Omni Genius – Chapter 70: Drinking Competition



Qin Fang had guessed that the baldy wouldn’t let this end so easily, but didn’t think that his target would be himself.


“If you want to duel, duel me! Why bully such a small guy?”


Shen Yang immediately came out to oppose.


Based on body size and weight, only Shen Yang could compare with the baldy from Qin Fang’s side. Everybody else was lightweights, and were not in the same weight category at all.


“Shoo! What do you have in mind?”


The baldy curled his lips in disdain.


“If I want to beat you, will I still talk? I saw that you guys were drinking beer, so we shall settle things at the bar today. With just the two of us, and a cup is worth $1000. If you can drink 20 cups, then I won’t take a single cent of this $20,000! Of course, you can don’t drink, and I won’t make things difficult for you too. All you have to do is call me ‘esteemed grandfather’! Hahaha…”




The baldy laughed at his own words, and his subordinates started laughing crazily with him too.


“You… overbearing bully!”


Before Qin Fang could respond, Shen Yang and the others came out in Qin Fang’s defense. Fang Dacheng even took a step towards the baldy, as if preparing to hit him.


“Don’t be hasty!”


Qin Fang frowned upon hearing those words. The baldy looked really confident, and was certain that Qin Fang could not drink. That was to Qin Fang’s advantage. Moreover, Qin Fang didn’t want to fight. They had the advantage in numbers, and even if Fang Dacheng could fight, two fists cannot go up against 4 arms. And if they were to really fight, they would be dealing with more than 4 arms each.




“Fine, I agree!”


Qin Fang deliberated upon the pros and cons, and after agreeing, confidently said his own conditions.


“I don’t need the money. My condition is the same as yours. If I win, then you have to call me ‘esteemed grandfather’ three times!”


“Good, you are awesome Fourth Brother!”


“Yes, it should be like that in the first place to be fair!”


Hearing Qin Fang’s words, the baldy was slightly taken aback. He didn’t know whether it was because Qin Fang could drink better than him, or whether Qin Fang was bluffing. The baldy instantly fell silent.


“What? Are you scared?”


Facing the hesitating baldy, Qin Fang added fuel to the fire, wanting to provoke the baldy into action.


“Okay, I agree to your conditions too!”


The baldy signalled to one of his lackeys, before gritting his teeth and agreeing. He then pointed at another lackey, and said, “Xiao Si, go get the beer!”


The lackey nodded, and immediately went to get the alcohol. After a short while, he brought over 7 bottles of different alcohols. There were local white wine, yellow wine and red wine, sake from Japan, rum, brandy, etc..


“Mix and drink?”


Many alcohol was served, and the lackey also started making drinks quickly.


The lackey obviously had trained before, and his alcohol making ability was quite good, and his actions smooth. Those who didn’t know better would think that this was a bar now, and not a hotel restaurant!


Qin Fang and the baldy were not going to drink the alcohols one type by one type, but as a mixture of several types, thus, many cocktails were made.


Those who had drunk before would know, that drinking different alcohol on their own wouldn’t make you drunk as long as you took precaution. However, if it was mixed, it was a whole other story, and could really make people fall after one cup.


In no time at all, twenty types of cocktails were prepared, with two cups for each type of cocktail. They were arranged in two rows, forming two dragon-like shapes. The cups covered half of the table, making the drinks look really intimidating.


“I won’t talk much anymore. Whoever falls first, loses! There are two sides, and you can choose first…”


The baldy looked really confident, as if victory was already in the bags. To show how ‘magnanimous’ he was, he even let Qin Fang choose which row to take first.


“Both are the same, let’s start!”


The whole cocktail making process was watched by everybody, and didn’t have anything fishy going on. Qin Fang naturally didn’t suspect that they did something to the cocktails, and drunk the cocktail closest to him.




When the cocktail was going down his stomach, he had felt that the cocktail tasted quite nice, but the moment it reached his stomach, it immediately felt like a ball of fire was burning in his stomach. At the same time, Qin Fang felt a sense of discomfort in his body.


