Omni Genius – Chapter 67: Skill: [Drinking]


Orchid Park Strolling Street.

As the schools start during these few days, the formerly desolate Orchid Park started getting crowded again. As the host of this gathering, Qin Fang naturally lead the group to the best hotel in this place, Congealed Green Jade Hotel.

People of the same age got along quite easily, and since the people in this group were all quite good people, they all got really close after talking and laughing for a while. Even if wasn’t to the point where they would go through the ceremony to be sworn brothers, they still treated each other as close friends.

The six quickly arranged their order in the hierarchy. Not according to age, but according to the bed number they got. As the earliest to get a bed, Fang Dacheng got upgraded to become Big Brother Fang, and since Qin Fang came in not early nor late, he held the position of Fourth Brother Qin.

Congealed Green Jade Hotel is the best hotel in Orchid Park, and the prices of using it was naturally much higher than the other hotels in Orchid Park. It was technically not a 5 star hotel, but in Orchid Park, it was considered as one.

“I have lived near Orchid Park for two months already, and have passed by Congealed Green Jade Hotel a few times. Yet, I haven’t tried going in before to taste its food. Luckily, we have the rich Second Brother this time! Haha… I won’t reserve myself today!”

Xiao Nan was ranked as Second Brother, and coupled with his surname, it made a name that people could not help but laugh at.

Towards this laughable name, Xiao Nan did express fervent disagreement, and wanted to ranking to be by age instead. A pity though. When all six gave their birthdays, Xiao Nan who was born on October thought he will get a later ranking, but tragedy happened again, and was still the second oldest. Thus, his title of ‘Little Second Brother’ was realised.

(T/N: In Chinese, Second Brother is also a slang for Little Bro, a.k.a the male genitalia. So, you can guess why he doesn’t want to be called ‘Little’ Second Brother >.<)

Congealed Green Jade Hotel was high-class and expensive, and thus didn’t have as many customers as the cheaper places nearby. Yet, when Qin Fang’s group reached the hotel, all the private rooms were already fully occupied, and the six had to sit in the general table.

“I didn’t know that business here would be so good…”

Qin Fang couldn’t help but be surprised. This was a high-class hotel, and was not affordable for ordinary people. Most of the customers in this university campus area were obviously students, and not many students could afford such a place. Yet, reality was strange, and today, no private rooms were available.

Well, it was somewhat understandable though. With over 10 schools and 20 thousand people, quite a lot of people visited Orchid Park. However, it got quiet during the holidays, and that was why Qin Fang didn’t have much business during the first three days. He had been expectantly waiting for the school to start.

Though there were quite a lot of customers, the dish were served very quickly. In just 10 minutes, half of the food they had ordered were served already.

“Let us try how the food is first. If it is not good, we will directly go to the city.”

Xiao Nan was quite unsatisfied. Even if he was quite easy-going, he was still a rich person in the end. After getting used to using the private rooms to eat at a lot of high class hotels, this was the first time he was eating out in the open. Luckily, there were a lot of people with him to have talk with, but he still grumbled.

“If you don’t mind me saying, how could we have food without beer? We brothers came from all over the nation, and was brought together by fate. On this first gathering, we must drink!”

The Third Brother Shen Yang saw that everybody was going to eat already, and expressed with dissatisfaction.

“Third Brother, don’t hurry. First eat some food first to fill our stomach. Today, we are not going home until we are drunk!”

Xiao Nan immediately said with a smile.

“Right! Don’t go home till we are drunk!”

The rest all expressed their approval. Qin Fang though immediately smiled bitterly. He had an unsavoury nickname—Drunk-After-One. That is to say, be it beer, white wine, red wine, or stout, with just a single cup of any alcoholic drink, he will get drunk.

However, seeing that everybody was getting so excited, Qin Fang didn’t want to rain on their parade, and changed his refusal to, “Brothers, I have a limited alcoholic capacity, so please don’t be offended by me later…”

The beer was quickly served, and it wasn’t much. Two boxes, and everybody got 4 bottles only. According to their words, Shen Yang could drink 7-8 bottles and still walk straight, while Xiao Nan was similar and drunk a lot in bars.

“En, the taste is not bad! The skills of this chef is on par with those five-star hotel ones!”

