Omni Genius – Chapter 73: Martial Arts

Even Qin Fang didn’t think that Li Feng would just leave after facing such humiliation. It was really out of Qin Fang’s expectations, as Qin Fang had already expected Li Feng to ask for compensation.

Of course, Qin Fang didn’t plan on giving Li Feng any money, or anything for that matter.

“Qin Fang, are you okay now?”


Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue didn’t really mind Qin Fang puking so much just now. They spontaneously came up to ask for Qin Fang’s wellbeing, and Tang Feifei even took out a tissue to wipe off some vomit that was still on Qin Fang’s mouth.


“I’m fine now. After vomiting, I feel much better…”


Feeling Tang Feifei’s warmth, Qin Fang’s heart could not calm down. As the saying goes, ‘a beauty’s kindness is the hardest to enjoy’. Now, Qin Fang wanted to enjoy, but couldn’t due to Tang Feifei’s caring actions making his heart pound too much.


*Awoooo* (T/N: Wolf whistle, howling)


Shen Yang, Xiao Nan, and the others who were beside them instantly started howling when they saw this scene, causing Qin Fang and Tang Feifei to be beet red.


“If you are fine, then that’s good. Drink some water and moisturise your alimentary canal!”


Seeing the two’s awkward predicament, Xiao Muxue started talking to help dispel the awkwardness. She also took out a bottle of mineral water from her bag and handed it to Qin Fang.


He who had been ‘drinking’ most of the cocktails really drank the last cup, which caused him to vomit. Him vomiting at the end caused his alimentary canal to seem to be sucked dry, and his throat was so dry it could probably be used as kindle. After all, the cocktails were hard liquor, and drinking too much of it was really damaging on the body.


After drinking some water, Qin Fang felt much better. Though his throat still felt quite hot, it was much better off already.


“Brother, I’m sorry! If there is a chance, I wish we could be friends instead.”


Looking at the baldy who was on the floor. His contractor, Li Feng, had left, and so has his lackeys. He really looked like a cup of tea that went cold after getting abandoned, and was quite pitiful. Qin Fang couldn’t resist and reached out his hands to pull the baldy, and expressed his wish to be friends in a friendly manner.


Unfortunately, the baldy had a little too much to drink, and was unaware of the surroundings already. After getting lifted up by Qin Fang, the restaurant staff lifted him out, and he may not have even heard what Qin Fang had said.


“Let’s go, Feifei, Muxue. We should go back to our table now.”


Qin Fang didn’t think any further, and seeing that his roommates had already returned to their table, he called Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue to go over to.


“Qin Fang, you are so bad…”


When they started walking, Tang Feifei suddenly muttered in a very soft voice.


“How am I bad?”


Qin Fang was taken aback, and made an innocent face that was clueless about what Tang Feifei was talking about.


“Didn’t you do it on purpose just now?”


Tang Feifei was surprised by Qin Fang’s expression, and said in shock. Her face couldn’t help but have some disappointment on it.


“Are you talking about me puking on Li Feng? Hehe.. It must not be said, definitely not! En! I have to keep it a secret!”


Qin Fang’s heart throbbed, and in the end, he didn’t want to lie to Tang Feifei. Thus, he had on a sly smile, and while insinuating it was intentional, pulled Tang Feifei’s hands and headed over to his roommates.


Xiao Muxue followed behind them, and her eyes occasionally glanced over Qin Fang’s and Tang Feifei’s locked hands. Her eyes looked really unnatural whenever she saw that scene, but she didn’t express it anywhere else.


“Fourth Brother, you are really awesome!”


When Qin Fang returned, he immediately got VIP treatment. Even Xiao Nan who had always been waited on by others passionately helped to clean Qin Fang’s table and chair.


What happened just now was really grueling. 20 cups of hard liquor! If it was them, then they would have been sent to the hospital for alcohol overdose a long time ago! Yet, Qin Fang still looked completely fine, and could still talk happily with the girls. Even his steps were steady and he was not teetering at all.


