Omni Genius – Chapter 79: Evaluating Antiques



Chen Jiangnan’s face was immediately frozen stiff, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

“Impossible! Dad always cared for it like it was his baby, so how could it be fake?”


“Whether you believe or not is up to you!”


Qin Fang shrugged his shoulders, and calmly replied.


Qin Fang of course could tell what the ‘antique vase’ was. Qin Fang who had nothing to do used his [Appraisal] on the vase, and the result was…


<[An Excellent Imitation Of An Antique Vase>


Will Qin Fang’s skill be wrong?


Obviously not!


Well, it hadn’t said anything wrong until now.


And that was the result of the skill’s appraisal. Even if Qin Fang himself couldn’t tell where was the vase fake. At least from the appearance, the vase was exquisitely made, and emanated an ancient aura.


“Are you sure this antique is fake?”


After getting shocked by Qin Fang’s words, and seeing Qin Fang’s confident look, Chen Jiangnan also started doubting the authenticity of the vase. After hesitating, he couldn’t resist the urge to make a request.


“Err… who are you again? Can you release me, and let me make a call?”


“What do you think?”


Qin Fang didn’t care about Chen Jiangnan, and wanted to remind Tang Feifei to call the police.


“Qin Fang, from how I see him… he looks like he is telling the truth! Why not we let him make a call? I will call from my phone!”


Tang Feifei was more soft-hearted, and seeing Chen Jiangnan that seemed like he was not faking his panic, she started persuading Qin Fang.




Qin Fang was hesitant, but against Tang Feifei’s puppy dog eyes, he had no way to resist. Thus, he could only nod his head, and threw Chen Jiangnan’s phone that he took out of the pocket to Tang Feifei.


“Is your dad’s contact saved under the name ‘Old Man’?”


Under Chen Jiangnan’s guidance, Tang Feifei quickly found the target, that is Professor Chen Fanghai. However, the name was ‘Old Man’, so Tang Feifei couldn’t help but confirm with Cheng Jiangnan again.


“En, it is!”


Chen Jiangnan got awkward, but still nodded his head.


Tang Feifei quickly dialed in the number, and the powerful voice of an old man resounded.


“Hello, how are you? Cheng Fanghai speaking…”


“En, it’s him!”


Hearing the person on the other hand saying his name, Tang Feifei nodded her head, and gave the phone to Chen Jiangnan after getting Qin Fang’s approval. Qin Fang had also released only one hand so Cheng Jiangnan could take the phone himself. Qin Fang couldn’t possibly ask Tang Feifei to hold the phone for Cheng Jiangnan all the time, right?


“Dad, it’s me, Jiangnan!”


Chen Jiangnan took over the phone and said his name too. Then, he went into the important matter.


“Errr, today, something happened, and it has to do with your precious antique flower vase! En! RIght, it’s like that… I met some of my friends who dabbles in antiques, and while chatting, talked about your vase too. Guess what they said though. They said that your vase was… fake! It was not a real antique, but an excellent imitation…”




Qin Fang couldn’t hear most of what Chen Donghai said, but heard that sentence loud and clear. Qin Fang could even imagine getting covered with saliva after getting shouted at.


“Dad, what I said is true. If you don’t believe, you can ask Uncle Lu to help you appraise the vase. Then you will know if what I say is true or not…”


Unknowingly, Chen Jiangnan seemed like he had really believed Qin Fang’s words, and his words were said with conviction.


“Okay, okay, I will ask him now…”


Chen Donghai went silent for a while, and seemed to have said something, while Cheng Jiangnan kept nodding his head.


However, Qin Fang didn’t care about this, and appraised Chen Jiangnan. When he did, he got a different appraisal.


<Cheng Jiangnan who was misunderstood as a thief…>


Seeing that result, Qin Fang knew that he had indeed made a mistake, and immediately let go of Chen Jiangnan’s arms, returning his freedom.


“Sorry, brother, I’m really sorry! I misunderstood you!”


