Omni Genius – Chapter 62: One Boss And Two Lady Bosses

As Tang Feifei had promised, after getting Ning Yumo’s help, the paperwork for everything only needed three days.

The newly rented location was at the passenger street of Orchid Park, and although not the most busy place in Orchid Park, it was not far from it.


Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue were also very busy during these three days. Though the two girls were young, but they were far better than Qin Fang at accounting.


Especially their abilities to get discounts, it was not what Qin Fang could ever hope to match. The two girls only had to put on their bright smiles, and the person renting the lot was instantly charmed, and cheated. Not only did they get a 20% discount, they even made it such that the iron-clad rule of renting in 6 month blocks was broken and they could pay the rent on a monthly basis instead.


And when the charmed landlord looked at the contract the girls had him sign after returning to his senses, he instantly felt like crying.


However, if he went back on his words now, he would lose face, and he couldn’t take it. Luckily, the girls helped him out here, and specially said that if he or his friends were to come here to eat, they would get a 20% discount. With that perk, the landlord happily left.


The lot was rented, and only the renovations remained. Fortunately, this lot had also been used for selling food previously. However, the previous owner, just like Fatty Chen, didn’t have good skills, resulting in bad business and had no choice but to close shop. Now, Qin Fang only needed to do some minor renovations and everything would be set.


And the renovations was naturally supervised by the girls. From selecting the materials, to proposing and hacking down the price, everything was handled by them. Meanwhile, Qin Fang used the last few days of holidays to go learn how to make dumplings from Uncle Fang who had made the special dumplings, and also successfully made the secret sauce Strong Rat taught him.


<[Secret Sauce (Grade 2)], Deliciousness +2>


This was the properties of Qin Fang’s secret sauce. Very simple, having only Deliciousness +2.


However, the stat was extremely good in Qin Fang’s opinion. This meant that even if his noodles were not that good, as long as the sauce was used, it would become very good. After Qin Fang tested the sauce, though not all the effects of Deliciousness +2 was applied when eating the noodles, at least +1 Deliciousness was in effect.


As for the secret dumplings, under the power of intermediate [Culinary Arts], even the successor of the secret dumplings, Uncle Fang, had no choice but to say it is better than his. Well, under Qin Fang’s fervent invitation, Uncle Fang became Qin Fang’s noodle restaurant’s business partner, and all the dumplings sold in the restaurant would be provided by Uncle Fang. Of course, they had already talked about the price, and this was Qin Fang’s way of repaying Uncle Fang.


However, Qin Fang had other motives when helping Uncle Fang too. Even if he knew how to make the dumplings, it was troublesome and time-consuming. He didn’t have the time to spare, and Qin Fang needed a lot of dumplings. It was a wonder medicine that could restore his HP, so he naturally needed a lot in reserve.


But wait, won’t it spoil?! However, Qin Fang unexpectedly found out that his [Item Box] could not only take things out, but also store things too. Especially the secret dumplings, after throwing them in, it became like a red HP pot in games, and could even stack. However, each slot in the [Item Box] can only stack up to 99, and these dumplings were automatically tied to him. Other than Qin Fang himself, no one could eat the dumplings.


What was even more of a pity was that the [Item Box] only had three slots, and now, with the brick and 99 dumplings, only 1 was left.


“Haaa, I don’t even know if I can expand the [Item Box].


Qin Fang could be considered to be quite a good gamer, and knew that some Pay2Win games had the feature to expand bag slots by paying money. He couldn’t help but wish there was this feature for his [Item Box] too.


However, to the him now, it was only a thought. Let’s not say it’s impossible. Assuming it was possible, Qin Fang didn’t have the money…


Time flew by, and Qin Fang was so tensed he felt like he was sitting on a needle carpet every day. The renovations were nearing completion, and Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue had already set down the time of opening, which was three days before school starts. The three discussed and decided they wanted to boost their popularity before school starts, and as students start flowing in when school reopens, they would naturally get customers.


As for the name of the store, Qin Fang had a headache about it.


The store name was to be a combination of their names, being ‘Fang’, ‘Fei’ and ‘Xue’, joining up to become ‘Fangfeixue’. However, the two girls thought that it didn’t look nice, and slightly changed Qin Fang’s ‘Fang’ to become ‘Fragrant Feixue’.


Qin Fang was livid when they changed his part to be so girly, but when the girls suggested to settle it democratically, Qin Fang surrendered before the voting even started. What else could he do? He was one, while they were two. He also had to respect their decision as they were the ones who provided money for him to even start a restaurant in the first place…


Anyways, on the day of the opening, it wasn’t extravagant, and there weren’t mountains of customers flooding in either. They just opened shop, and they received a flower hamper sent by Ning Yumo.


Perhaps due to school not being open yet, Orchid Park was not that crowded. On top of that, their location wasn’t the ideal one, so there weren’t much business. It was the same for the stores around them too.


Originally, Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue’s relationship with the nearby store owners were quite good. But when they found out that the girls weren’t opening a clothes shop but a restaurant like them, even if they wanted to go and ogle the girls, they still reacted the same way. That is, ‘If we are in the same business, we are enemies’, and they didn’t even wish them luck.


Not only that, there were people who were jealous of Qin Fang having two girls next to him, and swiped customers away from Qin Fang right in front of him. That angered the two girls, and they really wanted to go and have a real life PK with those obnoxious people.


On that day customers were stolen, Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue were already livid, and was finding for a way to vent their anger. Then, another thing happened that further displeased them, causing them to decide to vent their anger on Qin Fang, but made Qin Fang very contented. Though it did cause him to get pinched till he got bruises on his arms, legs, and waist that very night…


Anyways, what happened was that there was a young customer who looked like he came from a faraway place. He had on a big, old bag, and the moment he saw Xiao Muxue sitting in the store and fanning herself, he called her ‘lady boss’. Of course, that startled Xiao Muxue and made her dazed.


At that moment, Qin Fang who was wearing a white chef uniform walked out, and the young customer smiled and called Qin Fang ‘boss’, instantly making Xiao Muxue so embarrassed that she wanted to hide under a table.


As if that wasn’t enough, Xiao Muxue who was too embarrassed to serve that customer went to hide in the kitchen, and since the guy ordered noodles, Qin Fang naturally went to the kitchen to make it. However, the noodle this time was served by Tang Feifei, but the young chap didn’t notice that it was not Xiao Muxue, and just said, “Thank you, lady boss!”, politely.


Thus, the legend of Fragrant Feixue having one boss and two lady bosses started spreading from mouth to mouth due to other customers who saw the scene, and it spread to even the university campuses…


Translator’s Notes:

In case you are wondering, in Chinese culture, you call the wife of the boss of a shop ‘lady boss’. Hence, the young customer/chap was implying that Xiao Muxue and Tang Feifei were Qin Fang’s wives. If that is not embarrassing, then I don’t know what is… RIP Qin Fang, but too bad, tongues wag.

Staff List:

Saquacon (Translator)

Koukouseidesu (PR)     


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