Omni Genius – Chapter 68: Encounter With A Not-Love-Interest-And-Annoying-Mob-Character Girl

“Drinking is also a skill…?”

Seeing this notice, at the same time Qin Fang was speechless, he was happy too.

He was the famous Drunk-After-One, but after this cup of beer, he didn’t feel anything at all. If not for clear taste of alcohol, he would have thought he was drinking plain water instead.

<Title: [Newbie Who Had Just Entered The World Of Drinking]: The lowest level title of the [Alcohol God] job. Every time a cup of alcohol is drunk, an amount of title upgrade honour EXP will be awarded. This title increases an individual’s alcohol capacity.>

The explanation of this title was quite confusing, but one thing stood out — [Alcohol God] job.

With this one cup, Qin Fang could understand some things. At least, behind the [Drinking] skill, other than the EXP bar, there was also another Honour EXP: 1, which must be due to drinking a cup of beer.

“Good! You guys are good!”

A beer was downed, and the six all did it quickly and decisively. Nobody sipped slowly, and only had changed expression.

Shen Yang, Xiao Nan, Gao Ming and Qin Fang all had the same expression. The first three drunk a lot normally, and a cup was nothing to them. For Qin Fang, well, he just got a skill.

Xi Xiaojun’s face got red, and look like a certain god with a red face (Guan Gong). After asking him why, his face wasn’t red due to not being able to drink, but because of his constitution. His face would get red the moment he drunk beer, making him seem like a bad drinker. It was a natural fake sign.

Fang Dacheng’s face didn’t change much, but he was muttering about the beer tasting weird. When he asked, he realised that not many drunk rice wine here, and this was the first time he was tasting beer.

After the first cup, the group’s mood rose. Though they didn’t drink all together again, the brothers cheered each other one by one, allowing their relationship to deepen. As people who would interact with each other for four more years, this was a good start to their relationship.

As the saying goes, “When friends meet, drinking a thousand cups is considered few.” After the first cup, the mood got heated up. They were young people after all, and had the desire to win people. This time, they wanted to see who had the best alcoholic capacity. When the first round of beer was finished, everybody already had drunk 4 bottles of beer. The red-faced Xi Xiaojun was the first to retire.

Following that, it was Gao Ming and Qin Fang who surrendered. Now, only Shen Yang, Xiao Nan and Fang Dacheng was left. Gao Ming really couldn’t drink anymore, but Qin Fang still could. However, seeing the three being so competitive and fierce, Qin Fang quickly retreated first.

“Big Brother, you are really good at drinking!”

However, as the battle continued, the brothers realised in surprise that the best drinker didn’t seem to be Shen Yang or Xiao Nan, but the unlikely Fang Dacheng. Even after drinking 8 bottles, his face didn’t become red, nor did he need to go to the toilet.

At this time, Xiao Nan and Shen Yang found things weird, and the two felt they couldn’t match up to Fang Dacheng. Thus, they started groaning.

“Hey, Big Brother. How much is your capacity…?”

The two didn’t want to admit defeat, and asked cautiously.

“I don’t know either. I seem to have never got drunk before since young… At most, there was that one time I drunk 5kg of beer which got me slightly dizzy, but I didn’t dare to drink that much again!”

Fang Dacheng honestly said. However, the others were immediately shell shocked. To be slightly dizzy only even after 5kg meant that he still could drink a lot more.

Those rice wines made by farmers, they had drunk before. Though the alcohol content wasn’t high, the later impact was big. The more they drunk, the more they could not take it at the later stages. For Fang Dacheng to be ‘slighly dizzy’ even after 5kg, that showed how terrifying his alcohol capacity was.

“Big Brother, this can’t go on. We can’t compare with you, so Second Brother and I together will drink with you.”

Shen Yang and Xiao Nan didn’t want to continue competing anymore. No wonder Fang Dacheng didn’t fall after so many rounds of beers. To think that he was better at drinking than both Xiao Nan and Shen Yang, with an alcohol capacity comparable to an ocean to boot.

“Okay! However, I must go to the toilet. The beer isn’t strong, but my bladder is gonna burst from the water…”

Fang Dacheng didn’t hesitate to accept, but he went to the toilet to relieve his bladder first.

As Qin Fang continued talking with the group, he didn’t notice that on a table far away from them, a person saw Fang Dacheng going to the toilet. The bald man then signalled the lackey beside him, while the baldy took out his phone and called somebody.


“Ah! A molester!”

A girl’s shrill scream resounded, and the noisy restaurant instantly quietened down. Everybody’s eyes were directed towards the place the scream came from, and they saw a girl. The girl was dressed up extremely sexily, and was looking at the cowering male in front of her angrily.

“I-I’m not…”

The male’s face was filled nervous, and was red from anxiety. He wanted to open his mouth to explain, but he who was not good with words didn’t know what to say.

“Big Brother!”

Qin Fang and the others were stunned. The male was actually Fang Dacheng!

“Looks like though Big Brother is quite honest, he is still quite worried about not having a girl yet. But his taste… haaa…”

Looking at the girl’s getup, though she wasn’t old, her heavy makeup made her look like those hookers. It was really vulgar, and they couldn’t help but say helplessly.

“Don’t speak nonsense. Big Brother can’t talk very well, let’s hope he doesn’t bring trouble onto himself!”

Looking at Fang Dacheng’s honest look, Qin Fang scolded the gloating brothers, and prepared to go and help. The others were not an exception, and went to help too.

“F*cker! You dare harass my woman?! Brothers, get them!”

When the baldy saw Qin Fang moving, he immediately slammed the table, and with a clatter, over ten people stood up, and rushed over intimidatingly.

When Qin Fang’s group reached Fang Dacheng, the ten over people reached too.

“Big Brother, what’s the matter?”

Looking at the 10+ people, Qin Fang slightly frowned, and felt that this matter wasn’t that simple.

“I…I don’t know!”

Fang Dacheng’s face was red from panic.

“This lady…”

“Lady your ass! You then are a lady, and your whole family are ladies!” (T/N: Welp, the meaning is lost in the translation. In the raws, the words used means lady in english, but is a slang for prostitute too. Thus, Fang Dacheng just accidentally called that hooker an hooker in her face lol.)

However, the moment Fang Dacheng opened his mouth, the girl who looked like a hooker flipped out and her mouth started rattling like a machine gun. All that came out were insults, making Qin Fang and the others feel awkward.

Even if the girl dressed up like a bar girl, it was one thing to talk behind her back. But saying it right in her face, it was no wonder she flipped out.

However, Qin Fang and the others knew that Fang Dacheng had just come from the countryside, and didn’t know the hidden meaning. Thus, they didn’t blame him.

“Big Brother, don’t worry, just talk.”

Qin Fang lightly patted Fang Dacheng’s shoulder who looked like he was going to collapse from the results. They still needed to make things clear. Looking at the prostitute, er, I mean, pretty lady with ‘slightly’ revealing outfit, plus her shout for molest, Qin Fang didn’t think that this was Fang Dacheng’s meeting with his dream girl.

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