Omni Genius – Chapter 64: In A Gang Fight

Though Fang Dacheng had left, his words allowed Qin Fang to get more customers, making the formerly desolate restaurant slowly start to get crowded.


As Qin Fang’s skills were above the rest, in no time at all, the restaurant acquired fame around Orchid Park. Like this, they had accomplished their goal of making themselves famous before school starts, and were well on their way to success.


On this day, school finally started at Tranquil Sea University.


After the three finished the breakfast business, they headed towards the school without hurrying. They met with some upperclassmen in nearby universities, and they all ate at Qin Fang’s store before. Seeing the three, many greeted Qin Fang enviously.


The restaurant having a boss and two lady bosses spread in two short days, and some even visited the restaurant to verify that rumour. However, when they tasted Qin Fang’s noodles, they got addicted to it. As the price was cheap and the portion fulfilling, they quickly made Qin Fang’s restaurant a place to go when they wanted to eat.


Tranquil Sea University, as one of the best school in the eastern coast, though not as prestigious as Water Wood and First Big, was always in the top 5 in the national school rankings.


As the best university in its province, it was the pride of the people, and many treated getting into this school as an honour. However, vacancy was limited, and only a few could get in.


But as people all over the nation wanted to go in, the number of students in the school was still quite large. Just by looking at the endless stream of cars entering Tranquil Sea University while Qin Fang and the girls were walking there was enough to prove that point.


When they just entered the school, they could see long tables under Chinese parasol trees. There were many different desks, and each belonged to one stream of the university. New students only had to take the notification of acceptance to the corresponding desk to report.


When Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue, the beautiful sister flowers appeared, it immediately attracted the attention of many. Now only new students, but upperclassmen also stared at them with wide eyes.


“My fellow schoolmate, may I ask what your stream is? I belong to the electrical…”


“I belong to the vegetation…”


“I belong to the workers…”


Before Qin Fang could react, he was squeezed far away by waves of upperclassmen that looked like tiger and wolves. These guys tried to earn the favour of the girls.As for the ‘unidentified living organism’ Qin Fang, he was naturally ignored.


“What the f*ck is this?!”


Towards the group of perverts, Qin Fang had a helpless face.


“AH! A pervert! Qin Fang, save me!”


“There’s a pervert!”


However, when not even 10 seconds had passed yet, he suddenly heard Tang Feifei screaming, and then shouting for help. Qin Fang’s face immediately changed.


“Make way, make way!”


Hearing Tang Feifei’s plea for help, Qin Fang immediately panicked. He immediately rushed into the human crowd.


Though Qin Fang’s level was only 1, he had all stats +5, allowing him to have an advantage over most normal people. Unless the person was really strong, not many people had greater strength than him.


When Qin Fang saw a person in front of him not listening, and even pushing forward, the panicking Qin Fang used both hands to hold the shoulders of the unlucky guy in front, and threw that person out.


And that person was not the first. Qin Fang could constantly hear Tang Feifei’s and Xiao Muxue’s angry voice, and he didn’t care anymore and pulled anyone in front of him away, roughly.


“%^&%&! Who is blindly pushing?!”


“&^&*^*! Which bastard stepped on me?!”


Qin Fang was like a pebble thrown onto a calm lake, and immediately made ripples. He made the already chaotic situation even worse.


“It was that rascal who pushed me! F*ck your mother! Why push?!”


However, Qin Fang’s advance was too obvious, and was quickly discovered, attracting the resistance of many perverts. Especially the guy whose shoulders Qin Fang was holding onto now, who started saying really, really vulgar things.


When people complained that it was too squeezy just now, Qin Fang didn’t care. But the moment that person said those words, Qin Fang who wanted to continue his advance stopped. He turned around, looked at the person who insulted his mother, and his eyes turned cold.


“What did you say just now?”


“F*ck your mother! If you push anymore, I will f*ck you up!”