Qin Fang suddenly apologising so fervently made Chen Jiangnan a little silly instead. Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue were also shocked, and they were muttering in their heart: How could he decide that Chen Jiangnan was not a thief after a few sentences?


Of course, Qin Fang will never tell them the reason.


“So the results of appraisal will also change…”


Qin Fang reaped quite a lot from this incident, being able to further understand his [Appraisal] skill.


“Qin Fang, today, I must really thank you! If not for you treating me as a thief and apprehending me, I would have taken this fake to pay off my debts… and end up with chopped limbs! Such great help cannot be settled with just thanks. I still have things to do today, but I will definitely find you and repay you some other day!


Chen Jiangnan seemed to be in a great hurry, and after thanking Qin Fang profusely, left hurriedly. Of course, he left with the fake vase in his hands too.


“Qin Fang, when did you know how to evaluate antiques?”


Chen Jiangnan did go, but Tang Feifei’s curiosity was piqued, and immediately asked Qin Fang with a smile.


She had also taken the vase to look at it just now, and looked it looked to be a really exquisite and excellent antique. However, for Qin Fang to be able to judge it as fake after just one glance was amazing.


Of course, whether it was real or fake, or whether Qin Fang was right or now, it was still unknown. But Tang Feifei chose to believe in Qin Fang.


“This… when I was at my hometown, some people would come over and dig up old graves. I didn’t have anything to do, so I went there to see and ask about antiques, allowing me to know a little about it.”


What Qin Fang said was the truth. There were indeed grave raiders. After all, Qin Fang’s hometown had some ancient tombs, and some people had dug out precious jades from the graves before. Those who were into antiques thus started coming to dig graves too, hoping that they will get something valuable others had left behind and earn some money.


However, those people obviously didn’t have much interactions with a child like Qin Fang. They even hoped that all the villagers like Qin Fang wouldn’t know what they are doing, so that they will be able to dig out something good and keep it to themselves!


Of course, with this excuse, Tang Feifei couldn’t find any fault with Qin Fang.


“Then tell me about…”


Tang Feifei seemed like she still had a lot to ask, but was immediately interrupted by Qin Fang. Qin Fang immediately started explaining why he asked them out, and explained Xiao Nan’s plan to the girls.


“I myself agree with this plan, but since you two are also shareholders, I must ask for your opinion too…”


“A good plan!”


Xiao Muxue’s reaction was very simple, and her evaluation was succinct.


“Then let’s go on with this plan then. Actually, I had wanted to do something like that a long time ago. I’m just afraid that you will… never mind… Anyways, like this, you would be able to become free, and need not restrict yourself to a small noodle restaurant anymore!”


Tang Feifei was more realistic and talented for business, and had wanted to expand the business a long time ago. However, she was scared of hurting Qin Fang’s pride, and also, cherished the shop a lot as it was the child of Qin Fang’s and her own hard work. However, ever since Xiao Muxue’s appearance, she started panicking, and had wanted to pull Qin Fang away since a long time ago already.


“Since you all agree, then I will go back and discuss with Second Brother!”


Tang Feifei was a kind girl, and didn’t harbour any evil intent towards Qin Fang. Thus, Qin Fang didn’t think much about her words, and after smiling, said goodbye. Thus, this matter was settled just like that.


The unromantic Qin Fang didn’t invite the two girls to go on a romantic date. Well, it was hard for a romantic stroll in the first place with one guy and two girls. So they chatted a little, and walked towards the girls dorm. After Qin Fang escorted the girls back, he went back to his own dorm too.


“To think that [Appraisal] can evaluate artifacts too… This is also not a bad way to get rich!”


As Qin Fang was walking, he couldn’t help but have such a thought.


Translator’s Notes:


Qin Fang, who has money problems. Luckily, this isn’t a VR game! Or else, he would be picking up copper coins no matter what! Like *cough* a certain Weed from LMS *cough*.


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Saquacon (Translator)

Koukouseidesu (PR)     


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