Omni Genius – Chapter 75: Skill: [Nameless Fighting Style]

*rumble rumble rumble*


In the morning, Qin Fang was called up by his empty stomach. After lightly exhaling some air, Qin Fang felt really refreshed.


Of course, Qin Fang didn’t really continue doing the breathing technique for one whole night like in martial arts novels. After around half an hour of breathing, Qin Fang couldn’t take the strain put on his organs from exercising it so much and stopped.


When he asked Fang Dacheng for the reason, he realised that the effects of the breathing techniques were indeed obvious. But to be as effective as Qin Fang’s, it made even Fang Dacheng shocked. According to him, this could only be done at the ‘Path Into The Arts’ stage, and even Fang Dacheng only reached that stage one year ago.


For Qin Fang to accomplish in half an hour what Fang Dacheng needed ten over years to do so, Fang Dacheng could only be envious. What else could he do? Qin Fang was too monstrous.


Looking at the time, it was only 5 am. Now that it was summer, it was already bright out, and the moment Qin Fang lifted his head, he could see Fang Dacheng who was wearing clothes and preparing to go out.


“Big Brother, where are you going so early in the morning?”


Qin Fang was quite curious, and couldn’t help but ask.


“Going out to practice! I have gotten used to it already, and automatically woke up when it was time…”


Fang Dacheng smiled.


“What about you? Do you want to come with me? Or do you want to sleep a little more?”


“I will go with you then!”


Qin Fang remembered that they were going to learn some basic fighting styles today. The breathing technique was similar to internal training, and couldn’t show much effects overnight. On the other hand, basic fighting styles could be picked up and be put in practical use in fights quite quickly.


Know fighting style + Dumplings HP pots= Highly skilled fighter.


Recalling the times when he fought against the three gangsters alone, he was either smacked by a bench or stabbed by a knife. If not for his abilities, he would have already been a vegetable, or even lost his life already.


Thus, Qin Fang quickly got up, and washed up simply before leaving with Fang Dacheng to the small forest beside the university.


The campus was still quiet in the morning, and there were few people. Most of the people that they did see were old people who were doing morning workouts, namely the teachers and staff, and there were few students.


The forest was not really big, and was about the size of the campus.


In the forest, there was a small lake which was connected to the river outside. The water was flowing, and as there was some mist in the morning, the lake looked really like a fairy-like place.


However, Qin Fang and Fang Dacheng both weren’t the type to admire sceneries. The two jogged all the way to the lake from the dorms, which was a simple warm up that dispelled the laziness in their body.


“Since you have already learned the breathing technique, I will teach you fighting styles now. If you learn this, and have more experience, then fighting three to five people alone should be no problem!”


Fang Dacheng didn’t dilly-dally with Qin Fang, and directly started the lesson.


“I will go through the practice moves first. Observe carefully, then I will slowly instruct you later.”


“En, go on!”


Qin Fang nodded his head and agreed.


Thus, Fang Dacheng started practicing. Like the breathing techniques, Fang Dacheng’s fighting style was a real style, but wasn’t famous, and didn’t have a name either.


The movements were simple, but Qin Fang still observed it very attentively. From time to time, he would try it himself. He also especially thought about some movements he didn’t understand, and he was frowning all the time. He looked like he couldn’t understand something, causing him to get absent-minded.


But, if he was able to comprehend the movement, then he would have a rush of exhilaration, and the expression on his face would instantly revert.


As if intoxicated by the martial arts.


That was Qin Fang’s current condition.


Now, he had an ability called photographic memory. Though it wasn’t registered as a skill,  with it could make everything he sees his own, and become his skill.


<Skill learned: [Nameless Fighting Style], Proficiency: Beginner, EXP: 0%>


<[Nameless Fighting Style], a simplified version of a fighting style taught by humans. It was derived from a certain ancient fighting style. It’s power is so-so, and raising the skill proficiency will allow you to learn the complete ancient fighting style!>


As expected, when Fang Dacheng finished practicing the whole fighting style, a notice appeared in Qin Fang’s mind, and pulled him back him from his intoxicated state.


“How is it? Are there any problems? If there isn’t, then you can practice with me! If you have any doubts, ask me anytime!”


After calling out Qin Fang, Fang Dacheng already got into a stance, and was starting to practice again. This time, he did it very slowly, and the movements were split out to allow Qin Fang to better learn and follow.


However, Qin Fang had amazingly finished doing the full set of movements shown already, and when he did, he found Fang Dacheng looking at him with shock. Fang Dacheng was now still doing the third movement, and he himself was surprised at Qin Fang’s display.


“Err… Fourth Brother, did you learn this before?”


Even if Fang Dacheng was dense, he actually knew how to sense the situation. Under normal circumstances, he is very normal, and only during pressing situations would he start stuttering and be tongue-tied.


“No, I learned after you finished practicing once just now.”


Qin Fang shook his head and replied. He did indeed just learn, and did the movements he had seen just now again. His movements were very accurate, but strictly followed how Fang Dacheng did it. Thus, he even did some erroneous movements that Fang Dacheng didn’t notice himself.


“What a monster! Even your movements are so smooth…”


Even if Fang Dacheng had already treated Qin Fang as a top grade genius in martial arts, when Qin Fang did the movements after only one look, Fang Dacheng was still so shocked that his jaws were almost dropping.


He had seen people who learned fast before, but not this fast!


From the start till now, Fang Dacheng had only did the movements once. And after this once was witnessed by Qin Fang, Qin Fang could already remember everything and do it. This speed… was simply astounding.


Back then, other than the joy he felt when he finally learned the style, Fang Dacheng also had the pain-filled memories of getting caned on the butt for three months while trying to learn it…


However, the two didn’t spend much time on this topic. Even if Fang Dacheng was surprised, compared to Qin Fang being able to do the breathing technique immediately, learning this fighting style was much simpler. Naturally, Qin Fang being able to do so should be a given.


Fang Dacheng was treating Qin Fang quite well. He did not hide any of his knowledge, and whatever Qin Fang didn’t understand, Fang Dacheng would thoroughly explain.
Of course, this fighting style was not hard, but what Qin Fang pointed out every time made even Fang Dacheng shocked. Then, he will deliberate about it, and upon understanding himself, he will explain it to Qin Fang. Of course, his explanations had his own views mixed into it.


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