Omni Genius – Chapter 78: Catching A Thief

Though Tang Feifei was a little unhappy in her heart, she still greeted Xiao Muxue with a smile, and went with her to the place Qin Fang asked them to go.

However, the girls didn’t know that Qin Fang had run into some trouble, and was even trouble that pounced towards him when he wasn’t even looking for it.


“Dear schoolmate, I’m really not a thief! This vase is really mine!”


A thin handsome guy who was around thirty years old was sprawled out on the ground. His head was slightly tilted, or it should be said that it was tilted by Qin Fang’s knees. Under Qin Fang’s suppression, the man had no choice but to just lay down there, and the vase he was talking about was now in Qin Fang’s hands.


“You think I will believe your words? Deep into the night, and you are hugging this vase and leaving the staff’s dorm sneakily. Only if my brain was knocked silly by a door would I believe you!”


Qin Fang didn’t believe the man, and looked at the ‘thief’ he caught in disdain.


Taking into consideration the fact that there were too many people near the dorms, and that love scandals would be abound if people saw Qin Fang meeting two pretty girls, Qin Fang set up the meeting spot at the more deserted staff dorm area.


However, he didn’t expect that while he was sitting on the bench on the streets, he would see this suspicious guy. During such a hot summer, he was wearing a jacket, and he used the jacket to hide the vase while walking out sneakily.


A guy with suspicious movements, stick-thin body, and small shady eyes. He looked like the definition of a thief, and even if it was somebody other than Qin Fang, they would think the ‘thief’ was a real thief too.


“No! I’m speaking the truth, this vase really belongs to my house! It’s my dad’s!”


The handsome ‘thief’ was suppressed by Qin Fang until he was grimacing in pain. Though Qin Fang looked weak, he still had all stats +5. Thus, Qin Fang was definitely stronger than this LV1 thief.


On top of that, Qin Fang had just learned a fighting style from Fang Dacheng this morning, and the thief had already tasted Qin Fang’s fist. The fist instantly made the LV1 thief almost puke out his food, which was why he was on the ground without any resistance now.


Luckily, that was the case, or else Qin Fang wouldn’t be able to guarantee the safety of the vase in his hands.


“Don’t bullshit me anymore! I have already called the police, and before they come, don’t think about me letting you off!”


Qin Fang was not an easily scammed guy. Since the thief has already been caught, he must naturally be handed over to the police. However, his face was slightly red when he said that, and the handsome guy below him also had an interesting expression.


Qin Fang did apprehend the handsome guy, but he had never taken out his phone during the whole process, so how could he have call the police? Could it be Qin Fang was a wireless phone himself?!


“Dear schoolmate, if you want to bluff, please do it more properly! Even if I was easily caught by you, you shouldn’t treat me as an idiot, right?”


The handsome guy said with a wry smile.


“You win! I will tell you the truth. My name is Chen Jiangnan, and I am the son of this university’s Professor Chen Fanghai. I have a phone in my pocket, and you can call him to verify this information.”


“Chen Fanghai? I don’t know him.”


However, Qin Fang’s face was full of suspicion, but what Qin Fang said was the truth. He was a first year freshman, and don’t even know a single teacher so far, much less a professor!




The guy’s face was instantly frozen, and his expression was really interesting. He had thought that the moment he mentioned his father’s name, Qin Fang would release him. He didn’t think that Qin Fang wouldn’t care at all.


“Qin Fang… what are you doing?”


At this moment, Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue who were holding hands and idling chatting arrived, and saw Qin Fang half kneeling on the ground, in a really weird pose.


Well, the lighting at this area wasn’t really good, and it was a little dark. The two girls didn’t see the one lying down, and only saw Qin Fang.


“Feifei, Muxue, I caught a thief! Did any of you bring your phone? If you did, help me call the police.”


Hearing Tang Feifei’s voice, Qin Fang immediately turned his head and made a request.


Tang Feifei was slightly shocked, and while walking towards Qin Fang, she also took a phone from her handbag, wanting to call the police.


“Don’t-Don’t call the police! I’m not a thief! Ah!”


Chen Jiangnan naturally shouted out violently, and the merciless Qin Fang pressed down on Chen Jiangnan’s neck with his knee a little, causing Chen Jiangnan to cry out in pain.


“I’m really not a thief! I am Professor Chen’s son, and the vase belongs to my house… Also, fake reports will result in a jail term!”


Whether it was due to fearing a police report, or fearing getting blamed despite being innocent, Chen Jiangnan endured Qin Fang’s hard knee and shouted.


“Qin Fang, why not we… ask him first!”


Tang Feifei was quite hesitant. Looking at Chen Jiangnan who was on the floor, he looked really pitiful. The number had already been dialed, but she didn’t press the call button, and instead, started discussing with Qin Fang.


“Right, Qin Fang, let’s ask him first! With the three of us here, he won’t be able to run away anyways.”


Xiao Muxue helped Tang Feifei from the side. Excluding Tang Feifei, Qin Fang and Xiao Muxue were only ordinary people. They didn’t know whether fake reports would really land them in jail. Even Tang Feifei who was the daugher of a politician was half-blind towards the law.


“Errr… okay then.”


Qin Fang thought about it, and felt that their suggestion was indeed reasonable. Thus, he lifted the knee that was pressing down on Chen Jiangnan. However, he still held both his hands, and placed them behind Chen Jiangnan’s back. With his strength, restraining Chen Jiangnan was a piece of cake. A pity that there was no ropes, or Qin Fang would really tie him up on the streetlight.


“Talk. From whose house did you steal, and what did you steal?”


After confirming the Chen Jiangnan cannot escape, Qin Fang started imitating the police, and started questioning Chen Jiangnan, the ‘criminal’.


“I stole the vase… urk! Bah! Bah! Bah! I didn’t steal anything! This vase originally belonged to my house, and I’m just taking it!”


Almost instinctively, Chen Jiangnan was lead on by Qin Fang’s words and said he was stealing. However, he quickly changed his words, and resolutely said he didn’t steal anything.


“Stop bullshitting me. Have you ever seen anyone taking their own things so sneakily?”


Qin Fang didn’t believe Chen Jiangnan’s words. He personally witnessed Chen Jiangnan behaving suspiciously and sneaking out of the dorm. He looked no different from a thief.


“I already said I didn’t steal… Fine, I will tell you the truth. That vase is one of the most expensive antique vases my dad owns. I have a bad habit…”


When he was talking, he wanted to use his hands to express himself. Unfortunately, his hands were locked by  Qin Fang, and he couldn’t move it no matter what. Thus, he had no choice but to continue with his mouth only.


“Mahjong.. I must play mahjong no matter what! Just recently, I lost a little money, and in panic, borrowed a little money from somebody. Now, the time to repay the debt is coming, but I haven’t got my pay yet. So… without a choice… I planned to use this vase to…”


“Gambling addict…”


Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue mercilessly gave Chen Jiangnan their evaluation of him. However, Chen Jiangnan didn’t do much, and just bitterly smiled. Gambling was his vice, and that was the truth.


“So you are selling this fake antique vase to pay off your debt?”


Unlike the girls, Qin Fang suddenly said those words, stunning everybody else on the scene.
Fake antique vase…?


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Saquacon (Translator)

Koukouseidesu (PR)     


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