Omni Genius – Chapter 82: Skill: [One-handed Weapon Mastery]

Looking at the black fish, Qin Fang didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. At the same time, he realised one thing. This person was really bad at cooking, to an unimaginable extent.

If not for him entering due to smelling something burning, Ning Yumo would have already lit the whole place on fire. Qin Fang and Tang Feifei who were here as guests would also be dragged into the disaster.


If that really happened, then who knows, maybe the title of the headline news tomorrow would be: Triangle Love Caused A Lover’s Suicide, and the main characters of the news would naturally be the three of them.


“Qin Fang…”


Just as Qin Fang was about to throw away the fish that was charred till it became an UMA, Tang Feifei pinched her nose and walked into the kitchen, before softly and cautiously calling him.


“Err… Sister Xiao Ning told me to say sorry to you. She had never fried a fish before, so…”


Tang Feifei said with an apologetic expression. Her face was red, and it was it if the one at fault was not Ning Yumo, but herself.


“Never fried a fish before…?”


Qin Fang’s face instantly collapsed, and he constantly shouted in his heart. In his heart, he was shouting about how this Ning Yumo was really too ‘good’ at cooking. What never fried a fish before? She had clearly never even cooked before! When he scooped up the fish, he noticed that the organs of the fish hadn’t even been cleaned and removed yet…




After taking a deep breath, Qin Fang calmed himself down.


“Feifei, go out and accompany Sister Xiao Ning. Leave things here to me!”


“Can you… manage?”


Tang Feifei was taken aback, and asked instinctively. Perhaps due to being scared silly by Ning Yumo, Tang Feifei now thought that everybody was horrible at cooking, and that cooking would lead to fires. However, seeing Qin Fang frowning, she quickly said, “Then I will go! I will wait for you!”


She then recalled what sort of business they did. A restaurant. Though it only sold noodles, Qin Fang’s skills was so good, frying vegetables and making it rich was obviously not a problem to him. Thus, she left with a relaxed heart.


Ning Yumo was ousted from the kitchen, and now, everything was up to Qin Fang.


After glancing at the kitchen, Qin Fang saw that the things were quite neat and tidy, and had all the seasoning. The cooking tools set were also quite complete, and beside the basin, all sorts of vegetable that were already washed were placed there. Looks like Ning Yumo liked eating fish, and had attempted to prepare the fish first.


However, the fish was burnt till it almost became charcoal, and even if Qin Fang was the reincarnation of the God of Cooking, he wouldn’t be able to make any good dish out of that ‘thing’. Thus, he could only use other dishes and ingredients to make up for the lack of fish.


With a knife in his hands, Qin Fang took the washed vegetables and started cutting them up.


*duk duk duk duk*


The pleasant sound of cutting vegetable started coming out from the kitchen. The speed was constant and stable, and seemed to have some sort of rhythm. It made people who heard it feel really happy and relaxed.


Meanwhile, Ning Yumo was sitting in the living room like a child who had done something wrong. Her face was completely red, and it was a stark contrast from her usual gallant and dashing self.


“Feifei, do you think that Qin Fang can… manage?”


Hearing the sounds of Qin Fang cutting vegetables, it didn’t sound like anything was wrong. However, Ning Yumo was still a little worried. Well, she had the tendency to set the bar for everyone at her own standards.


“Sister Xiao Ning, you still dare say? Didn’t you boast about your cooking all the time to me last time? In the end… look! A fish could somehow be fried until it became charcoal! Are you frying a fish, or roasting fish?”


Now that Qin Fang was not here, Tang Feifei immediately grabbed Ning Yumo and looked at her in disdain. Even if Tang Feifei herself was the same as Ning Yumo before summer break, but she was much better now. She could at least make some instant noodles and fry some eggs for herself.


Now that she found out that her best friend who had always boasted about her cooking was worse than her, how could Tang Feifei let go of this chance to tease Ning Yumo?!




When the cat was let out of the bag, other than awkwardly smiling, there was nothing else Ning Yumo could do. Thus, Ning Yumo helplessly endured Tang Feifei pointing at her and looking at her with disdain while searching for an excuse that didn’t exist.


At this time, the sounds of cutting stopped, and there was no sound at all suddenly. The kitchen became deathly silent, as if there was nobody at all.


“Huh? Why are there no more sounds? Did something happen?!”


Ning Yumo who was constantly finding for a way to get out of this embarrassing situation grabbed hold of this chance, and muttered those words.


“I don’t think so… Right! Did you switch off the stove just now?”


Tang Feifei also frowned, and replied uncertainly. Thinking about fires, she asked Ning Yumo about the stove.


“I forgot. I think I… didn’t! It couldn’t be that…”


Ning Yumo frowned and started trying to recall. She was scared just now, and really forgot about whether she had turned off the stove or not. Now that Tang Feifei had reminded her, she was shocked, and immediately got up from the sofa and rushed to the kitchen, wanting to save Qin Fang.


But just as she stood up, the sounds came back, and everything returned to normal.


“Phew~ I was almost scared to death!”


After once again hearing the sounds of cutting, Tang Feifei heaved a sigh of relief.


“Look at you! So paranoid, you will be the death of me! No wonder Uncle Ning always grounds you!”


“You are not much better…”


Ning Yumo didn’t want to fall behind, and immediately retorted while laughing.


Thus the two started their cat fight in the living room, but it didn’t really matter to Qin Fang who was in the kitchen. There was a reason why he paused just now.


<Skill learned: [One-handed Weapon Mastery], Proficiency: Beginner, EXP: 0%>


When Qin Fang was chopping up the vegetable at a high speed, a notice suddenly appeared, a skill learned notice that made Qin Fang extremely excited.


<[One-handed Weapon Master]: A passive skill. When using one-handed weapons, there is a set stat increase. Stat increase will increase with skill proficiency and EXP.>


Seeing the skill’s description, a smile appeared on Qin Fang’s face.


Most of the people who had played video games before would know that many games had a skill like that in it. Though it was a passive, it was extremely important.


This type of skill was one that any job would increase to its highest level. To be able to increase Strength, Attack Power, and wrist movements, and many more, it was indeed a skill that was hard to come by.


“To think that using a vegetable knife would have such a good benefit… I wonder if I will get a two-handed weapon mastery if I use both hands to use the knife…”


Since this skill was learned while cutting vegetables, Qin Fang couldn’t help but come up with such an idea.


However, he gave up soon after. Cutting vegetables was not something that can be done with only the knife hand. One had to use one hand to hold the knife, and the other had to hold down the vegetables. Only then will one be able to cut vegetables properly. If one doesn’t do that, and just do it anyhow, then it won’t be cutting vegetables, but slashing…


If that was the case, Qin Fang don’t know what would become of the vegetables.


If using just one hand was so horrible, the same can be said to using two hands to hold the knife. It could be even worse due to the short grip of the knife. Qin Fang didn’t let himself be bugged by such a problem, and immediately prepared all the vegetable, properly.


The two outside were constantly listening to the sounds coming from the kitchen, and when the *duk duk duk* sounds were replaced by *chh lah* sounds instead, they knew that Qin Fang was starting to fry the vegetables.


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