Omni Genius – Chapter 69: Confrontation


Fang Dacheng was like a yes-man, not saying anything. He wanted to open his mouth, but looking at the woman’s fierce looks, no matter how hard he tried to squeeze out his words, he couldn’t. Not being able to say what he wanted to caused his forehead to start sweating from nervousness.

“Say what? It’s simple. This man is a pervert who touched my breast!”

Fang Dacheng couldn’t talk, and that gave the opposition a chance to attack. The pretty hooker accused Fang Dacheng shrilly, and even pointed at a wet mark on her clothes near her breasts that wasn’t dry yet.

“Look! The handprint is still here!”

Everybody looked at the area she was pointing at, and there was indeed a wet patch, though it didn’t look like a handprint.


Shen Yang, Xiao Nan, and the others couldn’t help but make such an exclamation, before looking at Fang Dacheng while smiling. What they wanted to convey was able to seen from their eyes.

However, this made Fang Dacheng’s face even more red, and his mouth even stupider.

“It-It’s not me… It’s not…”


Before Fang Dacheng could finish his words, the baldy on the opposite side slammed the table, and roared.

“You rascal dare touch my woman’s breast?! Do you want to die? Brothers, flank him!”

The ten plus people immediately started moving. All of them started taking up objects such as beer bottles, and looked like with the fatty’s orders, they would start using those objects on Fang Dacheng.

Qin Fang and his group started getting nervous. They were still students, and though they had witnessed gangsters fighting before, but if the target is them, saying they are not scared is bullshit.

Fortunately, they were quite tough, and didn’t forsake Fang Dacheng because of the gangster’s intimidation. On the contrary, they pulled Fang Dacheng to their side and surrounded him, while everyone got alert.

“Why not we pay you money?”

Xiao Nan is the son of a rich person, and had used his influence to bully some people before. However, this was not his turf, and the only people beside him was not his bodyguards, but his roommates. Other than Shen Yang, who was 1.9m, that looked like he could fight a little, the rest were all quite small in size.

Xiao Nan then looked at the enemies. The baldy was extremely muscular, and the arms he was exposing was bulging with muscles. Though his subordinate were not as muscular as him, they were still quite fit, and also, fought frequently. All of their eyes were sharper than Qin Fang’s group’s.

Seeing the obvious disparity between their fighting abilities, Xiao Nan couldn’t help but offer money instead. He didn’t lack money, and he didn’t want himself and his friends to get hurt.

Qin Fang’s face turned dark, and felt that this matter wasn’t so simple. But looking at the opposition who was being so fierce, offering money seemed to be the best solution, and he wanted to start negotiating the price.


However, before Qin Fang could start, someone talked before him.

“Brother Hu, don’t be hasty! This is a public place, so how can you fight just because you want to. I think this fellow is just a country bumpkin, and had never seen a beauty like me in all his life. That’s why he got a little hasty and molested me!”

Those words caused Fang Dacheng’s red face to instead become green, and even his fists were clenched. The veins on his face were also throbbing, and he looked like he was suppressing himself, greatly.

“What about this? I have already been taken advantage of, but I can’t suffer for nothing, right? You guys have to pay me that… err… what was it again?”

The pretty hooker suddenly started arrogantly asking for money, but forgot her lines. She couldn’t think about it even after a long time, so she had to ask a lackey beside her.

“Amenities for causing you to lose your youthfulness!”

The lackey had a bitter smile on. He had seen silly people before, but not such a silly one. However, he still had to give her an answer, and when he looked at his boss, his face also got quite glum from the hooker’s embarrassing display.

“Oh, right! Amenities for causing me to lose me youth!”

Well, the pretty hooker wasn’t embarrassed at all, and still continued to call out arrogantly.

Seeing this scene, Qin Fang had already seen though their plan. This people had already planned to extort money from them since a long time ago, and Fang Dacheng ‘molesting’ that girl was obviously a trap. However, Fang Dacheng was too honest, while not having the gift of gab too. He had wanted to say the truth all the while, but just couldn’t no matter what.

But, just as well, as if they wanted to extort money no matter what, then they wouldn’t care no matter what you say.

“We will pay! I will give you $10,000, and we will have nothing between us anymore!”

Just as Qin Fang was contemplating about how to settle this, Xiao Nan couldn’t hold back anymore. He directly took out a stack of cash from his small bag, and smacked it on the table/ However, he also accidentally exposed the other stacks of cash that he had.

The baldy who saw this scene had surprise and greed flash past his eyes. His eyes were noticed by Qin Fang who was watching him all the while, and he said “Shit!” in his heart.