Xiao Nan tasted the food, and couldn’t help but praise it. He didn’t hold much hope, but didn’t expect it to be so good instead.

The others also took up their chopsticks and started eating too. Though all of them had different tastes and expectations, all of them gave most of the food recognition.

All but Fang Dacheng, that is…

“The taste is good, but a pity the portion is so small. I would rather go and eat noodles at Fourth Brother’s! The service of the two lady bosses are also better than the service here!”

Fang Dacheng was a honest person, and had an extraordinary appetite too. Qin Fang already knew that, and knew that Fang Dacheng prioritised size over taste for food.

The others were all busy eating, and occasionally discussing which dish was better, and which slightly worse. However, Fang Dacheng’s words immediately caused the expressions of the others to freeze, including Qin Fang.

“Fourth Brother, who are you working with?”

Shen Ying reacted the fastest, and since he was sitting right beside Qin Fang, he grabbed Qin Fang, and asked with a strange smile.

There were an abundance of university students setting up their own business, and if Qin Fang had a noodle restaurant, so be it. However, what really perked their interest was the last sentence, which contained the phrase ‘two lady bosses’.

“Err… a joint venture with my classmates!”

The rumour of Qin Fang’s restaurant having a boss and two lady bosses had already spread, but his roommates were obviously not privy to it yet.

“En! Two pretty classmates!”

As Fang Dacheng was eating, he confirmed Qin Fang’s words, albeit digging a hole for him too…


Hearing those words, the brothers immediately had wide eyes. Fang Dacheng was a honest guy. If Qin Fang said so, they wouldn’t believe, but if Fang Dacheng said so, they would trust him without a moment’s hesitation.

“Fourth Brother, you already have girls? Why did you not tell your brothers, us? Are you scared that we will steal them from you? Don’t worry! I’m sure we are not that sort of person!”

The large Shen Yang hugged Qin Fang, and said while smiling. However, though he was big, and looked like an idiot, he was actually quite crafty.


Xiao Nan didn’t even bother talking, and directly smacked his new apple iPhone on the table.

“Stop drivelling! Quickly call them over! You can’t possibly just enjoy yourself here while leaving the two girls out, right?!”

“That’s right! Fourth Brother, you are really inconsiderate!”

As for Fifth and Sixth Brother, they were part of the bandwagon, and joined the team to crusade against Qin Fang.

“I did not… Fine, I will ask them!”

Qin Fang still wanted to explain his relationship with the girls, but seeing the ‘brothers’ turning into bullies now with girls involved, Qin Fang had no choice but to call Tang Feifei.

When the call got through, Qin Fang simply explained his situation here, and expressed his wish to invite the two girls. However, the girls also had their own gathering, and though not at Congealed Green Jade Hotel, was also in Orchid Park. However, it was still a little far, so he was declined in a roundabout way.

However, before she hung up the phone, she had said that they will visit if they had the time.

Qin Fang naturally asked her to be careful and have fun too before hanging up the phone, making them look look like they were dating. That naturally caused the brothers turned wolves to start whistling, attracting the attention of many in the restaurant.

“They have a gathering too, so they are not coming. If there is a chance, I will introduce them to you!”

Qin Fang hung up the phone, and said it with a ‘it could not be helped’ attitude.

“Hehe, no problem, no problem. There will be lots of chances. Lots of chances indeed…”

The group was naturally disappointed, but they expressed their understanding. All of them looked at Qin Fang warmly, while thinking, “I’m handsome too, but why do I not have a pretty girlfriend, while he has two…”

“Come, to celebrate our meeting, cheers!”

Big Brother Fang wasn’t the type who knew how to talk, so the host became Second Brother Xiao Nan. When everybody had a cup of beer, he immediately started the drinking.


The group all lifted their head, and drunk the whole cup in one go.

Seeing the brothers who drunk very quickly, Qin Fang sighed, and drumming up his courage, also downed it in one go. In his heart, he was thinking, “Luckily I called Tang Feifei. Or else, who will help me later when I go down…”

<Skill learned: [Drinking]. Skill proficiency: Beginner, EXP: 0%. Additional title:{Newbie Who Just Entered The World Of Drinking]>

When the cup was downed, the usual dizziness didn’t come, and a notice appeared instead.

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