Omni Genius – Chapter 7: Money Extortion

“What is the meaning of this, Qin Fang?”


Just as Tang Fei Fei was being happy for Qin Fang, when she saw Qin Fang splitting the money, her pretty face immediately turned icy cold. She questioned him with a menacing tone.

“Tang Fei Fei, if not for your help, then I would not be able to set up this noodle stall. Moreover, you also helped me work for an afternoon, so this is what you deserve.”


In contrast, Qin Fang’s expression was calm. Though he was born into a poor family, he still did not stoop to taking advantage of others. This noodle stall could be said to be started by both Qin Fang and Tang Fei Fei, so splitting the pay was natural.


“Qin Fang, you…”


After listening to Qin Fang’s words, Tang Fei Fei’s expression flickered. One could vaguely perceive that she was going to act up due to anger, but looking at Qin Fang’s clear eyes and sincere face, she endured the urge to act up.


“I can accept this money, but not now. This noodle stall has only just started, and there are a lot of areas which needs monetary input. You keep this money first, and treat it as me investing in this store. At least wait until the business has stabilised before splitting the share.”




What Tang Fei Fei said really made it difficult for Qin Fang to find a reason to reject her offer. The equipment that the stall was using now were all borrowed. If it was used for 1-2 days, or even 3-5 days, then there would be no problem. However, in the event that the owner wanted to use them, then Qin Fang could not possibly not return them, and that would mean closing down the noodle stall in the end. This obviously was not a result Qin Fang hoped for.


From the trend shown during the first day, business was still not bad. As long as he persevered, then before school starts, Qin Fang would definitely be able to earn enough money to pay his school fees, and even have excess to leave for his mother.


Thus, setting a noodle stall became an important part of Qin Fang and Tang Fei Fei’s daily activities. Qin Fang did so for the money, while Tang Fei Fei told her parents that she wanted to work for others to earn money while earning work experience. Seeing that she was going to study the Management Course in Tranquil City University soon, her reason was valid.


After planting his roots there, Qin Fang’s business became better by the day, and when Qin Fang and Tang Fei Fei was so busy that there was practically no time for rest at all, the profit each day also naturally increased. From a daily profit of 400 dollars at the start, it gradually rose to 600 dollars, sometimes even higher. The smiles on both of their faces also started getting brighter and brighter.


If this trend were to continue, then forget about Qin Fang being able to pay his school fees, even Tang Fei Fei herself would not need her family to pay hers. To the two who have not entered society yet, this was an achievement worth celebrating.


The two’s relationship had also become closer due to this partnership. The regular customer near South Gate Market loved teasing them, always saying that Qin Fang being able to get such a beautiful and hardworking girlfriend was the result of working hard for his previous lives.


At the start, Qin Fang and Tang Fei Fei will explain with a bright red face that they were not going out, but after the number of people and the frequency of such teasings increased, they became used to it. Now, whenever they were teased, they will just smile and not explain anymore.


Thus, with the rumour spread by the customers, Qin Fang and Tang Fei Fei became a noodle making couple.


Business was red hot, and naturally, there will be people who got jealous.Thus, within one week of the opening of Qin Fang’s stall, in the area around the stall which was not considered big, many snack stalls started opening, and formed a small snack area around Qin Fang.


However, this did not affect Qin Fang’s noodle stall much. Perhaps owing to the noodle made everyday becoming better and better, the business has been good the whole time. Though the other snack stalls’ business was not bad, when compared to Qin Fang’s, it was obviously inferior.


“Wow, Owner! Why is there an insect inside?”


“You’re right! What a big one…”


“How do you expect us to continue to eat this noodle?”


On this night, as Qin Fang and Tang Fei Fei were being busy, perhaps tonight’s business was too good, Big Sis Pan who always got a free meal at Qin Fang’s stall surprisingly started helping out with the business too. However, just as they were working busily, a group of customers who were eating suddenly started shouting.


“There is an insect? The food here is so unhygienic?”


Food stalls set up here normally did not have very hygienic food. Though Qin Fang and Tang Fei Fei has already taken special care, it was inevitable for there to be a slip-up somewhere. The moment Qin Fang heard the shout, he stopped what he was currently doing and walked towards the customers.


The customers who were shouting about insects were three young men. They wore strange gaudy clothes, and their hair was also dyed in either yellow or green. It was garish. Among them, there was a man whose body was extremely thin and skinny, but still wore a sleeveless tee. And on that thin arm, there was a tattoo of a blue dragon.


Qin Fang did not care what background the three men had. Since they were here to eat, then they were customers, and he couldn’t possibly chase away customers. Looking at the bowl of noodles on the table that had an insect, there really was an insect which species was indiscernible floating on it. This insect was quite big, and just had to be a conspicuous black colour.


If it was a small white insect, then Qin Fang not noticing could have been possible. But such a big, black insect? Even a person whose eyesight is not good would be able to notice. Qin Fang made noodles, and each noodle strand was finer than the insect by a million times. How could he not notice if there was such an insect?


No need to say, the three were obviously hooligans, and came here to stir up trouble.


“Owner, such a big insect, do you want us to die from food poisoning?! You have to give me a proper explanation, or else you don’t have to think about setting a stall here anymore.”


Causing a resounding slam, the tattooed young hooligan slammed the table with great force, and furiously said so. The voice used was rather loud, and thus even the surrounding customers who did not want to be involved noticed what was going on.


“Strong Rat! Are you courting death, kid? If you want to extort money then just say so. Why come up with such scheme? What are you planning?”


Just as Qin Fang was about to say something, Big Sis Pan who was helping at a side was immediately infuriated and walked over to the hooligans while scolding them loudly. Obviously, she was aware who the hooligans were.


“Wow, isn’t this Big Sis Pan? Why, are you sticking up for this kid? Could it be that he is your new man?”


The hooligan called Strong Rat was naturally not scared of Big Sis Pan, and relaxedly mocked her. And the other two sitting beside him also got up, showing a face reeking with evil intentions.


“You’re courting death Strong Rat…”


Though Big Sis Pan liked taking advantage of others, Qin Fang knew that she was actually a woman who had self-esteem and pride. If not, she would have found another man a long time ago after divorcing. Now that Strong Rat was insulting her like this, it was impossible for her to not get angry.


As they were talking, the fuming Big Sis Pan was just about to rush over to rip Strong Rat’s mouth off.


“Big Sis, forget about it, I will handle this matter…”


Qin Fang did not dare to let her beat them up.If they were to provoke the hooligans, then it would be impossible for him to continue doing business here.But, just as he was holding Big Sis Pan back, he suddenly felt that his surroundings have undergone some change.This feeling was very strange, and it has never happened before in the past.


Translator Notes

Strong Rat’s raw name was 老鼠强, which when romanised, is Lao Shu Qiang. However, since I really hated him, and his name which meant ‘mouse’ would be lost in the translation, I put his name as Strong Rat. It was definitely not because I was lazy to type ‘Lao Shu Qiang’, which was 13 characters if you include the spacings, and replaced it with a 10 character long ‘Strong Rat’. Nope, definitely not.

Editor’s Notes


^^^ Yeah sure, we all understand…. Hahahaha, right, guys?

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