Omni Genius – Chapter 61: Opening A Noodle Restaurant

In Qin Fang’s small room, three people were sitting there in a silly daze.


“What do we do now?”

Tang Feifei said with a glum face.


“Those City Supervisors are really too much! They were obviously picking on us!” (T/N: From now on, I’m abbreviating City Supervisors as CS. Really too goddamed long to spell.)


Xiao Muxue’s expression was similar to Tang Feifei’s, but even glummer. It couldn’t be helped. On her first day at work, the CS came to wreck their stall.


Ever since the CS came, they already had no business for one whole week. Or should one say that every day, there was a CS car parked at Qin Fang’s stall vicinity? The CS didn’t care about the other stalls, and let them do their businesses, but the moment Qin Fang appeared, they would observe Qin Fang like a hawk, not giving him a chance to set up his stall at all.


“Forget it, from the looks of things, this business can’t continue anymore. Well, just as well as school is starting in a few more days.”


Compared to the girls, Qin Fang was calmer. After getting disturbed for a week, the holidays was indeed coming to an end. Luckily, he had already amassed enough money for his school fees and daily expenses. However, the money to send home to his mother would have to wait.


“No way! We can’t get defeated just like that!”


Hearing that Qin Fang was planning to admit defeat, Tang Feifei was the first to object.


“Feifei, what can we do other than admit defeat? We can’t find another place to start again, right?… Why not you ask your father for help?”


Xiao Muxue looked at Tang Feifei. She was naturally reluctant to admit defeat too, but nothing could be done. However, she suddenly remembered about Tang Feifei’s father, and couldn’t resist the urge to add the last sentence.


“Muxue, don’t ask for that!”


Before Tang Feifei could reply, Qin Fang furrowed his eyebrows, and lightly scolded Xiao Muxue.


He had been aware of Tang Feifei’s identity since a long time ago. Her father is one of the hands of Tranquil Sea City, and was a high-ranking officer. Asking him who has such a high status to deal with a lowly Vice Team Leader was a joke.


Furthermore, if they really did that, then Qin Fang would be humiliated. Everyone would say that he was leeching off Tang Feifei, and was a spineless garbage.


“Then what do we do?”


After getting scolded by Qin Fang, Xiao Muxue got a little angry, and started pouting.




Qin Fang was immediately speechless. If he had an idea, then he wouldn’t be whiling away his time here frivolously already.


“Qin Fang, Muxue is right!”


At this time, Tang Feifei suddenly interjected.


“Feifei, you are willing to ask your father for help?”


Xiao Muxue was instantly happy.


“No, you definitely can’t! I would rather admit defeat!”


Qin Fang’s face changed, and he was almost shouting.


“What are you guys thinking about?! If I ask my father for help for such a small matter, then he would beat me to death!”


As Tang Feifei looked at Qin Fang whose face was red due to anger, she thought Qin Fang looked quite cute. However, seeing that Qin Fang and Xiao Muxue was looking at her with shock now, she started explaining herself slowly.


“I meant that Xiao Muxue brought up a good point just now… We can change a place to continue doing business! For example, Orchid Park!”


“We are really changing location? Orchid Park…”


Xiao Muxue replied with surprise.


“I heard from my aunt and uncle that there are a lot of stalls near the universities campuses, and competition is intense. If not for the competition, they wouldn’t have to move to here from Orchid Park…”


Qin Fang also nodded his head. When he first planned where to set up stall, he had asked Big Sis Pan for advice. Orchid Park was the location in the university campuses where facilities such as restaurants, snack stalls, and lodging were densest. It could be considered to be the most prosperous business area in the university campuses area, encompassing over ten schools.


And that was why people said, “As long as you can get a business running at Orchid Park, you would have no money problems anymore!”


Most of the stall owners Qin Fang knew came from Orchid Park. They had really bad business there, and it was at South Gate Market where competition was lesser where business got much better. While not really earning pots of golds, they had enough to live quite a fulfilling life.


“They couldn’t do it, but that doesn’t mean we can’t! Don’t forget, who has the best business in South Gate Market? Us! Which stall is so busy that the workers can’t even rest? Us! Which stall earns the most money? Still us! Why is our business so good? Naturally, because Qin Fang’s skills are good! So what if it is Orchid Park? As long as we have Qin Fang, we can do well anywhere!”


Tang Feifei impassioned speech not only let Xiao Muxue’s eyes sparkle, it even moved Qin Fang. However, he knew that there were some difficulties in setting up a stall there.


“But, Orchid Park is still under the management of those CS…”


As Qin Fang was agonising in his heart, Xiao Muxue brought up the problem Qin Fang was troubled by.


“What are you afraid of? The CS can prevent us from setting up stall as we do not have the right to do so. This time, we won’t set up stall, and will directly get a shop, and open a noodle restaurant! Let’s see what they can about us then!”


Tang Feifei obviously already had a plan, and expressed it.


“Open a noodle restaurant?”


Hearing Tang Feifei’s idea, Qin Fang hesitated. The reason was simple. Two words. No money!


The advantage of setting up stall was that it could be done anywhere, and only needed the most basic of cost to run it. It was low cost, high profits. However, a noodle restaurant was different. Running it needed money for rent, utility bills, license, hygiene certificate, and other onerous things. More importantly- they were going to school soon. The free time they had to run the restaurant would be very limited.


“Don’t worry, Qin Fang. I will go ask Sister Xiao Ning for help. With her help, the paperwork can be done quickly, and it won’t even cost much. The only thing left would be renting a lot, but you can use the profit we earned this month that belongs to me to pay for it. You are the big boss and head chef, while I am the second boss and waitress. With you skills, I believe that the moment we open the restaurant, our profits would skyrocket. Getting back the cost price would only take a few days! Or do you not even have confidence in your skills?”


Tang Feifei was an extremely smart girl, and knew what Qin Fang was troubled by. However, she didn’t want Qin Fang to lose just like that, and immediately thought up of suitable solutions for all the problem.


“Right! Me too, count me in!”


Hearing Tang Feifei’s plan, Xiao Muxue’s eyes started shining. Seeing that Tang Feifei purposely left her out, she immediately took the initiative to join in.


“Just right, I have the 10,000 dollars from the day you saved me. That money rightfully belonged to you, and since you gave it to me, I will use it to invest in you. That is acceptable, right?”


“Exactly! Since we got that money for free, investing it is better!”


Tang Feifei was also a clever person. Even if she was a little unsatisfied with Xiao Muxue trying to earn some points, it was true that that money was better used for the restaurant.


“Yup, yup!”


As some people say, a girl who wanted to persuade you was like 500 ducks quacking. And in front of Qin Fang was two girls constantly trying to persuade him and was even cooperating with each other, ending each other sentences. Qin Fang really felt like 1000 ducks were quacking right into his ears.


“Okay! You girls are right, okay?!”


Not being able to take the constant bombard of the girls, Qin Fang helplessly raised the white flag. Well, in the first place, he was already giving this plan two thumbs up. He only didn’t want to proceed because of money problems.


However, with Tang Feifei’s arrangement, all the problems that he thought was impossible to surmount was solved. If not for his pride as a man, he would have used his white underwear as a white flag and agreed to the plan the moment it was mentioned.


From a moving stall to a stable noodle restaurant boss. In a short few days, Qin Fang’s status changed. He might have to thank that fatty vice leader for this.


Even if the fatty was now still holding an ice bag to his head. Qin Fang himself didn’t know that the brick throw coupled with the [Throwing] skill had a DoT effect…

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