The guy was no good fellow, and as he was trying to go forward to take advantage of the girls, Qin Fang pushing and even questioning him like this infuriated him.


“F*ck you then!”


Qin Fang replied with a fist, and aimed it at the guy’s nose.


As a child of a single parent, Qin Fang really loved and respected his mother. He didn’t allow anyone to disrespect his mother. From since when he was young, Qin Fang had never got into much trouble or fights. But whenever he did, he fought because someone insulted his mother.


And the guy in front of him was the same. If Tang Feifei’s call for help caused him to be impatient, then what this guy did was touch the dragon’s beard. Thus, that guy immediately bled for it.


“F*cker, you dare hit me?! Brothers, beat him up!”


The person bleeding from his nose had a face of disbelief, and didn’t expect Qin Fang to start fighting just like that. He was also angry at this time, and called for his friends who were quite close to him for help.


Qin Fang suddenly felt that there were many people staring at him, and then rushed at him together, wanting to oust him.


When the first fist landed on Qin Fang, Qin Fang still had not noticed yet. But when the second person despicably kicked his little bro, the instantaneous pain pissed Qin Fang off completely.


“You guys, are courting death…”


Perhaps due to being suppressed by the CS all these days, he was full of rage. He who was already quite angry was ignited by the underhanded blow, and Qin Fang exploded.




Qin Fang didn’t have the time to check the particulars of the people hitting him, and with a simple glance, saw that almost all of them were LV1, the same level as him. However, they didn’t have the advantage of all stats +5, and these people were emitting a dim red light, allowing Qin Fang to differentiate friend from foe.


<System quest activated. Quest details: Defeating a hundred alone (Defeat all the people attacking you). Quest rewards: 100 EXP, 100 skill points (can be added to any skill you want), title: Defeating A Hundred Alone>


The notice came suddenly, and appeared at the moment Qin Fang was preparing to defeat the people attacking him.


“Wow! So there is also a quest system…”


Looking at the notice, Qin Fang could not help but be distracted for a while, and was punched in his cheeks, causing him pain. The pain let him recover, and he didn’t dare to analyse the mission anymore.


However, a simple glance at the mission rewards already made Qin Fang’s saliva come down like a waterfall.


“Isn’t it just a gang fight? I have brought enough HP pots, why would I be scared of you bunch of misfits?”


Qin Fang surveyed his surroundings, and estimated the number of people attacking him was at most 30, quite a distance away from 100. And many were total newbies at fighting.




Qin Fang didn’t care anymore, and caught the person who gave his little bro a kick just now. He then punched him in the face twice, and blood flew out from his nose.


Knowing when to stop, Qin Fang stopped. Bleeding from the nose wasn’t a big deal, but if he continued, the person could get really injured. He threw that guy away, and then caught another unlucky guy, punched him, before pouncing at yet another guy again.


This process repeated, and Qin Fang himself didn’t know how many guys did he beat. However, his fists had quite some blood on it, and was slightly hurting. After all, forces act in pairs. The harder he punched, the greater the recoil on his hand was. (T/N: Physics with Qin Fang~)


However, the other parts of his body were hurting more. Almost every time he was taking down a guy, three were showing him some ‘care’. In this short span of time, Qin Fang’s HP dropped from the full 15 to 6, approaching the danger zone already.


“Err… did we go overboard with our shouting?”


Tang Feifei worriedly looked at Qin Fang who was getting hit by punches and underhanded kicks, and asked with an unsettled heart.


“Don’t worry. Qin Fang will be fine…”
Xiao Muxue was calmer, and calmly comforted Tang Feifei. However, her eyes were always on Qin Fang, betraying her nervousness.

Translator’s Notes:

Moral of the story, kids, is to not insult other people’s mother! Say f*cker only instead. >o< Actually, don’t even curse as much as possible! Use sophisticated insults instead. 😀

Staff List:

Saquacon (Translator)

Koukouseidesu (PR)     


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