“Fourth Brother, you little… hiding your treasures so well!”


After they finished talking about the drinking duel, the others once again attacked Qin Fang for his luck with beauties. Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue were both outstanding beauties, and could definitely compete to be the madonna of the school.


And now, both of them were on the left and right of Qin Fang. This was a situation that not even the rich Xiao Nan had experienced before. And Xiao Nan was an active ladykiller too!


Of course, if Xiao Nan wanted to, he would be able to experience Qin Fang’s situation too. It was only a problem of money, and time to search for willing girls. Xiao Nan lacked a lot, but just didn’t lack money. But compared to using money to get girls to accompany him, Qin Fang who had the girls following Qin Fang of their own accord was much better.


“Don’t spout nonsense! Both of them are just my good friends!”


Qin Fang rolled his eyes at Xiao Nan, and hurriedly explained. However, he forgot his hands were still holding onto Tang Feifei’s.


“Oh!… ‘Gooooooood’ friends. Right! ‘Good’ friends!”


The others called out weirdly, and especially emphasised the ‘good’ part. The slightly dirty-minded Xi Xiaojun even accidentally muttered out loud, “When ‘good’ is separately read it would be girl and boy…” (T/N: Lost in raws, but in raws, the word for ‘good’ is one single character made up of the characters for girl and boy combined together. That’s why they were implying Qin Fang and Tang Feifei were ‘good’ friends, that is, boyfriend and girlfriend.)


“Big Brother, have you learnt martial arts before?’


After teasing Qin Fang, the topic of their discussion turned to Fang Dacheng. Fang Dacheng splitting the table with a single fist were really shocking. They had tried doing that themselves, but though the table did shake, it didn’t break apart like when Fang Dacheng did it. Their hand did hurt a lot though.


“En, I did learn some!”


Fang Dacheng didn’t hide anything, and honestly said while rubbing the back of his head.


“You really know martial arts? Big Brother, which did you learn? Taiji Mystical Arts? Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms? Breast Catching Dragon Claws?” (T/N: The last one was a dirty joke…)


Though Xiao Nan was born in a rich family, he was quite thin. He had wanted to learn martial arts all the while, but his family couldn’t bear to see him suffer, and didn’t allow him to do so. Now that he was far away from his house, he could be considered to be free from all restraints and could do what he want already.


He was being so serious at the start, listing many famous kungfu techniques, before suddenly coming up with ‘Breast Catching Dragon Claws’. That made the others quite shocked, and Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue had red faces. It was adoring, though, and almost made wolves start howling again.


“Not any of them. My house has its own ancestral martial arts, and I had started training in it since young. Now, I could be considered quite skilled! It mainly strengthens the body, and lengthens one’s longevity.”


Towards Xiao Nan and the other’s tendency to suddenly make dirty jokes, Fang Dacheng had already gradually gotten used to it. He didn’t mind the dirty joke, and answered Xiao Nan’s questions without hiding anything.


“You can’t fight?”


Hearing Fang Dacheng’s words, it sounded like his martial arts was like Taiji for old people and meant to promote health. The tension of the group immediately dropped after hearing that.


They asked because they wanted to be able to split tables like Fang Dacheng too. If they could do that too, then when facing a similar situation, they could intimidate the enemies even if the enemies outnumbered them, thus giving them a greater chance of victory.


“Big Brother, can you teach me? My body hasn’t been good since young, and I had wanted to train it for awhile already. Err… if your martial arts is strictly for your family only, then never mind, you don’t have to teach me!”


Of course, not everybody was unable to understand the power of Fang Dacheng’s martial arts. While the others had a disappointed expression, Qin Fang didn’t mind, and asked Fang Dacheng carefully.


Simply checking the group’s level, everybody was LV 1, and only Fang Dacheng was LV 3. If his martial arts weren’t good, then Qin Fang’s [Appraisal] would be the faulty one instead.

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