Omni Genius – Chapter 72: I Shall Puke All Over Your Face!

(T/N: The following chapter contain explicit descriptions of well, discharge from your stomach, through your mouth. You have been warned. Don’t read this just after eating! Unless you have an iron stomach, like me!)(P/R: Or Qin Fang)

Even until now, Tang Feifei didn’t want to believe that Qin Fang could drink so well no matter what others said. But, the truth was right in front of her, and she had no choice but to believe. Now, Qin Fang was still drinking cocktails after cocktails, and he was still standing steadily. On the contrary, his opponent was already starting to teeter. The baldy’s eyes were getting glossy, and his steps were all over the place, looking like he would fall at any moment.


Qin Fang really didn’t look like the guy who was sprawled under the table two months ago.


“Could it be that he did it on purpose that day?”


Tang Feifei couldn’t help but have that thought. Tang Feifei had known that Qin Fang was working in a workshop to amass his school fees, and felt that this must be the case. After all, if he got drunk, he would waste a lot of time that could have been spent working and earning money.


If Qin Fang knew what Tang Feifei was thinking, he would laugh so much that even if he slept, he would wake up laughing again. Before Qin Fang learned [Drinking], he was indeed One-Cup-Down. When he finished the cup during the graduation dinner, he couldn’t even get up the next day.


The reason why he could behave so boldly now was well, because he was using cheat codes.


*clitter clatter!*


At this moment, baldy couldn’t hold on anymore, and when he was going to drink the nineteenth cup, he tripped, and directly fell down on the floor. His body was slightly convulsing, and both his hands were constantly clutching his stomach.




With his pressing, the baldy’s stomach reacted even more, and couldn’t hold back the urge to vomit anymore. He started crazily vomiting like the Merlion, and the stinging smell caused many from the peanut gallery to pinch their nose and quickly escape back to their seats. (T/n: Google ‘Merlion’ to see what it is :D)


“Everybody, please wait. I will immediately call people to clean up!”


The manager who had a really thin presence so far finally appeared, and immediately called for the cleaners to clear away the vomit.


As for the baldy, after puking, he started calming down. However, his eyes continue to be clouded, and was in a dazed state. He looked like he was going to sleep at any moment.


“You have lost…”


Meanwhile, Qin Fang finished the nineteenth cup. His [Item Box] finally became full at this moment, but there was still around one-third of the cocktail left. Qin Fang had no choice but to really drink the remaining, and that caused his stomach that finally calmed down to start rumbling again. Qin Fang had to take several deep breaths to suppress his urge to vomit.


However, the uncomfortableness didn’t prevent Qin Fang from announcing his victory. He did it while looking down at the baldy, and had a really confident look.


The baldy didn’t react though. Now, he was lying flat on the ground. His lackeys did want to lift him up, but the stench and the vomit on his stained clothes caused them to back off.


Well, human relationships constantly changed after all. The lackeys the baldy had all followed him as they thought that he was strong. However, the strong baldy had just been defeated by someone, completely.


The baldy now was stained with vomit that made people want to vomit, making people want to back away as far as they can. A betrayer even carefully walked to the front of Qin Fang and asked if he was recruiting subordinates.


Towards such a person, even if Qin Fang was a real gangster and was recruiting lackeys, he will never recruit lackeys that will betray him at any time. Recruiting people like this wouldn’t give him face, but give him problems instead.


Anyways, that Li Feng guy really is pesky. Just as Qin Fang finished defeating the baldy, Li Feng once again walked out. With a Versace casual wear outfit, everything on him was expensive.


“Feifei, why did you not call me when you are coming? Then I can come out and receive you!”


When Tang Feifei arrived, Li Feng also slowly came out of his private room, and politely greeted Tang Feifei. At the same time, Li Feng also noticed Xiao Muxue who was not inferior to Tang Feifei in terms of looks at all, causing his face to be shocked.