“Hold on!”

At almost the same time, Qin Fang and the baldy spoke, causing the two to be slightly startled.

“You f*ckers think my woman is for sale? Wanting to settle this matter with just that little money? Not a chance! Today, if you don’t give me a proper settlement, then I will send that rascal to the police station! I will sue him for attempt to rape!”

The baldy wasn’t an amiable person, and before Qin Fang could talk, he immediately shouted out those threats.

“Right! He wants to rape me!”

The hooker wasn’t stupid either, at things regarding money, that is. Though she didn’t see the stacks of money in Xiao Nan’s bag, but she could at least deduce from how Xiao Nan threw the money without much care that Xiao Nan was a very rich person.

With the boss coming out to escalate matters, she, who was the baldy’s woman, naturally had to help too. Thus, Fang Dacheng’s ‘crime’ escalated from molesting to rape.

“Shut up!”

Fang Dacheng couldn’t endure anymore. He suddenly roared, and his fist fell heavily on the table beside him. Clitter, clatter! The real wood table beside him collapsed under his fist, and instantly turned into a pile of junk wood.

With that display, everyone on the scene was stunned. They looked at the table slack-jawed, and took in a cold breath. Especially the people on the baldy’s side. Those who took up weapons looked at the weapons in their hands, before carefully putting them down again.

The baldy was also scared too. The table was of definite quality, and was very durable. He smacked it so many times just now, and that caused his hand to get really pain. Yet, the table was still unharmed. He estimated that even if he used his fist, it would be suspect if he could even punch out a crack. Yet, Fang Dacheng who didn’t look strong at all just decimated the table with a single punch.

He couldn’t help but imagine what would happen if they fought. If that fist landed on his body, wouldn’t his bones break immediately?

Qin Fang was also shocked, and this scene was quite out of his expectations. He suddenly recalled that Fang Dacheng was also LV 3, and was the same level as the two fugitives. Qin Fang had never fought seriously with the fugitives before, but to be able to fight on par with Ning Yumo who was LV 4 and above, they were strong to say the least.

“You guys.. You guys…!”

Everybody thought that Fang Dacheng would start asserting dominance now. However, he who was fierce without equal just now, facing the scared crowd, got tongue-tied again. He said “You guys” over and over again, but just couldn’t continue…

The baldy had prepared to just accept that little money and leave. They say aggressive people weren’t scared of passive people, and they were more aggressive, and even had the advantage of number. But against a passive person like Fang Dacheng, if they fought, even if they could win, their losses would be huge. Everybody would be very injured one way or another.

Yet, Fang Dacheng suddenly couldn’t talk properly again, causing the heart of the baldy that was suspended to calm down again.

At this time, the manager of this restaurant finally arrived, albeit a little late.

“Everybody, please, talk things out properly… Brother Hu, give me some face and talk this thing out properly!”

“Talk bullshit properly! This rascal teased my woman, and if they don’t give me some form of settlement, I won’t let them go!”

Perhaps due to Fang Dacheng’s scary display, the baldy’s tone softened a lot, and didn’t even say Fang Dacheng was attempting to rape anymore.

“Then what do you want?”

Though Fang Dacheng couldn’t really exert his dominance, he still managed to reverse the situation with a fist. Qin Fang was much more relaxed now, and he asked the baldy with a smile.

“Simple. Money. Give me $20,000.”

The baldy knew that it’s not appropriate to utterly anger Qin Fang’s group, and since the group had the rich money burner Xiao Nan, he asked for a simple increase in price.


Qin Fang had wanted to say no, but Xiao Nan poked him lightly, so he had no choice but to say no problem in the end.

“Also, I don’t like you a lot! I want to duel with you!”

However, the baldy obviously won’t let matters come to a close so easily, and searched for trouble again.

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  1. dekaoddd

    Theres no way this shit would happen in real life. This novel is honestly getting dumber and dumber. It doesn’t matter how different Chinese culture is different. There aren’t “Young Masters” out there who are arrogant enough to plan to cripple/kill someone he disliked. All these extortion attempts and shit. Its honestly ridiculous. I thought this novel would be decent. Guess I was wrong.

    1. Koukouseidesu

      Novels are fiction and fiction is not reality. Besides, things like that actually DO happen in real life. You are probably just really privileged and never had the opportunity to experience such incidents. I will admit that such things have been on the decline, but they still do happen in some parts of the world outside your special personal snow globe.

  2. Molenir

    Is this turning into just gang fights? I enjoyed the story a lot more when it was dealing with the game system. Gang fighting is boring. Would rather more story, less fighting.

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