Omni Genius – Chapter 65: I Want To Become Strong!!!

Author’s Notes:

There are readers that say that the MC is too weak and soft, and that the story is slow, but I want to say that a person’s birth and living conditions will limit his views, and growth. Even if the MC got a supernatural power, he can’t see what he can do with it immediately. He needs an igniter, to ignite and enlighten him.

From this chapter onwards, the MC starts exploding, and the plot goes along faster!

Translator’s Notes:

About damn time.


Well, the fight wasn’t entirely Qin Fang’s fault. It was the girls who wanted to play a prank. Seeing that Qin Fang was gone, with so many perverts around them, the girls got scared, and a little angry at Qin Fang for not being here to protect them. Thus, Tang Feifei acted like they were being attacked by perverts, and called for help. Xiao Muxue was naturally an accomplice.


However, Qin Fang’s reaction was a little too big, and the girls didn’t expect Qin Fang would just start fighting with so many perverts alone.


As the girls looked at Qin Fang who was still valiantly fighting the perverts with worry, the gang fight got bigger and bigger. The people who joined in were all youths filled with hormones, fighting as if if they didn’t, then they won’t be called men. On top of that, Qin Fang was alone, so they didn’t have much fear in joining in. A pervert even picked up a brick, and wanted to smash it on Qin Fang’s head.


“Ah! Qin Fang! Careful!”


When the brick was going down, Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue could clearly see it. They couldn’t sit still anymore, and immediately warned Qin Fang.


Qin Fang at this time didn’t even turn his head back, and hearing the girls warning him so hurriedly, instinctively elbowed the guy in front of him, and rushed forward.




Though Qin Fang already dodged quite quickly, the people surrounding him were too plentiful. Even ifs he wanted to dodge, it was difficult, and he immediately felt something blunt hitting his back. Qin Fang didn’t need to turn around to know it was a brick.


“^&*^! So vicious!”


The moment the brick landed on Qin Fang, Qin Fang thought that something was off.


Though Qin Fang was fighting quite roughly, and there was bloodshed on both sides, both sides didn’t dare to seriously injure the other. But this brick was not simply heavy-injury inducing, but life threatening!




At this time, a rough voice resounded, and almost everyone was startled, and instinctively looked at the direction where the voice came from. Thus, everybody stopped fighting.


Wrong, there was still one who was fighting!


The person holding a brick didn’t stop because others stopped, but continued to take the brick and try to hit Qin Fang hard.


However, without others to restrain Qin Fang, it was one on one now. Qin Fang didn’t need to fear him anymore. Qin Fang now had his back towards the assailant, and Qin Fang estimated the distance between them, before suddenly kicking.


<Sneak attack successful, EXP +1%>


Though the attack this time was by strict definition, not a sneak attack, since the system said it is, it was.


The person took Qin Fang’s sudden kick head on, and his rushing motion was stopped, followed by retreating a few steps.


“A pity that he didn’t get dazed!”


Qin Fang lamented that fact, but his body was like an eagle, and pounced at the person. He had half the mind to summon the brick, but thinking about all the people around, decided not to.




But even so, Qin Fang who had Agility +5 was faster than the opponent, and reacted better. Without people to interrupt him, Qin Fang was in front of his opponent in a few steps, and he gave him a palm to his cheek.


Only now did Qin Fang see the person trying to take his life. He was about 30, and was obviously not a student at Tranquil Sea University. While contemplating about when did he offend this guy, causing him to want to kill him, Qin Fang saw an ashen face at the security guard office, and realised the reason suddenly.


*smack smack smack!*


When he realised the reason, and recalled the suffering that the owner of the ashen face brought him, Qin Fang was filled with hatred, and he continuously attacked the person’s face, making it swollen.




A certain ashen-faced person cursed, but couldn’t do anything. He did wanted to ask the security officers to help him deal with Qin Fang, but the security officers rejected with a difficult face. They did want to bootlick this Young Master Feng, but seeing who was talking to Qin Fang now, they immediately extinguished the thought.


“Stop when it is suitable!”


Seeing that Qin Fang was being so vicious, the rough voice that stopped the fight resounded again, and Qin Fang felt his hand that was going to punch again being grabbed.




Qin Fang suspiciously looked at the person who stopped him. He was very young, and was at most 2-3 years older than Qin Fang. He was quite tall and built, and was wearing basketball clothes. In his mouth was a cigarette, and he looked like a sloppy hooligan. However, Qin Fang realised that the aura of this person was not normal.


“If you want to get expelled on the first day of school, then continue.”


The person laughed, released Qin Fang’s hand, and replied calmly.


“I can still cover this matter up now, but if someone is injured, then I can’t guarantee anything.”


Taking advantage of the moment when the two were slightly closer, the person softly warned Qin Fang.




Qin Fang instantly went quiet. Looking at the unlucky guy whose cheeks were completely swollen, and Li Feng who was walking over, his eyes told of his hesitation.




At the time Qin Fang was hesitating, Li Feng had already walked to the front of Qin Fang with his bodyguards. He didn’t say much, but his cold eyes that swept over Qin Fang seemed to contain flames that would spew out at anytime. He then looked at the young man standing beside Qin Fang, and left after asking his subordinate with a face swollen like a pig to move.


Qin Fang didn’t stop, no, he didn’t bother stopping him. That person was only Li Feng’s subordinate, and even if he got seriously injured, Li Feng won’t get affected at all.


“There are too many people now, so I can’t deal with you. You better pray that you don’t meet me again!”


On the surface, Qin Fang had let it go. But in his heart, his hate caused him to be unable to let it go. After all, that person was Li Feng’s subordinate, how could he just let it go. However, before he had the ability to take down Li Feng, Qin Fang didn’t want to completely antagonise Li Feng.


“Thank you!”


However, towards the young man in front of him, Qin Fang had heartfelt gratitude. If not for his shout, he would still be fighting, and if that continued, he wouldn’t be able to escape the fate of getting expelled.


“It’s a small matter. I see that you are quite capable, daring to fight on the first day reporting to school. You can compare to the me back then…”


The young man was relaxed, and just smoked.


If someone else were to say those words, Qin Fang would think that he was boasting. But if it was the person in front of him saying so, Qin Fang felt that what he said was true and a given. Just by the fact that wherever he stood, the surrounding people would automatically retreat told the story of his power.


Qin Fang even vaguely understood that Li Feng didn’t make his move just now was also because of the young man. Even the security guards who wanted to curry favour retreated in the face of the young man.


“This is a truly strong person! I, too, want to be a strong person like him…”


Looking at the young man, he didn’t have the overbearing air of Li Feng, nor his arrogance. But, his one action and one look were enough to intimidate the people around him. That charisma instantly caused Qin Fang to be moved.


In the past, Qin Fang’s humble birth and the people he had interacted with had restricted his view, and his growth. But, from now on, Qin Fang felt that he needed to change. With an ability that could be called ‘supernatural’, Qin Fang could definitely become as strong as the young man.


No, even stronger than the young man!


In fact, much, much stronger…


Translator’s Note:

Hell yeah! Nuff said.

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Saquacon (Translator)

Koukouseidesu (PR)     


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