Omni Genius – Chapter 63: LV3 Fang Dacheng

“Hahaha… Feifei, ahh, my sides!”


When the young chap said ‘lady boss’, Qin Fang came out of the kitchen, and Xiao Muxue tagged along too. When she heard those words, Xiao Muxue immediately thought of her embarrassment just now, and instantly poured oil on the fire and started laughing at Tang Feifei. This further embarrassed Tang Feifei.




Tang Feifei slammed the bowl of noodles on the table, and looked like she was about to start raging.


Unfortunately, in the young chap’s eyes, there was only the noodles, and not Tang Feifei. He immediately took over the bowl of noodles, and sniffed it. A fragrant aroma assailed his nose, and he couldn’t help but exclaim, “Smells heavenly!”


“Of course it is! This is our store’s most…”


When Tang Feifei heard the praise, she had wanted to boast a little, but she realised the young chap had already started wolfing down the noodles, and was not listening to her at all.


Tang Feifei got quite angry from being ignored by the person who embarrassed her, and luckily Qin Fang signalled Xiao Muxue, and she obediently went to pull Tang Feifei back. Like this, they didn’t let Tang Feifei oust out the first customer of their restaurant.


“Just like a pig!”


Tang Feifei looked at the appearance of the young chap eating, and grumbled. Then she saw Qin Fang smiling there happily gloating, and immediately shouted at him.


“You are also the same! Pig!”


“Urk! What has this got to do with me?…”


Qin Fang was taken aback, and rubbed his nose while smiling bitterly.


“Boss, how much?”


Not long after, the young chap finished the noodles. As he rubbed his stomach, he also gazed at the bowl of noodles he had just finished, looking like he hasn’t had enough. After hesitating for a while, he still decided not to order for more, and asked Qin Fang for the bill.


As Qin Fang was walking with the girls, he walked to the young chap from the counter, and the young chap was just taking a small bag from his big bag. In the small bag there was money wrapped with newspaper. Part of it was one stack of $100, and the other were small changes.


Seeing that scene, Qin Fang knew that the young chap’s financial situation was not that much different from his, and was quite sympathetic. And while he was glancing at the chap’s belongings, he found something familiar.


“Are you also a new student at Tranquil Sea University?”


The familiar thing was a red envelope, and was also the notice of being successfully accepted into the university. Qin Fang, Tang Feifei, and Xiao Muxue all had one. He didn’t think his first customer would also be his schoolmate.


“En, are you one too?”


The young chap was alerted, and cautiously looked at Qin Fang. He seemed like he didn’t believe Qin Fang was also a student.


“Correct, I am one too. The two girls behind me are also students there. My name is Qin Fang, management stream first-year university student.


“I am called Fang Dacheng, and architecture stream first-year university student! Qin Fang, you are so awesome! Not even attending university yet ,and already running a business. Unlike me, who only knows how to eat!”


Fang Dacheng also smiled, and his smile was bright, eyes clear.


<Fang Dacheng, neutral tending to friendly. LV3, has a kind and simple personality, a gentle and straightforward tanned handsome guy>


This was the result of Qin Fang’s appraisal. He was a normal person, and didn’t have anything special. The only thing that surprised Qin Fang was that he was LV 3, and was much higher than himself and Tang Feifei, being on the same level as those fugitives.


However, seeing the muscles Fang Dacheng had, he knew that Fang Dacheng normally did some heavy work, so having a slightly higher level was a given.


“Don’t say that! I’m just trying to earn a living. Coincidentally, this is our opening day, and since you are our first customer, this bowl is free! If you did not have enough, you can call for another, but this time, I will charge for it!”


Seeing Fang Dacheng who had slightly tanned skin, Qin Fang felt quite cordial, and made a generous offer.


To not let Fang Dacheng get awkward, he even added the last sentence.


“No need, I have eaten my fill. Thanks!”


However, Fang Dacheng only rejected with a laugh, and even wanted to take some money out for Qin Fang. However, it was rejected by Qin Fang, saying that the first customer must eat free, and that is an iron-clad rule, blah blah blah. Only then did Fang Dacheng keep the money.


However, after this matter, Qin Fang who knew that Fang Dacheng really had not had his fill had good feelings for Fang Dacheng.


Of course, Qin Fang’s preference was normal, and he was not homosexual. It was just simple liking of an admirable person.


“Feifei, Muxue, come over quick! Let me introduce you to a school mate!”


Qin Fang called Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue over, and introduced them to Fang Dacheng.


“This… we are all the boss, and not lady bosses!”


After a simple introduction of themselves, Tang Feifei cleared up the misunderstanding, albeit in an angry tone.




Seeing Tang Feifei’s fierce demeanour, Fang Dacheng could only be sorry and apologise while holding his hands above his head. However, he was not affected by Tang Feifei’s and Xiao Muxue’s beauty, and his eyes were only on the empty noodles bowl.


The two girls couldn’t do anything about Fang Dacheng’s obsession with food, and didn’t say anything.


Luckily, at this awkward moment, more customers came in. The two girls immediately rushed over to attend to them, and Qin Fang went back into the kitchen to start making noodles.


“Qin Fang, that Fang Dacheng guy is not bad. If not for his help just now, those customers would have been stolen by those shops again…”


Not long after, Xiao Muxue took the orders in, and didn’t forget to tell Qin Fang about Fang Dacheng.


“Oh? How did he help?”


While Qin Fang was quickly making the noodles, he couldn’t help but ask about the specifics.


“He, of course, told those customers how good our noodles are! He’s quite funny, and even almost had a bet with the customers.”


Xiao Muxue said while laughing.


“Hmm? Has your heart been moved?”


Qin Fang said jokingly, even if he didn’t know why his heart felt a little uncomfortable.


“What are you talking about? Quickly make the noodles!”


Xiao Muxue was slightly startled, and then knocked Qin Fang on the head a little. After that, she rolled her eyes, and left. When her back was towards Qin Fang, her eyes had a little disappointment.


Looking at Xiao Muxue who left suddenly, Qin Fang seemed like he sensed something, but he only felt that the figure of Xiao Muxue’s back as she left was slightly lonely.


“Perhaps due to all the misfortune that has happened to her, she still feels like she is all alone…”


Qin Fang thought so in his heart.


In no time at all, for bowls of noodles were ready. Combined with the secret sauce Qin Fang had already prepared, the taste and smell of the bowl of noodles made a person’s heart beat. It was too alluring.


After serving the noodles to the three customers, Qin Fang served another bowl of noodles to Fang Dacheng.


“Thanks for your help just now! This is my treat.”


“No need.”


Just as Fang Dacheng wanted to refuse, Qin Fang already stood up, and went back into the kitchen. Maybe due to the store having customers now, the formerly desolate restaurant had more and more people coming in, and Qin Fang had to start working. He could not chat with Fang Dacheng anymore.


Fang Dacheng in the end looked at the bowl of noodles on the table, and still ate it. Just like the first bowl, it was downed in no time.


When he left, he did so quietly. Qin Fang, Tang Feifei, and Xiao Muxue were all busy, and he didn’t say anything to them. However, he placed money for two bowls of noodles under the bowl.
This was Qin Fang’s first meeting with the man who would in the future, always stand by him as his sworn brother.(P/R: How I Met Your Brother season 1)

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