“Where I go, do I need to report it to you?”


Towards Li Feng’s warm greetings, Tang Feifei replied with cold face and words. She even complained in her heart about how unlucky she was. However, Li Feng didn’t seem affected, and his face still had a bright smile.


“Young Master Feng, didn’t you say he could only take a cup? Why…”


Seeing Li Feng walk over, the formerly dizzy baldy immediately opened his eyes, and looked at Li Feng. He couldn’t help impetuously questioning Li Feng’s intel.


“What nonsense are you spouting? I don’t know you!”


Li Feng’s face changed, and shouted a little. He himself didn’t expect the One-Cup-Down Qin Fang, as if becoming a completely different person, could drink so well.


During these times, nobody was oblivious to these types of underhanded things anymore. Qin Fang already realised why such things were happening. Li Feng must have had a hand in the baldy framing Fang Dacheng. Unfortunately, Li Feng’s plan had a flaw, and that was Qin Fang, causing his supposed to be full-proof plan to degrade into such a debacle.


“Qin Fang, I really couldn’t tell, that your alcohol capacity would be so good.”


Li Feng said mockingly while with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. Li Feng had also participated in the graduation dinner, and witnessing Qin Fang falling after just a cup caused Li Feng to be happy for two whole weeks.


“It’s so-so only.”


Qin Fang said with a cold smile. He then took up the last cocktail. If he finished this cup, then he would completely win the bet he had with the baldy.


However, with Qin Fang’s current alcohol capacity, drinking this cup would result in…




Under the condition where Li Feng had no preparation at all, Qin Fang suddenly started vomiting like crazy. At this time, Li Feng was right by his side. When a weird smile that was slightly sour could be smelt from Qin Fang’s mouth, like a pressurised water gun, vomit sprayed over half of Li Feng’s body.


Li Feng’s expensive Versace, under Qin Fang’s vomit attack, became a pile of disgusting trash. His blue shirt had green dots of vomit, and there was the occasional undigested food, making people feel extremely disgusted.


“Qin Fang!!!”


Li Feng was really shellshocked by Qin Fang’s actions this time. He was busy trying to curry favour with Tang Feifei, and didn’t expect for disaster to come like a bolt from the blue. If not for Qin Fang being only a little taller than Li Feng only. If Qin Fang was as tall as Shen Yang, Li Feng would be in an even more tragic situation than this. His head and face can forget about getting spared if Qin Fang were indeed that tall.


“I’m very sorry, I had a little too much, and really couldn’t hold it…”


Looking at the ashen-faced Li Feng, Qin Fang only slightly rocked his body, making it seem as if he was drunk. On his face however, was a ridiculing smile, and he ‘apologised’ to Li Feng. Both Qin Fang and Li Feng knew that the apology didn’t even have a single ounce of sincerity in it, and was seeping with schadenfreude instead.


“You… Qin Fang, wait and see!”


After getting vomited on by Qin Fang, Li Feng himself couldn’t take the overbearing stench. As this was a public place, taking actions against Qin Fang was not possible, so he could only leave such words, before turning heel and immediately leaving.


Translator’s Notes:


Ninja Arts: Vomit All Over You Jutsu!


Anyways, sorry if the description made you guys recall about those moments when you vomited. I did put a warning on top, though… But well, vomit IS disgusting. *vomit*

Now that I think of it, if we vomit because of vomit, we would see vomit and start vomiting again… An eternal vicious cycle! What a fearsome jutsu, Vomit All Over You Jutsu! *puke*

Staff List:

Saquacon (Translator)

Koukouseidesu (PR)     


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  1. Easykiln

    I vomited on someone once… It was in a stairwell while I was rushing to the washroom from an incredibly sudden urge to vomit. When I failed to hold it in, some fell between the cracks and landed on a girl. It was mortifying, but it was a little better because I really disliked said girl. And that was the time in college that I learned to never risk drinking when my stomach was upset.

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