Omni Genius – Chapter 71: Drinking Alcohol Like Water

“I will definitely beat you in drinking!”


Forced till he had no means of retreat, the baldy started getting serious. His eyes were sharp, and he forcefully pressed down his bitter feelings. Though his stomach was rumbling non-stop, he still kept drinking cup after cup.


“Fourth Brother, how is it? Can you go on?”


Shen Yang and the others were also cheering for Qin Fang, but looking at Qin Fang downing strong cocktails one by one, they all got shocked, and looked at Qin Fang like he was an animal.


Shen Yang and Xiao Nan who boasted they were good drinkers had just recently lost to the unlikely Fang Dacheng, causing them much shock already. Not long after, another ridiculous drinker appeared, that was Qin Fang.


Twenty strong cocktail, with twenty different ways of mixing. Inside, over ten types of beer were used. If they had to drink, then even if they didn’t fall after 5 cups, they will still have a horrible hangover the next day.


But, what about Qin Fang?


“One, two, three… six, seven, eight… thirteen, fourteen…”


Xiao Nan carefully counted the numbers of cups Qin Fang had drunk, and he had reached fourteen, no fifteen! The fifteenth cup was also finished.


“What type of monster is he?!”


Shen Yang and Xiao Nan exchanged looks, and made the same exclamation within their hearts. These two probably wouldn’t dare to loudly declare to go out and compete their drinking abilities anymore.


“Even if you somehow managed to fool everyone into thinking you are bad at drinking, you will still have to drink I, you father’s water from my washed feet!”


Exclaimed the baldy who was facing Qin Fang.


Well, as for Qin Fang, his condition was completely different from what the others thought. In other words, his condition was much better than what his face told of.


“I wonder if this [Item Box] slot can hold on till the last cup…”


With Qin Fang’s alcohol capacity, even with the [Drinking] skill, he wouldn’t be able to hold on for so long while drinking so much strong cocktails.


When Qin Fang forced the fifth cup down, the great discomfort in his stomach almost caused him to puke on the spot. He could clearly feel that he would not be able to endure the sixth cup.


But at this point, the baldy provoke Qin Fang again, and when Qin Fang had his back to the wall, he suddenly had an epiphany.


The system’s [Item Box] still had one slot left. Thus, Qin Fang tried pouring the alcohol little by little into the slot.


It was only an experiment, but it really worked.


Thus, Qin Fang’s ‘great drinking duel’ turned into the ‘great pouring duel’. The [Item Box] existed within Qin Fang’s body, and with just his thoughts, Qin Fang could store items in contact with his body into the slot.


Now, the slot was filled with quite a lot of alcohol. The colours all mixed together, and with just a look, gave people the shivers. The smell was naturally unbelievably sharp too, and Qin Fang even considered to just make his enemy drink this concoction, making them dead drunk immediately.


Even so, Qin Fang couldn’t help but be cautious. After pouring ten cups of cocktails into the [Item Box], even if it wasn’t full yet, it still let Qin Fang’s heart beat faster and faster.


<[Messy Mixture Of Alcohol], made by mixing several strong mixed drinks. This is not a drink, but poison! A poison with great killing abilities!>


Looking at the description given by the [Item Box] to the concoction, Qin Fang almost laughed. He felt that the system was really quite fun.


<Honour Points: 15>


However, Qin Fang looked at the Honour Points behind his [Drinking] skill again. The ‘15’ meant that Qin Fang had drank 15 cups of alcohol. No matter be it beer, white wine, or any other type of alcohol, any cup is considered to be worth 1 point.


And the good thing about Honour Points that Qin Fang found out was that it could detoxify the alcohol!


After such a long time, Qin Fang looked like he was drinking a lot, but he actually didn’t even drink a single drop. During this time, the Honour Points actually started getting used up, and after every point was used up, Qin Fang felt that his stomach would feel better, and his brain clear up too.


A pity that Qin Fang was drinking strong cocktails, stronger than most beer, with a lot of alcohols mixed in it. Even with the Honour Points detoxifying, its speed was slow, and after so long, QIn Fang only felt a little better. He was still at the point where with one more cup, he would puke.


Qin Fang continued drinking/pouring the cocktails, and the baldy couldn’t keep up his tough act anymore. His eyes started getting dazed and blood shot. His facial expression also got interesting, and the patches of red around his face looked quite strange. If he started talking nonsense, then he would be the perfect drunk.


Unfortunately, he didn’t dare to talk now. His meagre amount of consciousness left kept warning himself to not talk, and that if he did, all his work would be for naught.


“Hmmm? Why is it so lively?”


Just as Qin Fang and the baldy was approaching the climax of their duel. As Qin Fang was preparing to finish the baldy off, a really clear voice resounded, and Qin Fang’s ears which was sharp immediately picked up on it. He immediately turned his head, and saw Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue. Obviously, their gathering had ended, and they were coming here to look for Qin Fang.


“Wow! Pretty girls… two even! What top-notch beauties!”


Most of the people eating here were young students from the various schools, and when they saw the appearance of the two beauties, they immediately started howling like wolves. Even Shen Yang and Xiao Nan were not an exception.


“Lady bosses!”


Of course, there was an exception, like… Fang Dacheng. He called out in complete disharmony from the other boys.


“Lady bosses?”


Hearing that way of calling, many were stunned. On the other hand, Qin Fang’s roommates looked like they were all having a stroke, and their eyes… ahhh… it looked like it could swallow a certain person whole.


“Big Brother, help me call them over!”


Qin Fang was in the middle of a duel, and was not able to call the girls over. He did not trust the wolves Shen Yang and Xiao Nan to lead them either, so he had no choice but to ask the dense Fang Dacheng to do so.


“Why is Qin Fang having a drinking competition with someone? He is famous as the One-Cup-Down…”


Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue reached not long after, and first got familiar with Qin Fang’s roommates first. Afterwards, Tang Feifei looked at Qin Fang who was full of mettle, and couldn’t help but mutter her doubts.


“One-Cup-Down? Are you sure, sister?”


Xiao Nan was a highly skilled playboy in his hometown, and talking with girls was his strong suit. Unfortunately, Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue didn’t care about him, and as Qin Fang’s ‘lady boss’, he suitably called them ‘sisters’.


“Our Fourth Brother is not ordinarily strong! He drank 4 bottles of beer with us, then downed over ten strong cocktails! If it was us doing that, we would have been lying down on the floor a long time ago!”


“Impossible! I remember that two months ago, during our graduation dinner, he was downed after one cup. He was even sprawled under the table!”


Tang Feifei had a really deep impression of that time. Back then, everybody was shocked that someone would have such a shitty alcohol tolerance.


“That can’t be true, right? Look at Fourth Brother, he’s drinking alcohol like water…”
Xiao Nan and the others had their eyes wide open, and really didn’t dare to believe that Tang  Feifei’s words were true. Looking at Qin Fang now, though his face didn’t look that well, he was still heroically downing cocktails after cocktails. They really couldn’t imagine the Qin Fang now as the Qin Fang from two months ago who fell after one cup.

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