Omni Genius – Chapter 77: Partnership Plans

Expectedly, all the customers who tried Qin Fang’s noodles praised it to high heavens, especially saying that the sauce was exceptional. This was all within Qin Fang’s expectations.


The noodles Qin Fang made were good, but it couldn’t be told so easily. On the other hand, the tasty sauce could be found to be better than the rest easily, as it was obvious.


After the roommates finished their first bowl, they couldn’t resist the urge to get a second, and they returned to the dorm with bloated stomachs.


Qin Fang had wanted to say bye to them, but seeing that the restaurant had so many customers, Qin Fang had no time to stop at all. Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue were also busy, so the roommates only said a simple bye to the girls before leaving.


One day passed quickly, and only during late into the night did Qin Fang drag his tired body back to the dorm. When he returned, Qin Fang saw his roommates around Second Brother Xiao Nan looking at movies on the newest laptop while eating nuts. They were really living the life.


Originally, freshmen were not yet allowed to bring computers into the dorms. But to rich people like Xiao Nan, the rules were bullshit. If the manager of the dorm dared to confiscate his laptop, he would just buy another ten to use. After all, he didn’t lack any money.


“Fourth Brother, have you ever thought about expanding your noodle restaurant’s business? I think it is quite feasible… as long as you nod your head, your brother, me, will invest in you!”


When Qin Fang finished showering and was preparing to use the breathing technique again, Xiao Nan walked out from the movie watching group and sat beside Qin Fang before asking him that question.


“I think I can’t! As you can see, when business started getting good, three of us became busy as hell. If we expanded…”


Qin Fang shook his head while smiling wryly. The noodles restaurant’s business was getting a little too good. Even though they had only opened for a few days, their brand name was already set up.


“You are indeed an idiot! I will say it straight, so don’t be offended…”


Qin Fang’s rejection immediately caused Xiao Nan to give him a look of disdain.


“How could there be a boss like you?! If business is too busy, why not hire more people? If three of you is not enough, then hire another three! You should set your sights further, and don’t restrict yourself to a small boss cum head chef position. You should make yourself a leader, and only need to order your subordinates to do things. And all you have to do, is to sip on a cup of tea, and quietly sit there and watch the money falling into your pockets.”




Even if Qin Fang thought what Xiao Nan said made a lot of sense, there were a lot of problems with it. For example, the control of the initial cost price of doing business.


Fragrant Feixue had only opened for around 4 to 5 days only, and the business only started getting good today. The money the three of them invested into the restaurant hasn’t been recovered yet, so how could they have the spare money to hire people?


“I know what you are worrying about, and that’s why I’m speaking to you now, right?”


Xiao Nan said with a smile.


“Though I ate your noodles for the first time today, I will not eat it for nothing. When we came back, I had nothing to do, so I specially made this. Here, for you!”


As he was talking, Xiao Nan took out a few sheets of paper from his bed. On the paper, words were all squeezed together, and everything was handwritten.


“Fragrant Feixue Noodle Restaurant Management Guidebook And Future Expansion Outline”


Seeing the title of these papers, Qin Fang corrected his posture, and attentively went through the contents of the papers. Even if Xiao Nan’s handwriting was horrendous, Qin Fang could still read and guess the words, and got the general idea down.


When Xiao Nan ate the first bowl of noodles, he didn’t taste it properly. Due to it being too good, he couldn’t hold himself back and ate too quickly. When the second bowl of noodles came, he started tasting it carefully.


As a rich man’s son who had ate almost everything one could, though he didn’t eat noodles much, he did eat quite a lot. Thus, he could taste that Qin Fang’s noodle making skills were good. However, just because he could do so didn’t mean the others could. At least, all the other customers could only taste that the noodles were springy, and that was all.


Even more customers noticed the seasonings though. With the secret sauce in it, it let the already delicious and springy noodles reach a whole new level of deliciousness.


Thus, as Xiao Nan watched Qin Fang working hard, he started having some ideas of his own. It was actually very simple. Xiao Nan supplies the money to expand the restaurant and he will be the one managing. Qin Fang who currently had the restaurant, coupled with his skills, will get some shares in the newly expanded restaurant. The two will thus cooperate and run a bigger noodle restaurant.


“Fourth Brother, I actually don’t want much from you. Just treat it as our trial investment during our initiation into society. You also know me, I can spend money like a king, but as for earning money… hehe!”

Xiao Nan was saying his most heartfelt and sincere words now. As more and more shenanigans about rich people’s kids are surfacing, children of rich people’s reputation are getting worse. Though Xiao Nan wasn’t that bad, he was indeed one of the hedonistic children of rich people.


As a person who will one day succeed his family’s business, the few short years of university could be the last time he will be able to just let loose and have as much fun as he wants. Though the investment this time was just a trial run, it was also a trial for Xiao Nan to prepare for the future.


Silently closing his eyes, Qin Fang started thinking about the feasibility of this plan.


The secret sauce recipe was obtained from Strong Rat. However, with his intermediate [Culinary Arts], unless Strong Rat’s father crawl out from his grave, nobody could make the sauce better than Qin Fang.


If Qin Fang expanded the restaurant with Xiao Nan’s investments, then Qin Fang wouldn’t even need to worry about hiring chefs, waiters, and even their uniform. Qin Fang only needed to provide enough sauce. The sauce could make the noodles delicious, and though the noodles wouldn’t be able to compare to his handmade one, it was still acceptable.


More importantly, Qin Fang could escape from making noodles all day if that were the case. Then, he would have more time to get more and train better skills!


Lastly, Qin Fang was still a student in the end. Now, lessons hasn’t officially started yet, so he still had time. But after some time, when lessons really start, he really won’t have any time to rest at all.


“Second Brother, I agree with your plan. However, the noodle restaurant is not mine alone. The two girls are also owners. Wait for me to discuss this plan with them first!”


After contemplating for awhile, Qin Fang accepted the plan. Back then, Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue had wanted to open a restaurant mostly for Qin Fang’s sake, and that Qin Fang knew in his heart very clearly.


Now, with the addition of Xiao Nan, it was naturally a good thing.


“You can settle that by youself. If you guys come to a conclusion, then tell me, no matter what you guys decide to do!”

Xiao Nan smiled, and went back into the group to watch movies and boast again.


Qin Fang’s breathing practice had to be delayed, and instead, he called Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue to meet somewhere. This matter had to be discussed face to face among the three of them. After all, certain things couldn’t be made clear on the phone.


“Wow, Feifei, going out so late at night? Are you meeting with some rich guy?”


After receiving Qin Fang’s call, Tang Feifei didn’t hesitate to come up from her bed and change her clothes. She also put on some light makeup, which caused her roommates to start gossiping.


“You gossipers… Hmph! I won’t tell you!”


Tang Feifei stuck her hands on her waist, and looked at the gossiping ladies in disdain. After that, she walked out of the dorm cheerfully. However, when she was going downstairs, Tang Feifei coincidentally met Xiao Muxue, instantly causing Tang Feifei’s high spirits to dampen by a bit. In her heart, she was scolding the blockheaded Qin Fang for being so dense and unromantic…


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