Omni Genius – Chapter 76: Attracting Customers

Qin Fang being able to learn so quickly was mainly because of him being able to turn the things he has learned into skills. Even if he was a beginner, after practicing a few times, Qin Fang was already familiarised with the fighting style.


Pestering Fang Dacheng to spar with him for awhile, it ended in Qin Fang’s complete defeat. Luckily, this was not a life-and-death match, and was only a spar. Thus, none of them were injured.


The simple morning practices quickly ended, and the two jogged back to the dorm, discovering that there were more and more people too.


“Brothers, wake up! Come with me to go and eat breakfast!”


It was only 6 plus now, and to students like them, it was the time when they were sleeping the best. Yet, they were forcibly called up by Qin Fang and Fang Dacheng.


“Big Brother, Fourth Brother, you guys are really too vicious! I was just enjoying my time with a fairy in my dream…”


The four didn’t want to wake up, and was complaining about their disturbed good dream. After complaining, they hugged their blankets and wanted to go back to sleep.


“Quickly get up! Quickly get used to waking up early. According to my sources, if you don’t wake up for military training on time, you will get heavily punished! I’m helping you now! If you want to embarrass yourself in front of all the girls in school, then I don’t mind. Big Brother, let’s go ourselves, and ignore them!”


Seeing that the four were going to sleep, Qin Fang and Fang Dacheng looked at each other speechless. However, Qin Fang was not done yet. He directly asked Fang Dacheng to go, and specially said those words.




They perhaps didn’t hear the ‘heavily punished part’, but the moment they heard ‘embarrass themselves in front of all the girls’, all of them got up faster than rabbits.


“Don’t go, don’t go! I’m getting up now!”


All of them called out, and reluctantly left their sweet, sweet sheets. They then went to wash up, and under Qin Fang’s lead, went to Qin Fang’s Fragrant Feixue Noodle Restaurant.


After a few days of putting things in order, the noodle restaurant’s business got better and better gradually. Especially after the school reopening, the flow of human traffic increased exponentially. As long as somebody had tasted Qin Fang’s food before, then most of them who came to Orchid Park would be here to eat at Fragrant Feixue.


As for bringing his roommates there for breakfast, it was not because Qin Fang was being generous despite being poor. He mainly wanted to let them know where his restaurant was, and also to advertise it.


On the road, he also called Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue. When he did, he realised that both of them had arrived earlier than him.


“Fourth Brother, so this is your restaurant? Fragrant Feixue… what a girly name!”

When the group reached the restaurant, they first noticed the restaurant’s name. Xiao Nan immediately rudely retorted the name, causing the others to laugh too. That obviously meant they all had the same thinking as Xiao Nan, and towards this, Qin Fang could only smile bitterly.


“Hmm? The store is quite good looking, and is very clean. Not bad!”


When the group entered, they once again started criticising the shop. Luckily, they didn’t say anything that would make Qin Fang want to run away crying this time. Or else, Qin Fang would really use the [Nameless Fighting Style] he had just learned to knock some teeth off Xiao Nan’s gums.


“Okay, stop talking! Sit down quickly! I will go and make some noodles for all of you.”


The moment Qin Fang reached the restaurant, it would mean the restaurant was officially open. Perhaps due to a six people group being very noticeable in the morning, some customers who were early birds also noticed, and came over too.


Open fire, boil the water, make the noodles, cook the noodles, take it out, put the seasoning. The whole process was as smooth as running water. The roommates had just sat down for not long, and while talking, saw Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue serving them their noodles while smiling.


“Noodles that Fourth Brother personally made… I must try it!”

Xiao Nan had wanted to give a speech before eating, but realised that his roommates had already been bewitched by the alluring smell and had already started eating.


Among these people, the fiercest was naturally the one with the biggest appetite, and who had just exercised, Fang Dacheng. As the only one who had tried Qin Fang’s noodle before, he didn’t hold back, and immediately started eating with big mouthfuls. He really looked like a person who had been starving for days.


“You guys are monsters…”


When Xiao Nan realised they started eating without him, he also noticed that those who had eaten would have a frozen expression. This scared Xiao Nan and he didn’t even dare to move his chopsticks.


“What’s with those expression? Is the noodles not good?”


When he asked that question, he looked at Fang Dacheng who was eating it like it was really delicious. Fang Dacheng had already finished half of the bowl in such a short span of time!


“It’s really… It’s really… too delicious!”


Shen Yang spent a long time trying to squeeze out his words, and said those words after much difficulty, as if he was choking. It made Xiao Nan want to slap Shen Yang a few times to help him get his breathing in order.


After saying that, Shen Yang joined Fang Dacheng in the crazy eating army. He already had a big body, and compared to his body, the bowl of noodles looked like a toy. His eating speed was really fast, even faster than Fang Dacheng, and it was terrifying.


“Is it really so delicious? You guys are not trolling me, right?”


Xiao Nan was suspicious. Even if the bowl of noodles in front of him was emitting an overwhelmingly fragrant smell, whether it would taste as good as it smelled was another story.


“Forget it! Since it’s Fourth Brother’s noodles, we have to support him no matter what!”


Xiao Nan gritted his teeth, and immediately sent noodles into his mouth with his chopsticks. He didn’t look like he was eating, but ingesting poison. Luckily, Qin Fang was busy in the kitchen, and was not outside. Otherwise, he would have vomited blood because of Xiao Nan’s display.


However, the moment it entered his mouth, the soup touched Xiao Nan’s tongue, causing him to instantly feel that the soup was extremely delicious. His expectations automatically lifted up.


He then chewed the noodles, and it was springy, and good. As for the seasoning, it made Xiao Nan feel like his eyes were getting brighter.


He was someone who had eaten food all over the world. But comparing all the noodles he had eaten, Qin Fang’s bowl was among the most delicious he ever had. He wasn’t stingy and started praising the noodles.


“Damn, it is really too good!”


Xiao Nan was really excited, and even cursed due to it. This instantly caused the face of the customers who hadn’t gotten their noodles yet to change. They had not expected much from the noodles at first, but those around Qin Fang’s roommates  were  now harbouring higher hopes for Qin Fang’s noodles. They even started asking the two beauties when their noodles would be served…


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