Omni Genius – Chapter 74: Skill: [Nameless Breathing Arts]

“Well, it’s not that it cannot be taught to others, but the training is very rigorous…”

Fang Dacheng honestly said. Though he didn’t explicitly say why he didn’t want to teach it, but anyone could understand it was because Fang Dacheng was worried that Qin Fang could not take the tough training regime.


“You can rest assured! Though my body looks weak, I’m not like Second Brother who can’t even rotate his shoulders or lift his hands. So what if the training is tough? No pain, no gain, so without tough training, how can one get stronger?”


Qin Fang laughed, and didn’t forget to tease Xiao Nan while answering Fang Dacheng’s concerns.


“Fourth Brother, how could you say that?! Who did you say can’t even rotate his shoulders or lift his hands?! You really look down on me, huh? I will do the training with you too to prove you wrong! Big Brother, like Fourth Brother, I want to learn from you!”


Xiao Nan was immediately unhappy and immediately wanted to train after Qin Fang’s blant provocation.


“Right, right, right! Us too! We want to learn too! I heard that the university had a martial arts club. After we finish our training, we six brothers can go bring them down!”


Shen Yang and the others joined in too, and the atmosphere started heating up. Seeing the boys get so passionate, the girls were smiling at the side.


“Then… okay! Tonight, when we return to the dorm, I will teach you guys some basic breathing methods and drills!”


Seeing that everybody was so passionate, Fang Dacheng didn’t hesitate, and immediately agreed. Though he knew that his roommates were only temporarily excited, and would give up soon. After all, when he first started learning his martial arts, he had wanted to give up umpteen times. However, he was forced to continue after getting caned on by his father.


After so much things, this dinner was really eventful. Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue were officially introduced to Qin Fang’s roommates, and when they wanted to leave the hotel, all of them were already jokingly calling them ‘brother’s wife’ and ‘sister in law’. They also asked for them to introduce some girls from the girl’s dorm to them too.


When the two girls returned to their dorms, Qin Fang also returned to his dorm with his roommates. It was already 11 o’clock by then, and it was very late.

Luckily, freshmen had three days to get used to the campus, before compulsory half a month of military training. Only after that, did school really start. Like this, Qin Fang could still rest for three days, and was just like the holidays. Only, they were staying in the dorms now instead of their homes. (T/N: I didn’t know until now, but apparently, some schools have mandatory military training o.o. The more you know…)


“I have already taught you the breathing methods. I can’t guarantee whether you will be able to learn it or not though. Some can learn it immediately, while others can’t no matter how hard they try! It’s okay though, I still have some basic styles to teach you. If you learn the styles, then you would be able to at least fight better.”


Upon reaching the dorms, the guys didn’t bathe, but surrounded Fang Dacheng and allowed him to explain his martial arts. Fang Dacheng didn’t hold back anything, and taught everyone his family’s martial arts.


<Skill learned: [Nameless Breathing Arts], Proficiency: Beginner, EXP: 0%>


At the same time Fang Dacheng finished his explanation, a notice appeared in Qin Fang’s mind. Even if the skill’s name was a little weird, it was still a name. Qin Fang specially asked Fang Dacheng what his martial arts were called, and in the end, even he didn’t know.


Qin Fang was different from Prof. Fang Dacheng in one way. The moment Qin Fang got the notice, Qin Fang could already start using the breathing methods, and it even felt like a natural ability. Whenever he went wrong, Qin Fang himself could feel it.


Without any hesitation, the group all went to their bed to try the breathing technique. Meanwhile, Qin Fang had already fallen into a trance without noticing.


Though everybody was taught the same way, the rest all had a lost look. They didn’t know the meaning of breathing like that, and when they tried, they could somehow do it a little at the start, but quickly messed up afterwards. They couldn’t remember whether they should exhale or inhale anymore.


Thus, in a short half an hour, the other four had no choice but to give up on trying the [Nameless Breathing Arts] that they call internal training. Instead, they asked Fang Dacheng to teach them the basic fighting styles. After all, being able to fight 5 people alone was quite tempting too.


However, it was already late, and the dorm didn’t have much space. Fang Dacheng had to promise the four that he would teach them outside to calm the four down.


“Look at Fourth Brother…!”


When the four finally spared Fang Dacheng who was furiously sweating, someone noticed that Qin Fang was still sitting cross-legged and using the breathing technique.


However, before he could complete his sentence, his mouth was covered by someone else.


“Don’t be noisy! Don’t you know that martial arts practitioners can’t get disturbed during internal training?! They will lose control and possibly die!”


“Right! I almost forgot that! Quieter, Quieter!”


Xi Xiaojun whose mouth was covered immediately called everybody to be quiet hurriedly, as if he really thought that Qin Fang shouldn’t be disturbed. That caused Fang Dacheng to become really awkward.


“Err.. you won’t get injured! This isn’t a martial arts novel after all… But still, don’t touch Qin Fang! The longer he uses this breathing technique, the better it is for the body!”


Thinking about it, Fang Dacheng decided to explain things more clearly.


This breathing technique was similar to the internal training in martial arts novels, but was not as mystical. After getting disturbed, the practitioner would only have their training interrupted. It was similar to when someone was about to get an epiphany, but gets slapped suddenly. He would still be fine, but he will lose that epiphany…


“Hehe, I didn’t think that Fourth Brother would be so good. We tried for so long but to no avail, but he actually learned it in one try!”


Seeing that Qin Fang could use the breathing technique so quickly, and with such posture too, the other brothers were quite envious. However, they were overall still much more happy for Qin Fang. They could also be considered to have personally witnessed the birth of a ‘future martial arts hero’.


“I also didn’t think that Qin Fang’s aptitude for martial arts would be so good. A pity that my father is not around anymore… If my father could teach Qin Fang, then Qin Fang could really become a martial arts master…”


Fang Dacheng who didn’t really like talking unexpectedly started talking smoothly, and also expressed his approval for Qin Fang.


“Martial arts master…”


Hearing that phrase, everybody couldn’t help but feel a fire in their heart. Though they didn’t know what did this title mean, but they knew that someone who was called that would be someone who could fight ten or even a hundred alone.


With just this thought, they felt really excited. A certain dirty-minded rich guy even started planning, that whenever he wanted to get a girl, he would bring Qin Fang along. Whoever dares to get in their way, Qin Fang would go and slap the person away…


As for the person in question, Qin Fang, he obviously didn’t know or would care about his brother’s thoughts. He was still seriously doing the breathing technique, and was highly focused. He really felt like he was cut off from the outside world, and was submerged in breathing.
Though his body didn’t change much, his organs did start changing. It was as if with every inhalation and exhalation, an organ would be used, and thus, get stronger incessantly…

Translator’s Notes:

Sorry for the really long break… Life grabbed me, flipped me, before piledriving me to the floor T.T. Also, a short announcement. I will be releasing until chapter 108, before really dropping this novel. As for the details why, you can wait until chapter 108 releases. Peace out.

-Another translator who got pwned by real life.


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