Omni Genius – Chapter 8: Skill: [Sneak Attack]

This feeling made Qin Fang very uncomfortable, making Qin Fang unconsciously furrow his eyebrows. However, he also did not discover anything wrong, causing him to be befuddled.

“Big Brothers, I have just come here and do not know about the rules here. If there is anything you want, then please say it. I will definitely do it.” (TLN note: Big brother out of respect, not real)

Qin Fang tried shaking his head to get the strange feeling out of his head. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful. However, he still asked Strong Rat politely about his plans.

Qin Fang had just become entangled with hooligans two days ago, and almost lost his life because of that incident. Although the scheme of the hooligans this time was filled with loopholes, he was still traumatised by the life-threatening incident two days ago. Though he may not be scared of the frail Strong Rat, but as long as he wanted to do business, it was possible to be affected by just these few hooligans.

“At least you know how to read the situation, unlike a certain someone…”

When Strong Rat heard what Qin Fang said, a smile appeared on his vulgar face, and he threatened Big Sis Pan with an accusatory gaze.

“Seeing that the owner is so gracious, if you give me 5000 dollars, then I will ensure that nothing will happen to you.”

“What? 5000? Why don’t you go rob a bank?”

After hearing Strong Rat’s demand, Qin Fang’s face immediately changed, and his eyebrows also creased. Big Sis Pan who was beside him reacted even more, starting to roar with a loud voice that scared people.

The customers of the noodle store sensed that the situation was getting out of hand and quickly settled their bill and ran away. On the other hand, Tang Fei Fei walked towards the direction of Qin Fang while collecting the customer’s money.

“Big Brothers, we are just a small business, I don’t think we can earn that much in 1 month…”

Qin Fang was already getting slightly angry now, but to peacefully pass over the trial in front of his eyes, Qin Fang still held down his anger, and politely explained.

“Stop spouting nonsense. I’ve already observed for a few days, and your noodle stall has the best business. You can earn at least 2000-3000 dollars per day, so giving just 5000 dollars is just a drop in an ocean, right?” (T/N: Not a typo. Hooligan is bullshitting his numbers lol)

Strong Rat’s small eyes spun around, and his gaze was emitting a strange light. Underneath his mustache, his dirty mouth was spouting out bullshit. And when he saw Tang Fei Fei who was coming over, his eyes shone with desire and after a short while, immediately said,

“Actually, this matter is negotiable…”

“Brother Rat…”

When the two lackeys saw Strong Rat suddenly changing his mind, they immediately called out. They were small time hooligans, and 5000 dollars was not a small sum. It was enough for them to enjoy for a while, how could they just give up on it?”

However, Strong Rat just waved his hands, signaling them to calm down and be patient, then looked at Tang Fei Fei who was beside Qin Fang with an evil and scheming gaze.

“As long as you let your girlfriend play with us for a while, then let alone 5000 dollars, I won’t even ask for a cent from you.”


Tang Fei Fei, who just got beside Qin Fang, after hearing what Strong Rat said, had a face flushed red due to anger, and she spat out a single word from those alluring lips.

“Right, right, right, let this girl accompany us for a night.”

“Pretty girl, come with us, we will definitely make you go through the clouds with pleasure…”

The two hooligans immediately realised Strong Rat’s plans, and looking at Tange Fei Fei’s pretty face, shapely body, and her moderately sized chest, they started salivating and even reached out their hands toward her.

“So, what’s your choice? Give me a quick answer.”

Strong Rat while talking, strolled towards Tang Fei Fei. His lackeys, placing Strong Rat in the centre, strolled towards Tang Fei Fei leisurely side by side, seemingly planning to cut off Tang Fei Fei’s chance of escaping.

“Qin Fang….”

In the end, Tang Fei Fei was still a girl who had not completed her education yet. Seeing the hooligan’s actions, her mind went blank and she unconsciously leaned against Qin Fang, wanting to hide behind him. Those sizable breasts rubbed against Qin Fang’s arm and back, giving a sensation of softness with springiness.


Facing the hooligans, Qin Fang was just like a cowardly garbage, and lowered his head and just said ‘sure’. This immediately made the surrounding people despise Qin Fang’s character, while Strong Rat gave him a contemptuous smile while saying ‘Useless bastard’ in his heart. Especially Tang Fei Fei, her eyes got wide, and her gaze showed great disbelief.

However, Qin Fang who was acting like garbage, a short while after saying ‘sure’ suddenly moved his body, and grabbing a bowl of unfinished ramen, smashed the bowl against Strong Rat’s head with great force, along with speed like lightning. He then said,

“…In your dreams!”

Skill learned: Sneak Attack

Skill Proficiency: Beginner

EXP: 1%

Skill effects: There is a given chance to create a dizziness effect when attacking.

          Note: Using an attack-orientated weapon can cause additional damage

Almost at the same time that his sneak attack was successful, Qin Fang once again heard the voice that he had not heard for a long time. In other words, he unexpectedly got a new skill after fighting.

Not only that, when his sneak attack got through, he noticed that the hooligans were giving off a dim red light, and also, clear words that mysteriously appeared on top of the three hooligans head.


LV 1

Very weak attack power

Description: Stronger than you by a little bit.

Skills: Extortion, Criticism

Characteristics: Bullies the weak while fearing the strong

Seeing the line of words, what Qin Fang first thought of was that when he first made a [Disastrously Made Noodles], there were notices similar to these too.

“Could my life have already turned into a game?”

Qin Fang couldn’t help but think like that. However, when he glanced at Big Sis Pan who was beside him, everything was as usual, and there were no notices at all.

As he looked at the surrounding peanut gallery, there was nothing; there were no notices at all.

Wait a minute, why does that person have something?

When Qin Fang didn’t notice, he was not scared. But when he noticed, he got a huge fright. In the crowd far away, Qin Fang discovered a person whose body was emitting a weak, pale red light. At the same time, there was also a line of words on top of his head. Only, it was too far away and Qin Fang couldn’t clearly see it.

However, Qin Fang did recognise who the person was. Unexpectedly, it was Boss Chen who also sets up a snack stall here. Usually, he was very polite while interacting with Qin Fang, and gave people the impression that he was a polite person.

Regardless, Boss Chen had features that were similar to the hooligans, and that was that their body was emitting a faint red light. Qin Fang immediately thought of a special term used in games —— Player Killer.

Usually, only players who killed indiscriminately in games would get the Player Killer status. However, the hooligans and Boss Chen definitely have killed people before. If that is so, then…right, hostility.

Qin Fang immediately understood what the red light symbolised, even though it was merely a deduction, but thinking about it, it should not be far from the truth.


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