“These cocktails are really no joke!”


With only the first cup, Qin Fang could feel how hard the duel was. Let’s not say the cocktail will become stronger the further back it is. Even if the cocktail maintained the same level of strongness, if someone was able to hold out till the end of 20 cups, then he would really have a sea-like capacity for alcohol.




Compared to Qin Fang, even if the baldy’s face did change a little after the first cup, he was quite tough, and even complimented the cocktail. He then went on to immediately down the second cup.


Qin Fang naturally didn’t want to fall behind, and took up the second cup and downed it immediately too. His stomach started rumbling, as if a war was taking place in it, but Qin Fang held on resolutely.


The third, fourth, and fifth cup was downed, and Qin Fang’s face had already turned completely red. His face looked really ugly now, and his stomach was rumbling non-stop now, threatening to spew out its contents at any moment.


Looking at the baldy’s side, he was much better off than Qin Fang. His face was only slightly red, and did not look drunk at all.


“Kid, if you can’t take it, then admit your loss. I, your grandfather, can’t wait for you to call me that!”


Seeing Qin Fang’s face that was as green as vegetables, the baldy naturally didn’t give up this chance to demoralise Qin Fang, and immediately gloated.


“Victory and defeat have not yet been determined, so it is still unknown who will have the last laugh!”


Qin Fang heaved slightly, and suppressed the discomfort that was coming up down with his will. At the same time, he retorted the baldy, causing the baldy to choke immediately.


Another cup was downed, and Qin Fang’s face got even worse. This cup was forced down his throat rashly after only a little rest.


Anybody with eyes could see that Qin Fang could not take it anymore, and Qin Fang’s group wanted to persuade him to give up. But when they thought about the details of the bet, they couldn’t do it. They could only cheer for Qin Fang in their heart, and hope he can hold on longer.


The seventh, eighth, and ninth cup…


Even if the baldy was waiting expectantly for Qin Fang to collapse, but after three cups, though Qin Fang face did get worse, he still didn’t fall. He still held on, and took up the tenth cup with grit teeth.


“Dammit! Didn’t he say that he was a One-Cup-Down? Why is he still okay after so many cups of strong alcohol?”


The baldy knew the intensity of the alcohol they were drinking. These special cocktails weren’t plain water, but strong alcohol, made up of many different types of alcohol. He had downed nine, and though you couldn’t tell from his face, his stomach was already drumming away. The baldy even felt his stomach starting to go into spasm.


Yet, Qin Fang had not fallen yet despite drinking so much. He instantly started complaining in his heart. If the baldy didn’t receive intel that Qin Fang was weak against alcohol, why would he come up with such a duel?
The baldy had dug a hole, but instead of his target falling into it, he himself fell into it instead. In front of the crowd, expanded by the curious dinners, he had no route of escape.

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  1. Novel Casanova

    Is it really necessary to explain how mixing different kinds of alcohols will never result in a stronger alcohol ? Cause sure i’ll explain that ,
    Say , you mix 1 drop of food colouring to 1 glass of water , then add 2 drops of food colouring to another glass of water , then mix those 2 glasses in a bowl or something , will you get a darker colour than either glass ? Ridiculous , it has 2 glasses of water but only 3 drops of colouring in total , i.e. only 1.5 drops in 1 glass . So you’ve actually diluted it , not made it stronger in any way .
    Not that i’m trying to insult the novel , its just that makes me feel like i’m being made a fool of by being told you can make drinks stronger by randomly mixing them .

    1. Koukouseidesu

      You can’t increase the alcohol content in drinks by mixing, I think that ones quite obvious (anyone who’s done chemistry will know). All we do is to translate the novel into english, nothing much we can do if the author wrote it that way!)

      1. Christian

        Am i the only one here getting pissed that Qin Fang is always taking the fall when his friends makes mistake one more chapter just one more fucking chapter and i’m done with it, i can’t tolerate stupidity even in IRL i will bash your head if your stupid if your my friend your still not getting away with it, i will not coming back in this site ever again.

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