you have no money, then you will be arrested!”


The moment those words left the fatty’s mouth, Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue’s face changed greatly. They really didn’t think that the fatty would flip out so violently, and the few officers walked over with a sinister smile, while cracking their hands.


“When did the City Supervisors become the police?”


Only Qin Fang was still calmly saying sarcastic things with a cold smile.


“Stop spouting nonsense! Catch him!”


However, the fatty was extremely upset from getting retorted by Qin Fang, and ordered the temporary workers once again.


The officers looked at each other, and then rushed at Qin Fang after gritting their teeth. The officers were all big men, and had strong combat abilities. They were the warriors of the City Supervisors.


<City Supervisors Temporary Worker. LV 1. The epitome of a person having low level but high combat ability. Their trump card is ‘I’m just a temporary worker’, and if you go against them, there is only defeat waiting for you.>


Looking at the evaluation, their levels were indeed very low, but the description left Qin Fang speechless. Qin Fang had wanted to brawl with them, but after seeing a officer secretly lift up a bench, Qin Fang didn’t dare to move. Though his HP increased by quite a lot, he still couldn’t take the continuous hits of so many officers.


*smack* *smack*


Qin Fang didn’t know who first started kicking, and only felt his legs being kicked, causing him to fall forward helplessly. The temporary workers really didn’t show mercy, and punched and kicked Qin Fang. As for the fatty, he was happily standing at the side and looking at the show, and even took out a cigarette.


“Qin Fang! You guys… stop it!”


Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue at this time could not endure it anymore, and seeing Qin Fang getting beaten up, rushed over to him. However, they didn’t dare to rush at the intimidating officers, and shouted for them to stop while standing outside the group beating Qin Fang up.


“Hey, pretty girls…”


The fatty vice-leader couldn’t contain himself anymore after seeing the two girls come out and immediately went forward to them. After all, he had waited for a long time for this opportunity. He was jealous all the while of Qin Fang for being able to be with the pretty girls, and was always waiting for an opportunity to interact with them.




But before his fat hands could touch Tang Feifei’s arms, Tang Feifei immediately retreated a step, and shouted at him.


“Shitty fatty! Let him go immediately, or I will make life difficult for you!”


“Hmph! What if I don’t want to?”


The fatty was quite tough, and was used to girls rejecting him like that. He naturally knew how to handle Tang Feifei, and immediately took on a condescending attitude.


“You dare? Then I will have you lose that leader cap you are wearing!”


Tang Feifei at this time was starting to show her ‘chilli padi’ self.


“My dad is part of the municipal committee, Tang Yongping! I will tell him that you harassed me in public!”


“What bullshit municipal committee? Tang…”


The fatty had wanted to retort, but before he could, the words got stuck in his throat. Who was Tang Yongping? He was the secretary of the Tranquil Sea City municipal committee, and was also a member of the standing party. He was a man that would eventually succeed the position of governor, a person of high status and influence.


If the fatty were to insult Tang Yongping, not only a small City Supervisors Team vice leader like him, even the leader and the head of the City Supervisors would be deeply embroiled in trouble.


He had been skeptical at the start, but after remembering that the one who asked him to do this was someone from the Li family, he immediately realised that what Tang Feifei said was probably true.


“So you are Miss Tang! This is a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding! Everything is a misunderstanding.”


The vice leader immediately explained, and looked at Qin Fang from the side of his eyes. Seeing that he was already quite beaten up, and his mission could be considered to be accomplished, he immediately ordered the officers.


“Stop, quickly stop!”


“Qin Fang!”


Tang Feifei didn’t care about the fatty anymore, and seeing that they had stopped, immediately went to help Qin Fang up together with Xiao Muxue. However, even after getting beaten up like that,  he didn’t seem injured at all, though his clothes were dirtied. He stood up and dusted off his clothes, while the smile on his face remained as bright as ever.


He even flashed the finger at the fatty, instantly causing the fatty to fume, having the impulse to call his subordinates to start beating Qin Fang again. However, he thought about Tang Feifei’s status, and had no choice but to endure it in the end. Thus, the fatty said ‘let’s go’ to his men, and left.


“Qin Fang, are you okay?”


Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue naturally ignored the City Supervisors, and only cared about Qin Fang. They surrounded him, and asked for his wellbeing with concern.


“I’m fine…”


However, Qin Fang seemed out of sorts. Looking at the arrogant fatty turning around and leaving with his hands behind his backs, Qin Fang’s heart was boiling with anger. After replying to the girls, he suddenly used his mind, and the brick that was just repaired was willed into existence. He then threw the brick in his hands to the fatty that was not far away.




The brick instantly turned into a black shadow and flew at a high speed, hitting the back of the fatty’s head.


The fatty was walking right behind, acting cool as the leader, and didn’t expect to feel pain at the back of his head. The force of the brick was huge, and thus caused him to fall forward, knocking into a street lamp. The steel street lamp was obviously more sturdy than his head, and he immediately started bleeding from his forehead.


“Who?! Who did it?!”


The pain and damage he suffered were not light, and the one-two punch immediately infuriated the fatty who did not have a good temper in the first place. His facial expression twisted, and he roared at the people behind. However, all he could see behind him was Qin Fang and the two girls. Thus, he immediately pointed at Qin Fang, and shouted, “It’s you! It’s definitely you!”


“I think it is you whose eyes have problems! Not looking at the road while walking… What does you knocking into the pole yourself have to do with me?!”


Qin Fang pretended he was uninvolved and said sarcastically.


“F*cker! You threw something at me!”


The moment the fatty said those words, everybody stared at him. Especially the officers who had already boarded the pickup truck, as no matter how they scanned the vicinity, they couldn’t see anything that was thrown. The floor was very clean, with nothing strewn about at all.


“I threw something at you? You must be brain dead! All my things have already been confiscated by you, so what can I throw at you? Crazy bastard…”


Qin Fang scoffed and gave a disdainful smile. That brick was his item, and after he used it, he immediately sent it back to his [Item Box]. How could the fatty provide evidence that he was the culprit?


“*&^%$*! I will not let you off easily! All of you listen up! From today onwards, send people to supervise everyday! As long as this rascal dare to set up stall again, confiscate all his things again!”


The fatty whose embarrassment turned into anger couldn’t wait to rip Qin Fang’s flesh out. However, he had to be mindful of Tang Feifei’s status, and endured it in the end. But, he still abused his power, and gave a command to utterly and completely cut off Qin Fang’s income.


Meanwhile, Qin Fang was smiling, and celebrating the benefits the brick brought him.


<Attack on target successful! Due to the special properties in the target’s evaluation, damage +50%!> (T/N: You know, about smashing these type of scumbags with bricks?”


<Skill learned: [Throwing]! Skill proficiency: Beginner, EXP: 50%>


<Successfully repelled City Supervisors Vice Team Leader. EXP +20>

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